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A decent walk for a 59 year old.Whilst rummaging around my blog’s history, I discovered my walk from Lake Geneva to Nice …2024/02/08GR5, Walks2024-02-08 09:43:53
A Morning viewThe mornings here in Ban ThaRuea are so perfect. A cool breeze from the west …2024/02/07Personal2024-02-07 01:35:08
Shabushi lunchShabushi offers an unlimited lunch in Phetchaburi 😀 Lunch at Shabushi The app approves, …2024/02/05Personal2024-02-05 07:20:35
GyroscopeI’ve restarted using the app on the IPhone. I thought I would check how …2024/02/02Personal2024-02-02 04:08:32
The countdown begins!It’s one week beforeToday I start my first Paris Brest Paris Audax something I always …2023/08/13Audax, Biking, Personal2023-08-13 17:23:10
Geoff’s Tour of FranceTomorrow as the Tour de France cycle race ends we depart to do our own …2023/07/21Biking, Europe2023-07-21 22:33:48
The Paris Brest Paris (PBP) AudaxWe have both qualified & received our places for our first Paris-Brest -Paris ride. We …2023/07/02Audax, Biking, Personal2023-07-02 19:50:45
Checking out my blog with ChatGPTI gave it this question – can you summarise is a personal travel …2023/04/19Products2023-04-19 06:41:39
All my posts in one table2023/04/11Personal2023-04-11 04:08:31
2022 VeloViewer overviewThe excellent Veloviewer program/app takes all your Strava data and turns it into really useful …2022/12/31Biking2022-12-31 12:53:46
Table of Contents2022/10/24Personal2022-10-24 08:23:38
Mini tour to Laos  With the wretched CoVid restrictions slowly getting lifted especially with my 3 jabs and …2022/03/29Biking South East Asia, Personal2022-03-29 14:33:29
Digital Thermometer InstructionsFinding it difficult to take my body temperature tests twice a day, for the14 days …2021/08/26Products, travel blog2021-08-26 11:06:26
Getting knifed in the garden.The resident gardener decided we needed to plant a row of The King 9 miracle …2021/05/27Gardening2021-05-27 12:40:53
A years cycling in ThailandSabai Sabai I started this post on the 4th of January 🙂 2020 was a …2021/04/08Biking, Biking South East Asia, Personal2021-04-08 12:36:35
88 days in ThailandI’ve now been in Thailand for 88 days and this is the first time I’ve …2020/04/05Audax, Biking, Biking South East Asia2020-04-05 12:24:21
Return to ThailandA longer trip this time and hopefully some longer Audaxes I’m booked into the ISAN …2020/01/08Personal2020-01-08 11:32:55
Return to Chom Bueng in daylightAfter a couple of very relaxing days at the Zen Hotel and where better to …2019/11/21Biking, Biking South East Asia2019-11-21 15:29:51
Nakhon Pathom 400km AudaxBuoyed by the success of my first 600 I thought it would be a grand …2019/11/19Audax, Biking2019-11-19 10:37:29
My first 600km Audax – Bhumibol Dam, ThailandAs I write this I’m still blown away that I pedalled 24,000 crank revolutions and …2019/11/13Audax, Personal2019-11-13 11:54:29
Photos of my first 600km Audax to Bhumibol Dam, ThailandHere is the Google Photos Link Here is the route:   Many thanks to …2019/11/13Audax, Biking2019-11-13 02:58:44
Bhumibol Dam 600km AudaxSome folks may be wondering why I have landed up at Uthai Thani in Thailand …2019/11/08Audax, Biking, Biking South East Asia, Personal2019-11-08 08:43:00
Three days riding north from BangkokA very hot three days riding the 150+ miles from Bangkok to Uthai Thani due …2019/11/07Biking, Biking South East Asia, Personal2019-11-07 15:44:22
Three nights in BangkokThree different hotels too – it appears whenever I book into a hotel it instantly …2019/11/03Biking, Biking South East Asia, Personal2019-11-03 12:31:37
Relaxing in BangkokWheres better to relax in?2019/11/01Personal2019-11-01 07:32:19
Bangkok again!I arrived in Bangkok with the bike still intact in its box just under 24 …2019/11/01Biking, Biking South East Asia2019-11-01 05:03:04
Day 2 Hook of Holland to Schiphol airportUnfortunately for my bank balance, I slept like a log on the boat, last night. …2019/10/30Biking, Biking South East Asia2019-10-30 18:07:48
A little bit of escapismI’m leaving Boris in his proverbial ditch and trying to catch up a little on …2019/10/29Biking, Biking South East Asia2019-10-29 23:00:49
Big Data Magic SourceFun Talk last night was by David Stillwell a Cambridge University Lecturer in Big Data …2019/10/15cambridge, Meetings, Retailing2019-10-15 21:50:34
HealthFit appI love the trail that the HealthFit App produces on the iPhone from my Workout …2019/10/07Personal2019-10-07 10:55:02
Whaley Bridge 147 years of floods!Interesting to find a couple of old reports on ‘freak weather’ in Whaley Bridge 147 …2019/08/03Personal, travel blog2019-08-03 14:04:59
Geoff’s cycling map of the last 7 yearsA lovely heatmap of my 800 cycling trips totalling over 40,000 miles since I joined …2019/07/15Biking, Personal, travel blog2019-07-15 12:29:51
Today’s reading rabbit holes..Today’s reading rabbit hole which I disappeared into was driven by these articles all appearing …2019/07/03Personal2019-07-03 14:23:49
Pretty gloomy newsMortality rates are still rising in the UK – and everyone is ignoring how many …2019/07/02Personal, politics2019-07-02 21:15:52
A blast from my past!Whilst searching on the AllTrails website I discovered this little blast from the past which …2019/07/02Biking, Personal2019-07-02 15:30:59
Cluster analysis of my cycling speed versus distanceA very interesting, for me, cluster analysis of my cycling speed versus distance made using …2019/07/01Biking2019-07-01 17:53:41
Falling of a cliff!Interesting to see the latest number of UK House sales plotted by Dougal as you …2019/06/29Personal, politics2019-06-29 18:14:47
Elevate your StravaUsing the excellent Chrome Elevate for Strava extension  I have now produced this pretty chart. …2019/06/26Biking, Personal, Products2019-06-26 11:59:33
Overview of our Camino Invierno walkFinally 12 days after returning home from my Camino Invierno walk I’ve found a method …2019/06/04Camino Invierno, Personal, Walks2019-06-04 17:54:43
Final day on the Camino InviernoSince Colin was so close to his home and has obviously visited Santiago many times, …2019/05/23Camino Invierno, Walks2019-05-23 08:17:23
Cobbling between Chantada and Bandeira on The InviernoToday was Colin’s chance to display his cobbling skills to me after his shoe has …2019/05/22Camino Invierno, Walks2019-05-22 21:45:06
Camino Invierno – Monforte de Lemos to ChantadaToday should have been a long day as the Camino distance between Monforte and Chantada  …2019/05/20Camino Invierno, Walks2019-05-20 21:59:51
Camino Invierno – A La Brada to Monforte de LemosAnother excellent walking day, I’m really getting into my stride now 🙂 The distance between …2019/05/20Camino Invierno, Personal, Walks2019-05-20 06:47:59
Camino Invierno – O Barco de Valdeorras to QuirogaOnce again as the Camino Walks it would have been 46 km from  O Barco …2019/05/18Camino Invierno, Personal, Walks2019-05-18 20:48:22
Camino Invierno – Borrenes to O Barco de ValdeorrasThe distance via Camino between Borrenes and O Barco de Valdeorras according to my route …2019/05/18Camino Invierno, Personal, Walks2019-05-18 07:33:46
Camino Invierno – Ponferrada to BorrenesAn excellent days walk on the Camino Invierno with Colin, alas poor Geoff’s Achilles tendon …2019/05/16Camino Invierno, Walks2019-05-16 21:49:55
A day in Ponferrada & VillafrancaShock horror I at to be woken up by Colin calling me at 8.42 this …2019/05/15Camino Invierno, Personal, Travel Blogging, Walks2019-05-15 21:22:54
Traveling to PonferradaA bit of a long and exhausting day starting at 05.50 leaving home and finishing …2019/05/15Camino Invierno, Travel Blogging, Walks2019-05-15 10:04:59
My Third CaminoTomorrow I jet off to start my third Camino. This time rather than on my …2019/05/13Camino Invierno, Walks2019-05-13 22:50:59
Slow start to 20192019 has got off to a slow start for me cycling wise 🙁 My mileage …2019/03/25Biking, Europe2019-03-25 22:07:11
My first (probably the last) RRtY AudaxI’m now the rather proud owner of my first Audax award one of only 819 …2018/12/21Audax, Biking2018-12-21 22:42:20
First test of my CTC leadership skills – Balsham to IslehamHaving been riding with the Cambridge CTC for the past 10 months I thought it …2018/09/28Biking, cambridge2018-09-28 21:56:25
Return to MoscowSunday 29th July 2018 After the nights shenanigans I woke up feeling really ill which …2018/08/05Biking, Personal, Russia2018-08-05 07:26:05
Birthday sourceSaturday 28 July 2018 On my 71st birthday I was up bright and early ready …2018/08/04Personal, Russia2018-08-04 19:35:45
On the Russian trainsFriday 27th July 2018 My first time on a train in Russia was last nights …2018/07/27Personal, Russia2018-07-27 19:54:54
Relaxing in CheboksaryThursday 26 July 2018 I’ve spent the last three days relaxing in The Garden Hotel …2018/07/26Personal, Russia2018-07-26 11:08:25
Volga ride Nikol’skoye to CheboksaryMonday 23rd July 2018 After a night in a truckers stop I now know there …2018/07/24Personal, Russia2018-07-24 15:53:16
Volga ride Lyskovo to Talgar MotelSunday 22nd July 2018 I’ve no idea what time the wedding party finished as I …2018/07/22Personal, Russia2018-07-22 19:37:08
Volga Ride Nizhny Novgorod to LyskovoSaturday 21st July 2018 Today was a nightmare of biking alongside endless convoys of articulated …2018/07/21Personal, Russia2018-07-21 20:08:54
A day in Nizhny NovgorodFriday 20th July 2018 A rest from cycling although not from the bike. The Ibis …2018/07/20Personal, Russia2018-07-20 18:43:14
Volga ride Chkalovsk to Nizhny NovgorodThursday 19th July 2018 I slept like a log after yesterday’s marathon effort, I visited …2018/07/20Personal, Russia2018-07-20 10:49:14
Volga ride Kineshma to ChkalovskWednesday 18 July 2018 I awoke to a dismal looking sky and a breakfast that …2018/07/20Personal, Russia2018-07-20 09:41:17
Volga ride Ples to KineshmaTuesday 17th July 2018 I woke up at stupid’o clock and at to wait till …2018/07/17Russia2018-07-17 18:33:07
RCTC Kostroma to PlesMonday 16 July 2018 My final day with the 22 Golden Tour folks, after today …2018/07/16Personal, Russia2018-07-16 20:15:55
RCTC ride Vyatskoe to KostromaSunday 15 July 2018 Another day of potholed roads and sandy tracks this time with …2018/07/16Personal, Russia2018-07-16 19:38:09
RCTC ride Yaroslavl to VyatskoeSaturday 14th July 2018 I slept OK in the Yaroslavl IBIS hotel the breakfast was …2018/07/15Personal, Russia2018-07-15 04:46:23
RCTC ride Demino to YaroslavlFriday 13 July 2018 After a record breaking sleep for me of just under 7 …2018/07/14Personal, Russia2018-07-14 05:29:52
RCTC ride from Myshkin to Rybinsk and DeminoThursday 12 July 2018 I didn’t sleep to well in the chalet maybe because of …2018/07/13Personal, Russia2018-07-13 20:29:56
RCTC ride Uglich to Pashkovo via MyshkinThe bed in the chalet proved comfortable after I corrected the first collapse 🙂 Svetlana …2018/07/12Personal2018-07-12 05:11:45
RCTC Russia tour Borisoglebsky to Uglich & The VolgaA good weather day with only a brief shower around midday and warm temperature we …2018/07/11Personal, Russia2018-07-11 05:52:47
RCTC tour – Voronino to BorisoglebskyI woke upto a thunderstorm and heavy rain on this our first days cycling on …2018/07/09Biking, Russia2018-07-09 21:48:13
Transfer to Voroninoi awoke to the sound of heavy rain, fortunately today was spent in a minibus …2018/07/08Personal, Russia, Travel Blogging2018-07-08 20:38:28
Another adventure startsWell the adventure had a poor start as whilst waiting for the airport taxi at …2018/07/08Personal, Russia2018-07-08 06:02:18
A Testing DayDuring Cambridge Science  Week Sally and I visited the stand of Anglia Ruskin University where they …2018/04/17Biking, Personal2018-04-17 21:42:11
The Diners,The dining scene is an upmarket first-floor restaurant in downtown Lisbon with tablecloths linen napkins unpretentious …2018/03/06Personal, Travel Blogging2018-03-06 18:09:20
Overview of my Iberian Coast to Coast Cycle rideFor my regular readers, all the previous posts are updated with Flickr links Its been …2018/03/02Biking, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-03-02 10:06:42
A day exploring CoimbraTuesday, February 27th, 2018 Following a previous comment on this blog from my friend and …2018/03/02travel blog, Travel Blogging2018-03-02 10:00:26
A DNF ride to end Portugal cycling.Monday 26th February 2018 I liked  Lost Lisbon Hotel & Casa de Pasto restaurant in …2018/03/01Biking, Spain Coast to Coast2018-03-01 22:42:24
Final day of Iberian ride Beja to Lisbon FerrySaturday, February 24, 2018 The impending storm with its heavy rain fast approaching and the …2018/02/28Biking, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-28 10:14:27
High Cadence ride to BejaFriday 23 February 2018 – My eldest boys birthday! Blimey, the Portuguese are so miserable I …2018/02/27Biking, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-27 10:00:27
Cycling & walking from Huelva to Mertola, PortugalThursday, February 22nd Well, the walking part was due to mechanical failure, first time in …2018/02/26Biking, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-26 19:33:07
Biking from Seville to HuelvaI decided to move on from Seville after one night, I’m just enjoying the biking in …2018/02/21Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-21 22:58:51
Bumping along to Saville from CordovaA bumper biking day a bit like an Audax with over 91 miles covered a …2018/02/21Biking, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-21 07:46:14
Dropping down to CordobaToday I finally left the Sierras behind, dropping down 1800 feet to the beautiful city …2018/02/19Biking, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-19 23:14:31
Las Navillas to after LuqueMady & Marc at looked after me well at Las Navillas MM. Starting the day …2018/02/19Biking, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-19 09:10:18
Granada to in the olive fields near MonteFrioI stayed up late but the only tickets available at 00:01 this morning for the …2018/02/18Biking, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-18 22:51:06
Finally in Granada!I left Hostal El Caminero at just after 8 am the whole town & Hostal deserted, …2018/02/17Biking, Europe, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-17 08:29:53
Cycling Zujar to Purullena by a weird routeI paid up for last nights dinner, drinks & breakfast a grand total of €16! …2018/02/16Biking, Europe, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-16 22:19:26
Cycling Velez Bianco to ZujarThe lurgy woke me in Velez Bianco at stupid o clock but it was no …2018/02/14Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-14 21:57:08
Cycling from Lorca to Velez BiancoI woke up at the Felix Hotel in Lorca feeling dreadful. A bunged up nose, …2018/02/13Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-13 21:37:48
Goodbye to Murcia & blog record setYesterday was an ‘admin’ day but since it was so warm & sunny I decided …2018/02/12Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-12 17:45:20
Brevet Randonneur 200K GDR Murcia 2018 Villena YeclaYesterday was the big day for my brevet Randonneur 200K GDR Murcia 2018 Villena Yecla, …2018/02/11Audax, Biking, Europe, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-11 19:51:52
Licence for lolling around MurciaFri 9th Feb 2018 I’ve now had two very relaxing days in the sunshine here …2018/02/09Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-09 22:07:46
Day 25,762 biking Alicante to MurciaWednesday 7th February 2018 What a relief, a day of wall to wall sunshine along super …2018/02/08Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-08 09:17:35
Yet another 6 hours going south on a train.I woke up and rode to Barcelona Station in yet more heavy rain 🙁 stopping …2018/02/06Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-06 21:33:33
Back on the trains with my bike.I woke up totally refreshed and the sheets hadn’t moved out of place all night. …2018/02/05Biking, Europe, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-05 22:33:45
Biking from Avignon to Montpellier down the Rhone & CamargueLifeday: 25759 (70.525 yrs) Date Sun 4 Feb 2018 Location: Lattes, Montpellier, France A bit …2018/02/05Biking, Europe, Personal, Spain Coast to Coast2018-02-05 08:09:45
A day on the trains with my bike.Lifeday: 25,758 (70.523yrs) Date: Sat 3 Feb 2018 Location: Avignon, France I’ve been pondering where …2018/02/04Biking, Europe2018-02-04 00:01:26
Wahoo Elemnt GPS comparison for cyclingNow that I’m thinking of doing DIY Audaxes it’s become essential to have a 100% …2018/01/29Biking, Personal2018-01-29 10:47:05
Lifeday 25,691 Surprise tour by carWith the bike safely packed I had the whole day free as the flight isn’t …2017/11/28Biking, Personal, Taiwan2017-11-28 10:42:20
Lifeday 25,690 Taiwan bike ride finished & bike reboxedOh dear no posts during the Taiwan bike trip 🙁 and the bike is all …2017/11/27Biking, Personal, Taiwan2017-11-27 11:12:44
Cycling around Taiwan – arriving on LifeDay 25,665Sat 11 Nov 2017 My first post on Cycling around Taiwan written after 9 days & 431 …2017/11/11Taiwan2017-11-11 10:13:40
Our cycling trip to EdinburghOur Great North ride ended in Edinburgh a full 444 miles from Sally’s back door. …2017/10/19Biking, Europe, North Sea Cycle Route2017-10-19 22:51:55
Lifeday 25,633 and a new mini adventure startsIt’s that time of the year again when Sally is about to finish another trip …2017/10/01Biking, Great North Ride 20172017-10-01 21:24:19
Poached Blue Eggs on Lifeday 25,577Todays little ride was to visit the Blue Egg Cafe which is South of Great …2017/08/05Biking, Europe2017-08-05 23:38:32
Ride-Swim-Ride to Letchworth Outdoor PoolToday I decided to go and try the Letchworth Outdoor Pool for swimming. It’s only …2017/07/13Biking, Personal2017-07-13 22:04:22
Riding to Oxford from CambridgeAfter yesterday’s upset with its subsequent threatening email from Jesus Green Pool and the rather …2017/07/12Personal2017-07-12 21:51:02
Biting the bullet in JapanThursday 27th April 2017 Tokyo to Onomichi [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-27 143816.gpx”] Both Sally and my sister kept …2017/04/27Biking, Japan, Personal2017-04-27 13:13:58
Cycling Japan – Iwatsuki to Tokyo!Tuesday 25 April 2017 [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-25 133429.gpx”] Strava is here Pictures here Hotel Toyoko Nihonb Fine …2017/04/26Biking, Japan, Personal2017-04-26 13:28:51
Cycling Japan – Takasaki to IwatsukiMonday 24 April 2017 [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-24 170000.gpx”] Strava is here and Photos here Perfect biking …2017/04/24Biking, Japan2017-04-24 22:47:53
Cycling Japan – Chino to Takasaki[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-23 184407.gpx”] Strava route details and here the pictures I took are here Weather: …2017/04/23Biking, Japan2017-04-23 23:51:16
Cycling Japan Ina to Chino[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-22 134226.gpx”] Strava is here Pics are here Hotel is Candeo Hotel Chino An …2017/04/22Biking, Japan2017-04-22 12:03:47
Biking Nakatsugawa to Ina[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-21 195530.gpx”] Strava is here Pics here Hotel: Ebisu Hotel, Ina Really tough day …2017/04/22Biking, Japan, Personal2017-04-22 00:29:43
Cycling Inuyama big loop then to Nakatsugawa[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-20 190635.gpx”]   Strava is here  Today.s pics with lots of  flashbacks to yesterday 🙁 …2017/04/20Biking, Japan2017-04-20 14:48:43
Cycling Japan Hikone to InuyamaWednesday 19th April 2017 First apologies to those who are expecting the old full-length posts …2017/04/19Biking, Japan, Personal2017-04-19 14:06:57
Cycling Japan – Kyoto to HikoneTues 18 April 2017 [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_2017-04-18 171102.gpx”] Today’s Strava  Todays Dropbox pics High headwind 16 …2017/04/18Biking, Japan, Personal2017-04-18 15:24:35
Three days biking from Hof to Higashihiroshima upto lifeday 25,460Tuesday 11th April I apologise to my regular readers for the brief hiatus due mainly to …2017/04/11Biking, Japan, Personal2017-04-11 13:22:08
Cycling Chofu to Hofu on lifeday 25,457Saturday 8th April 2017 Yet another miserable weather day with dense mist and very frequent …2017/04/08Biking, Japan2017-04-08 14:54:29
Cycling Kitakyushu to Chofu on lifeday 25,456Friday 7th April 2017 First, today’s weather report: after yesterday’s atrocious rain 🙁 today started …2017/04/08Biking, Japan2017-04-08 00:38:50
Cycling Fukuoka to near Kitakyushu on lifeday 25,455Thursday 6th April Blimey, what a day to start biking to Tokyo! Next 5 days …2017/04/07Biking, Japan2017-04-07 01:25:32
First day in Japan – FukuokaThe crossing from Busan was very smooth and I slept all the way. The immigration …2017/04/05Biking, Japan, Personal2017-04-05 15:44:09
Biking from Namjiri to Busan & ferry terminal on lifeday 25,454Tuesday 4th April 2017 My final day on the 4 rivers and what an amazing …2017/04/05Biking, Korea2017-04-05 14:26:12
Biking the 4 Rivers Trail from Oxpomyeon to Namjiri on lifeday25,452Monday 3rd April 2017 Well, I was totally wrong about reaching the end of the …2017/04/03Biking, Korea2017-04-03 13:49:42
Glorious biking between Nakdongni and Oxpomyeon on lifeday 25,451I woke to thick mist over the river but every sign it was going to …2017/04/02Biking, Korea2017-04-02 13:53:47
Biking Jeomchondong to Nakdongni via Sangju on LifeDay 25,450Saturday April 1st 2017 50 years anniversary of leaving home and coming to live in Cambridge …2017/04/01Biking, Korea2017-04-01 15:30:35
Biking in the hills between Sunabo to Jeomchon on lifeday 25.449I woke up to the sound of pouring rain 🙂 However, by the time  I had …2017/04/01Biking, Korea2017-04-01 00:43:46
A lazy day in Suanbo Hot Springs on lifeday 25,448Thursday 30th March 2017 With 5 days in the saddle, 270 miles covered and well …2017/03/30Biking, Korea2017-03-30 15:18:51
Biking Yeoju-Si to Suambo on Lifeday 25,447Wednesday 29 March 2017 Another great day of biking this time with added sun! I …2017/03/30Biking, Korea2017-03-30 02:30:41
Cycling Cheondong (Seoul) to Yeoju-Si on Lifeday 25,446This was my first complete day on the 4 Rivers bike route and was it …2017/03/28Biking, Korea2017-03-28 18:31:06
Cycling Jeonkok to Cheondong (Seoul) on Lifeday 25,445Monday 27th March 2017 What a foul weather day! I awoke to thick grey cloud …2017/03/27Biking, Korea, Personal2017-03-27 16:15:02
Cycling Munsan to Jeongok on lifeday25,444Well, Korean Love Hotels are not the best place for a good nights sleep 🙁 …2017/03/26Biking, Korea2017-03-26 16:07:14
Where’s Geoff?For my latest position click here. Note that the blue dots are 10 minutes apart …2017/03/25travel blog2017-03-25 23:20:03
S. Korea biking to Munsan on lifeday 25,443After spending 24 hours in a windowless world yesterday (why does everyone shut the blinds …2017/03/25Biking, Korea, Personal2017-03-25 15:26:16
Fishermans Trail – Zambujeira do Mar to Odeceixe on lifeday 25,435We started the day at 8 am with a 15 minute €20 taxi ride up …2017/03/17Portugal, Walks2017-03-17 20:58:02
A walk in the rain from Aljezur to Odeceixe on lifeday 25,434By the time we had finished breakfast at 8.45 it was pouring down with rain …2017/03/16Portugal, Walks2017-03-16 21:23:54
Walking from Arrafana to Aljezur via the Rota Vicentina on lifeday 25433We left the hostel with our fellow walkers and the donkey drivers 🙂 at 9.25 …2017/03/15Portugal, Walks2017-03-15 21:37:25
GR11 Walking Carrapateira to Arrafana on lifeday 25,432Before I start this post it has to be said I’ve consumed rather a lot …2017/03/14Portugal, Walks2017-03-14 22:29:05
Walking Vila do Bispo to Carrapateira on lifeday 25,431After an excellent nights sleep and an OK breakfast which we ate  al fresco with …2017/03/13Portugal, Walks2017-03-13 21:59:47
Portugal and a return to multi-day hiking on lifeday 25,430Sally decided that it was time for us to return to multi-day hiking 🙂 and …2017/03/12Personal, Portugal, Walks2017-03-12 21:28:17
Final bike ride in Sri Lanka Bentota to Colombo Lifeday 25,415I was on the road just after 7am for the 40 mile ride up the …2017/02/26Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-26 02:27:02
A very enjoyable day around Bentota on LifeDay 25,414The main reason for staying at the stupidly expensive Bentota Beach Hotel was so I …2017/02/26Personal, Travel Blogging, Walks2017-02-26 02:08:16
Pedalling Galle to Bentota Beach on LifeDay 25,413Thursday 23 February 2017 A really early start at 6.35 from the educational house 🙂 …2017/02/23Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-23 16:11:32
Galle relaxing lifeday 25,412This image sums up today perfectly:- This was achieved at Galle Fort Spa by 30 …2017/02/22Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-22 15:44:52
Biking Marissa to Galle on LifeDay 25411Tuesday 21 February 2017 The weather returned to the normal blue skies and heat so …2017/02/22Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-22 15:32:02
Whale watching from Mirissa LifeDay 25,410Monday 20 February 2017 I spent the night worrying about being seasick on the trip …2017/02/21Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-21 03:41:00
Cycling Tangalle to Mirissa on Lifeday 25,409Sunday 19 February 2017 It was grey and drizzling again when I left the peace …2017/02/21Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-21 02:49:21
Biking Hambantota to Tangalle on LifeDay 25,408I woke up to a muggy drizzly day 🙁  I had the full Indian breakfast …2017/02/18Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-18 16:21:43
Biking from Kirinda to Hambantota via Yala on Lifeday 25,407A lazy start to the day leaving Wild Tusker Resort just before 8am after having …2017/02/17Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-17 15:28:13
Cycling Bandarawela to Kirinda on Lifeday 25,406A great start to the day, a 5km freewheel down a few hundred meters 🙂 …2017/02/16Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-16 15:58:31
Cycling Ramboda to Bandarawela on Lifeday 25,405Wow that was a hilly day! well over 6,000 feet of ascent (thats 1.5 times …2017/02/15Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-15 15:28:26
Biking Kandy to Ramboda on LifeDay 25,404A bit later start this morning as Benjamin’s mum had made breakfast for us plus …2017/02/14Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-14 16:21:30
Biking from Heritance Kandalama to Kandy on Lifeday 25,403I couldn’t face the breakfast or it’s price so I was on the road before 7. …2017/02/14Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-14 12:25:35
Polonnaruwa to Heritance Kandalama on Lifeday 25,402I managed to leave Peacock Vista before 6.30 with my free breakfast box 🙂 which …2017/02/12Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-12 17:06:26
Tourist day in Polonnaruwa LifeDay 25,401Some things I learned as a tourist in Sri Lanka today. I must remember: Make …2017/02/11Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-11 15:29:24
Trincomalee to Polonnaruwa biking on lifeday 25,400A mega day for me ending up at well over 107 miles pedalled in temperatures …2017/02/10Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-10 16:19:48
Anuradhapura to Trincomalee biking on lifeday 25,399Once again I left early without breakfast, it seems so much better than wasting time …2017/02/09Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-09 16:40:39
Kilinochchi to Anuradhapura LifedayThis place was a first for me. The guy on reception bought a cup of …2017/02/09Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-09 15:27:32
Jaffna to Kilinochchi via Point Pedro on Lifeday 25,397Today was a feast of Hindu Temples and seeing the mindless destruction of the civil …2017/02/08Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-08 17:10:57
Puttalam to Jaffna biking on LifeDay 25,396  The Juli Hotel managed breakfast OK although my coffee was tea and arrived just …2017/02/06Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-06 16:45:45
Puttalam to Mannar through Wilpattu National Park on Lifeday 25,395The sleep was OK apart from a locomotive doing shunting duties at 3am and continually …2017/02/05Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-05 16:22:15
Kochikade to Puttalam on Lifeday 25,394An excellent day, great breakfast at the hotel and I was on the road by …2017/02/04Biking, Personal, Sri Lanka2017-02-04 15:21:30
Colombo to Kochchikade on Lifeday 25,393The early start didn’t go quite as planned probably because I didn’t get to bed …2017/02/03Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-03 15:28:21
Around Colombo Lifeday 25392After sleeping like a log and with no snoring I assembled  the bike in my bedroom at …2017/02/02Biking, Sri Lanka2017-02-02 18:39:13
Flight to Sri Lanka Lifeday 25,390I left home at just after 4pm on Tuesday and finally arrived at my hotel …2017/02/02Biking2017-02-02 02:44:55
Summary of 2016 on Day 25,390Before I disappear on my next adventure I thought I would do a bit of …2017/01/31Personal, Quantified Self2017-01-31 15:23:46
First ride after Gorilla Guru BikeFit on day 25,346On Sunday I went out for the day with Sally’s group, Sandringham & West Norfolk …2016/12/20Biking, Personal2016-12-20 21:01:06
Gorilla Guru Bike fit on my 25,344 day.After biking for over 62 years I thought it was time to go and get …2016/12/16Biking, Personal, Quantified Self2016-12-16 17:18:28
End of Morocco bike trip. Lifeday 25,324I’m returning home from Rabat today 76 days after leaving Cambridge. Although I’ve returned back …2016/11/26Africa, Biking, Europe, Personal2016-11-26 15:46:02
Kenitra to Rabat. Lifeday 25,320I woke up to the rain and finished my ride in the rain, in between …2016/11/23Africa, Biking, Europe2016-11-23 08:59:15
Larache to Kenitra. Lifeday 25,319The weather forecast  yesterday was so, so right 🙁 I awoke to very wet roads …2016/11/22Africa, Biking, Europe, Personal2016-11-22 21:41:07
Tangier to Larache. Lifeday 25,318Apparently I started on Twitter 10 years ago today 🙂 However, today was another toughie …2016/11/20Africa, Biking, Europe, Personal2016-11-20 21:26:00
Tarifa to Tangier Lifeday 25,317A lazy day as you can imagine, it’s not possible to cycle across the Straits …2016/11/19Africa, Biking, Europe2016-11-19 23:06:00
Sabinillas – Gibraltar – Tarifa. Lifeday 25,316A very full on day. Starting with five miles on the dreaded A-7, less busy …2016/11/18Biking, Europe2016-11-18 22:20:09
Malaga to Sabinillas Lifeday 25,315The day started very well with a Spanish breakfast at the cafe next door to …2016/11/17Biking, Europe2016-11-17 20:52:27
Motril Beach to Malaga – Living the dream day 25,314Living the dream I certainly am 🙂 Waking up, packing, having a  toasted baguette covered …2016/11/16Biking, Europe2016-11-16 21:19:38
Aquadulce to Motril (El Varadero) – Lifeday 25,313Another glorious day and a 600 foot hill climb to start with. However, today the …2016/11/15Biking, Europe, Personal2016-11-15 21:01:53
Carboneras to Aquadulce – Lifeday 25,312The first 17 miles or so were pretty tortuous for me with seemingly a never …2016/11/14Biking, Europe2016-11-14 21:31:28
Lorca to Carboneras. Lifeday 25,311Yet another excellent days biking. I must be getting fitter or the going is easier …2016/11/13Biking, Europe, Personal2016-11-13 21:51:26
Archena to Lorca – Lifeday 25,310Yet another fantastic biking day, perfect weather sunshine and low twenties (apologies to all folks …2016/11/12Biking, Europe, Personal2016-11-12 20:07:34
Chinchilla de Monte Aragon to Archena, Lifeday 25,308Oh boy what a difference a day makes, America gets Trump and I get the …2016/11/10Biking, Europe2016-11-10 21:07:23
Valencia to Chinchilla de Mont Aragon Lifeday 25,307Apologies for the 22 day hiatus due to my very pleasurable weekend with all the …2016/11/10Biking, Europe, Personal2016-11-10 07:11:57
A visit to Formentera. Life day’s 25,284, 25,285I’m writing this back in Ibiza Town having just spent a couple of nights on …2016/10/19Biking, Europe, Personal2016-10-19 14:32:12
Cala Boix to Ibiza Town – Lifeday 25,284I wrenched myself away from Cala Boix and had another great days biking. That is …2016/10/17Biking, Europe2016-10-17 09:03:53
Portinatx to Cala Boix. Lifeday 25,282What a gorgeous day and how I enjoy cycling in the warm sun 🙂 I …2016/10/15Biking, Europe2016-10-15 18:29:21
Touring Ibiza – Lifeday 25,281Oh dear lost track of which touring day I’m on 🙂 Senility is creeping in and …2016/10/15Biking, Europe, Personal2016-10-15 08:23:13
Day 27 & 28 Tercel to Valencia and boat to IbizaI left Complejo Touristico La Pinada at just before 9am after breakfast. It was a fast …2016/10/14Biking, Europe, Personal2016-10-14 09:13:00
Day 26 Tercel to just past Gilet. Lifeday 25,276A late start today due to me not waking up till twenty past eight, the …2016/10/09Biking, Europe2016-10-09 21:08:44
Day 25 Baguena to Teruel Lifeday-25,275Today started with no real breakfast as all, as the Auberge was only offering a coffee …2016/10/08Biking, Europe2016-10-08 22:31:33
First 1000 mile Europe trip roundupI’ve now cycled 1,051 miles on this latest trip and ascended 31,615 feet according to …2016/10/07Biking, Europe2016-10-07 21:14:22
Day24 Zaragoza to Baguena Lifeday 25,274The more observant of you may wonder what happened to Day23, the answer is not …2016/10/07Biking, Europe2016-10-07 19:20:24
Day 22 Tudela to Zaragoza Airport Lifeday 25,271A good early start at 8am from the Hotel Tudela Bardenas after an excellent breakfast. …2016/10/06Biking, Europe, Personal2016-10-06 17:55:44
Day 21 Pamplona to Tudela. LivingDay 25,270I must have been tired! I didn’t wake up till 8.15 and then the Blaze …2016/10/03Biking, Europe, Personal2016-10-03 21:33:45
Day 20 Espelett to Pamplona Lifeday 25,269The evening meal at Chilhar was magnificent way more than my stomach, used to its …2016/10/02Biking, Europe, Personal2016-10-02 21:49:38
Day 19 Leon to to Espelette Lifeday 25,268The thunder, lightening and torrential rain kept me waking up through the night 🙁 Fortunately …2016/10/01Biking, Europe2016-10-01 21:11:32
Day 18 Biganos to the French Leon. Lifeday 25,267The Delta Hotel had a great buffet breakfast which I probably pigged out on 🙁 …2016/09/30Biking, Europe2016-09-30 19:39:49
Day17 Soulac sur Mer to Biganos – Livingday 25,266With a late breakfast I didn’t hit the road until just after 9am but it …2016/09/29Biking, Europe, Personal2016-09-29 20:32:48
Day 16 La Rochelle to Soulac Sur Mer on Day25,265 of my life.What an amazing day 🙂 It’s just so pleasurable to walk of a plane to …2016/09/28Biking, Europe, Personal2016-09-28 21:30:16
‘Rest’ Days 11,12,13 & 14 on my bike tourWith the owner of Hôtel La Jetée Sud happy for me to leave my bike & …2016/09/26Biking, Europe2016-09-26 23:55:43
Day 10 Nantes to La Rochelle at 25,259 days oldAnother brilliant day of cycling South. It was a bit of a nightmare leaving Nantes …2016/09/22Biking, Europe2016-09-22 07:57:52
Day 9 Rennes to Nantes now reached 25,257 days old.After another good nights sleep on a firm bed I was out on the road …2016/09/20Biking, Europe2016-09-20 20:40:34
Day 8 St Malo FI Hotel to Rennes on my 25,256 dayI had a really great sleep, rock hard beds suit me I think, Should modify …2016/09/19Biking, Europe2016-09-19 21:03:09
Day 7 – I make it to France with my bike, 25,255 days old.I arrived in St Malo with 15 Belgium Harley Davidsons just before midday, Condor had bought …2016/09/18Biking, Europe2016-09-18 19:53:30
Day 6 – A days holiday in a holiday in retirement and 25,254 days oldDue to the vagaries of the monopoly supplier of ferries to Jersey, Condor Ferries, there …2016/09/17Biking, Europe2016-09-17 21:09:30
Day 5 a whirlWINDY tour of Jersey on my 25,253 day.What a wet and wild night that was, thank goodness it was only my bike …2016/09/16Biking, Europe, Personal2016-09-16 23:14:55
Trip Day 4 – Weymouth to St. Lawrence (Jersey). Life Day 25,252After yesterdays faux pas of riding to Weymouth to find the ferry had moved to Poole. …2016/09/15Biking, Europe, Personal2016-09-15 21:26:25
Day 3 Winchester to Weymouth – 25,251 days old and still pedallingOh boy what a glorious cock up today was 🙁 🙁 I arrived in Weymouth …2016/09/14Biking, Europe, Europe ride2016-09-14 23:42:08
Day2 Em’s Place to Winchester 25,250 days oldPhew what a scorcher as the tabloids used to say! with the temperature n the …2016/09/14Biking, Europe2016-09-14 08:26:45
Day 1 of bike ride at 25,249 days oldI finally set off from home at 12.34, according to Moves, on my latest bike …2016/09/12Biking, Europe, Europe ride, Personal2016-09-12 22:34:44
The next little ride.With Emily’s wedding, even though I say it myself, successfully completed last Saturday I’m now …2016/09/09Biking, Personal2016-09-09 22:49:31
Helping to promote Alan’s toursI now appear on Alan’s tours website here:- Unfortunately the link doesn’t work on …2016/04/13Africa2016-04-13 23:35:56
Africa biking trip statsHere’s my little spreadsheet of the 1,981 miles of biking I did with links to …2016/04/11Africa, Biking2016-04-11 07:23:53
25090 A walking day at Victoria FallsWednesday 6th April I didn’t sleep at all well, maybe it was the excitement of …2016/04/11Africa, Biking, Personal2016-04-11 07:15:38
25089 Biking Kasane to Victoria FallsTuesday, April 5, 2016 I left The Old House jut before 8am after the owner …2016/04/10Africa, Biking2016-04-10 20:24:19
25088 Chobe River ExcursionToday was a rest day in Kasang catching up on my posts and getting my …2016/04/04Africa, Biking2016-04-04 20:10:44
25086 and 25087 Chobe Safari Drive – Maun to KasaneSat 2 April 2016 to Sun 3 April 2016 The larger than life character KG …2016/04/04Africa, Biking2016-04-04 13:26:49
25084 to 25085 – Resting & Planning in MaunThurs 31 March and Friday 1st April Sarah & Scott had cycled the route I …2016/04/04Africa, Biking2016-04-04 11:23:51
25083 -Biking from Sehithwa to Maun in BotswanaWed 30 March 2016 After not a very good sleep I woke to find no …2016/04/04Africa, Biking2016-04-04 10:23:10
Day 25082 Ghanzi to SehithwaRidden 29 Mar 2016 After yesterdays rest day were the checkout supervisor at Choppies kindly …2016/04/01Africa, Biking2016-04-01 17:45:06
Day 25080 Tsootsha to GhanziEaster Sunday 27 Mar 2016 After a mega sleep of over 9 hours I went …2016/03/28Africa, Biking2016-03-28 18:15:32
Day 25079 Zelda Game& Guest Farm to TsootshaSat 26 Mar 2016 For the first time ever, I had to be woken up …2016/03/28Africa, Biking, Personal2016-03-28 17:40:20
Day 37/25078 West Nest Lodge to Zelda Guest FarmI was grateful for my glamping tent last night as the heavens opened up at …2016/03/25Africa, Biking2016-03-25 19:10:12
Day 25,077 Windhoek to West Nest LodgeThursday 24 March 2016 Anthea at Anjo Villa gave me a mega omelette plus a fruit …2016/03/24Africa, Biking2016-03-24 19:37:08
Day 25,076 Windhoek NamibiaWed 23 Mar 2016 The observant may ask how did I get here so quick …2016/03/23Africa, Biking2016-03-23 19:06:33
Day 25073 – Biking Namibia – Seeheim to KeetmanshoopSunday 20 Mar 2016 A nice easy ride of only 33 miles and a steady continual …2016/03/20Africa, Biking2016-03-20 18:28:27
Day 25072 Namibia cycling Aus to SeeheimSat 19th March 2016 I’ve now given up on the route described by Thomas Anderson …2016/03/19Africa, Biking2016-03-19 18:57:17
Day 25071 185 miles in a Toyota LandcruiserSome might say sanity has returned others may say why choose to go on a …2016/03/18Africa2016-03-18 16:59:39
Day 25070 Biking Namibia – Rosh Pinah to AusThurs 17 March Today was always going to be hard as the 105 miles between …2016/03/18Africa, Biking2016-03-18 15:17:01
Biking for softies in Africa – Noordoewer to Rosh PinahWed 16th March The day started well.  Way before sunrise I was having a breakfast …2016/03/17Africa, Biking2016-03-17 06:38:46
Biking Africa – 2016-03-15 Steinkopf to Noordoewer (NamibiaTues 15 March 2016 An early start I was out on the road at half …2016/03/17Africa, Biking2016-03-17 05:29:25
Biking Africa – Springbok to SteinkopfMonday 14 March 2016 After a dreadful disturbed nights sleep caused by a bunch of …2016/03/14Africa, Biking2016-03-14 19:02:15
Biking Africa – Garies to SpringbokWell Sophia’s Guest House came up trumps with an excellent breakfast for me, such a …2016/03/14Africa, Biking2016-03-14 06:37:58
Biking Africa Nuwerus to GariesAfter sleeping like the proverbial log I awoke to a magnificent full on breakfast cooked …2016/03/12Africa, Biking2016-03-12 20:21:43
Biking Africa – Lamberts Bay to NuwerusFriday 11 March 2016 A really tough biking day after a bad night with an …2016/03/12Africa, Biking2016-03-12 05:54:56
Biking Africa – Velddrif to Lamberts BayI managed to get a £2 haircut at the hotel after breakfast and then stocked …2016/03/10Africa, Biking2016-03-10 19:54:44
Biking Africa – Bloubergstraand to VelddrifAfter another bout of decision making on whether to use the N7 straight away or …2016/03/10Africa, Biking2016-03-10 05:32:46
Three weeks of biking stats in South AfricaAccording to my little Google spreadsheet I’ve been away from home 20 days & cycled …2016/03/08Africa, Biking2016-03-08 16:44:23
Day 15 Biking Africa – Cape Town to BloubergstrandAfter much humming and harring this morning I finally decided the best way of making …2016/03/08Africa, Biking2016-03-08 16:27:39
Day Days 13/14 Biking Africa – Cape Town & The Argus Cape EventWell I finally biked to the Cape from Port Elizabeth! Even arriving in time to …2016/03/08Africa, Biking2016-03-08 07:20:13
Day 12 Biking Africa Villiersdorp to StellenboschAnother 7am start to the day as I wanting to reach the Franschhoekpas and it’s …2016/03/05Africa, Biking2016-03-05 20:50:18
Day 11 Biking Africa Robertson to VilliersdorpI managed a 7am breakfast and was on the road at 7.40 lovely and cool …2016/03/04Africa, Biking2016-03-04 01:10:25
Day 10 Biking Africa Montagu to RobertsonI left the luxury of 7 Church street after a hearty breakfast and with a …2016/03/02Africa, Biking2016-03-02 19:40:25
Day 9 Biking Africa Barrydale to MontaguThe Karoo Moon Motel with the adjacent Diesel and Creme restaurant didn’t open up till 8am …2016/03/02Africa, Biking2016-03-02 05:25:18
Day 8 Biking Africa Ladismith to BarrydaleAlex the wonderful host of Ladismith Manor cooked me an excellent breakfast at 6.30 so …2016/02/29Africa, Biking2016-02-29 19:41:41
Day 7 Biking Africa Oudtshoorn to LadismithI now know my biking limit is 65.8mi Distance & 5,396ft of ascent with the temperature  in the …2016/02/28Africa, Biking2016-02-28 20:42:24
Day 6 Africa biking from George to OudtshoornOnce again South Africa was excellent with The Acorn Guest House cooking a delicious breakfast that we …2016/02/27Africa, Biking2016-02-27 21:25:53
Day 5 Africa trip – Knysna to GeorgeWhat a day! Amazing day of bike climbing, wind, traffic and discovery. The folks at …2016/02/26Africa, Biking2016-02-26 20:57:46
Day 4 Africa biking to KnysnaFortunately today was a short distance both because of a bad night with an upset …2016/02/25Africa, Biking2016-02-25 19:36:17
Day 3 Africa trip – Fynbos to Pletteberg BayI’m sorry to say that I took the easy way out of the golf course …2016/02/25Africa, Biking, Personal2016-02-25 05:04:38
Day 2 Biking Africa Jeffreys Bay to Fynbos, EesterivierstrandWho have thought with my dislike of golf. That I would cycle the best part …2016/02/23Africa, Biking2016-02-23 18:44:10
Africa biking Day 1 -Summerstrand to Jeffreys BayAfter yet another magnificent breakfast I tore myself away from GB’s superb B&B. How some …2016/02/22Africa, Biking2016-02-22 20:59:13
A day of safari with the animals.A bit of a long day today visiting Addo Elephant park in the morning and …2016/02/21Africa2016-02-21 22:10:13
My next bike ride (Africa) begins.After 68 years I’ve finally made it to South Africa and If first impressions count …2016/02/20Africa, Biking2016-02-20 21:31:18
2015 Biking year on StravaExcellent bit of data presentation by Strava on my years biking in 2015 Click the …2015/12/31Biking2015-12-31 19:38:46
Final statistical summary of Cuba biking tripMy Cuba biking trip is finished. I was away, with my 1983 Schwinn bike (bought …2015/12/16Biking, Cuba2015-12-16 11:25:59
Cuba cycling some trip notesSafety Well the Canadian cyclists like coming here because it’s a lot safer than countries …2015/12/09Biking, Cuba2015-12-09 14:50:08
Tourist day in HavanaSaturday I decided to make myself a walking tour of Havana, Lamar went off to …2015/12/08Biking, Cuba2015-12-08 22:02:12
Vinales surprise & downtown HavanaI spent Thursday meandering around Vinales, just about every house offers accommodation so if you …2015/12/08Biking, Cuba2015-12-08 15:04:21
The end of my biking road in CubaWritten early Thursday 3 December On Tuesday I left Pinar del Rio and managed to …2015/12/03Biking, Cuba2015-12-03 14:54:34
Biking along the Cuban motorwaysAfter some thought I decided to get back to Havana along the Cuban motorway system …2015/11/30Biking, Cuba2015-11-30 20:41:23
A day with a poor start can have a good ending..Early Sat 28th November After our breakfasts I departed leaving the Dutch couple to enjoy …2015/11/30Biking, Cuba2015-11-30 20:33:22
My Cuba bike ride map – so far :-)2015/11/27Biking, Cuba2015-11-27 23:33:27
1000 miles biking in CubaVery early Thursday 26th With yesterdays 100 mile epic ride from Trinidad to Playa Giron …2015/11/27Biking, Cuba2015-11-27 23:18:26
Over halfway in my Cuba biking tripI’m now over halfway in time and folding my paper map (Michelin 786) into two …2015/11/22Biking, Cuba2015-11-22 23:09:33
First 1000km biking in CubaI’ve today completed the South coast loop of Cuba traveling the full length of the …2015/11/19Biking, Cuba2015-11-19 01:48:35
Hills and yet more hillsI set of before 5am in the pitch black, thank goodness I had rigged up …2015/11/15Biking, Cuba2015-11-15 18:53:58
A Night in the infirmaryGuantanamo is a pleasant enough working city, I loved the city centre shop stocked with …2015/11/15Biking, Cuba2015-11-15 18:42:26
First week biking in CubaToday marks the end of my first week biking in Cuba with over 360 miles …2015/11/13Biking, Cuba2015-11-13 04:15:39
Outline of bike tour in CubaGeoff’s Cuba trip 5th November to 7th December Total 1782.08 Day Date Place Distance (Miles) …2015/11/10Biking, Cuba2015-11-10 11:23:13
First four days biking in CubaWell I was already to start doing a comprehensive review of my first 4 days …2015/11/10Biking, Cuba2015-11-10 02:29:47
Next stop CubaIt’s time for another bike tour :-). With Cuba and the USA making up I thought …2015/11/04Cuba2015-11-04 23:27:46
Made it to Nottingham walking from LondonWow, it’s been 140 days since my last update and those shiny new shoes in …2015/11/04Grand Union Canal, travel blog, Walks2015-11-04 21:56:16
Grand Union canal hike – Milton Keynes to BlisworthTuesday 16 June 2015 Yesterday I had a shopping splurge day at Open Air in …2015/06/16Grand Union Canal, Personal, travel blog, Walks2015-06-16 23:43:09
Grand Union Canal hike – Tring to Milton KeynesFriday 12 June After a not much better sleep that in my tent 🙁 but …2015/06/16Grand Union Canal, travel blog, Walks2015-06-16 00:14:43
Grand Union Canal hike -Watford to TringThursday 11th June I woke up at 5.30 after nearly 7 hours in the tent, …2015/06/15Grand Union Canal, travel blog, Walks2015-06-15 13:58:15
Greenford to Watford on the Grand Union towpath.Nephew Phillip kindly dropped me back outside The Black Horse in Greenford at 9.30am ready for …2015/06/13Grand Union Canal, travel blog, Walks2015-06-13 20:46:13
Life’s mysteries with Fitbit and Weight Gain….So in the past four days, with my trusty Fitbit,  I’ve walked from Kings Cross station …2015/06/13Personal, Quantified Self2015-06-13 18:44:28
Grand Union Canal jaunt – Day 1Finally, halfway through the year, the apartment sale is finally totally complete and I’m able …2015/06/09Grand Union Canal, travel blog, Travel Blogging2015-06-09 23:51:46
South East Asia bike tour post index.Here are links to each of my days cycling from Hanoi to Singapore through Vietnam, …2015/01/27Biking South East Asia2015-01-27 11:08:09
Tenerife & La Gomera Walking HolidaySally and I decided that it was about time we gave the two wheels a …2014/11/18Personal, travel blog, Travel Blogging, Walks2014-11-18 15:00:13
Working out how to return to UK! Grenaa to AarhusLast night was a bit of a shock when I discovered that the next Esbjerg …2014/09/21Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-21 20:34:52
North Sea Cycle Route – Hadsund to GrenaaToday marks my final day for this trip on The North Sea Cycle Route. From Hamburg …2014/09/20Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-20 20:31:05
North Sea Cycle Route – Saeby to HadsundA glorious day for a bike ride; bright sunshine and a cool eastern breeze with …2014/09/20Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-20 19:26:06
Skagen to Saeby on the North Sea Cycle RouteToday I started the trip back south down the eastern coast of Denmark heading towards …2014/09/18Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-18 19:55:52
End of Denmark Cycleway Route 1 – Lokken to GrenenAfter an excellent nights sleep I awoke to a calm sunny day. I went to find …2014/09/18Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-18 07:57:10
North Sea Cycle Tour – Hanstholn to LokkenI woke up after a fitful night of dreaming centring on my old house 🙁 …2014/09/17Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-17 07:33:28
North Sea Cycle tour – Fjaltring to HanstholmI found this day really hard with the relentless easterly wind slowing progress down and …2014/09/16Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-16 07:26:05
Denmark West Coast bike ride – Noerre Nebel to FjaltringI awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and baking bread 🙂 Bodil had prepared …2014/09/15Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-15 19:00:44
Denmark West Coast Route 1 – Ribe to Noerre NebelOnce the kids in all the rooms went to sleep at 11pm I was away …2014/09/13Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-13 22:41:31
North Sea Cycle tour – Niebull to RibeThe day started real cold & at breakfast I felt under dressed with my cycle …2014/09/12Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-12 21:57:21
North Sea Cycle Route – Husum to NiebullAt last a fine day! the yellow Altura jacket didn’t even make a guest appearance. …2014/09/12Biking, North Sea Cycle Route2014-09-12 07:14:06
Biking to find DenmarkI set of, after my DIN standard breakfast at the b&b which incidentally was a …2014/09/11Biking2014-09-11 08:10:30
Biking The Elbe trail – Hamburg to the North Sea at BrunsbüttelToday was the final day of me biking alongside The Elbe. I decided to keep to …2014/09/11Biking, Elbe River trail2014-09-11 06:48:11
HamburgNothing much to report today, as if there is any day 🙂 A rather pleasant …2014/09/08travel blog, Travel Blogging2014-09-08 21:01:21
Day 10 on The Elbe Biketrail – Geesthacht to HamburgAfter last nights heavy rain & thunderstorms this morning was shrouded in thick mist. Today …2014/09/08Biking, Elbe River trail2014-09-08 08:29:52
Biking The Elbe Day 9 – Mödlich to GeesthachtAnother glorious autumnal day 🙂 The tyre stayed up after my latest attempt at fixing …2014/09/07Biking, Elbe River trail2014-09-07 08:47:58
Cycling Day 8 on The Elbe – Tangermünde to MödlichWeather wise an amazing perfect biking day especially with the wind coming from the South …2014/09/05Biking, Elbe River trail2014-09-05 21:05:58
Lazy day in TangermüdeThe only biking today was pedalling around the corner to take it into the Gerike bike …2014/09/04Biking, Elbe River trail, Personal2014-09-04 21:40:13
Day 7 on The Elbe cycleway Pretzien to TangermüdeA much better start to the day with fine weather an OK breakfast and missing out …2014/09/04Biking, Elbe River trail2014-09-04 09:31:28
Day 6 The Elbe Cycleway Listerfehrda to PretzienAfter a much better sleep and my Snorelab snore score halved from the previous night …2014/09/03Biking, Elbe River trail2014-09-03 06:22:03
Biking Der Elberadweg – Day 5 Riesa to ListerfehrdaLast nights sleep was the weirdest for quite some time .I ended up dreaming about …2014/09/01Biking, Elbe River trail2014-09-01 20:42:45
Cycling The Elbe Day 4 – Dresden to RiesaThe rain finally caught up with me and after yesterdays miserable looking folks it was …2014/08/31Biking, Elbe River trail2014-08-31 20:31:36
Elbe biking day 3 – Usti to DresdenThe much vaunted rainy day turned out to be bright & sunny as I went …2014/08/31Biking, Elbe River trail2014-08-31 09:15:17
Elbe route Day 2 – Melnik to Usti via TerezinAfter a wonderful sunrise awakening it was down to a very cheesy breakfast. It was …2014/08/29Biking, Elbe River trail2014-08-29 19:14:14
Day 1 – Prague to Melnik on The Elbe river trail.I arrived in Prague at 9.30am on a gorgeous sunny morning. Fully refreshed after over …2014/08/29Biking, Elbe River trail2014-08-29 06:25:02
Getting to the start in Prague..Once I’d decided to bike The Elbe (thanks Sandra for the idea) I needed to …2014/08/28Biking, Elbe River trail2014-08-28 21:15:16
Cycling the Elbe & Vitava riversOver 4 months later and I’m back here 🙂 Although I notice over 40 folks a …2014/08/22Biking, Elbe River trail, Personal2014-08-22 20:27:08
Statistical end to my SE Asia bike tripNow my little Hanoi to Singapore bike ride is finished. Here is a first glimpse …2014/04/06Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-04-06 16:27:10
Klulang to Singapore IslandAfter nearly falling down one of the open drains that Malaysia specialize in I had …2014/04/05Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-04-05 06:51:12
Muar to Kluang on Geoff’s SE Asia rideMuar is a delightful working town loads of real shops including a great bike shop …2014/04/05Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-04-05 05:02:56
Malacca to Muar on Geoff’s SE Asia tourThe Mullah woke me up by blasting his prayer of the day at me, once …2014/04/02Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-04-02 16:15:58
Around MelakaToday I was playing at been a tourist again by joining the free 2 hour …2014/04/01Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-04-01 16:33:38
Port Dickson to Malacca on Geoff’s SE Asia tourI’ve been looking forward to visiting Malacca as it has a fascinating history and lots …2014/03/31Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-31 15:36:46
Banting to Port Dickson on Geoff’s SE Asia tourToday started of on a trip skirting Kuala Lumpur airport and the FI track at …2014/03/30Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-30 16:06:27
Kuala Selangor to Banting on Geoff’s SE Asia tourToday was another of those days that started of poorly but turned out well:-) After …2014/03/29Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-29 15:20:00
SE Asia bike tour – Simpang Empat to Kuala SelangorI’m afraid these posts are going to get a bit repetitive with regard to the heat, …2014/03/29Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-29 13:59:45
Taiping to Huang City on Geoff’s E Asia bike tripAnother very long & hot day. I was beginning to get worried at 70 miles …2014/03/27Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-27 14:23:29
Butterworth to Taiping on Geoff’s SE Asia bike tourI left the hotel at 7.20 with the temperature at 27.5 deg C and humidity …2014/03/26Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-26 11:11:48
SE Asia tour continues – Georgetown to Butterworth on the mainlandI finally made it back to the Malay peninsula at Butterworth today. That means I …2014/03/25Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-25 22:47:24
Lipe to Penang on the ferriesFinally managed to extricate myself from the gorgeous island of Lipe although it has to …2014/03/24Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-24 15:50:13
Lazy in LipeAfter staying on Sunset Beach at  Ko Lipe for four nights at the delightfully named …2014/03/23Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-23 15:09:18
Ko Lanta to Ko Lipe on Geoff’s SE Asia tourYesterday I let the ferries take me south rather than the bike, although the sailors …2014/03/21Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-21 03:55:27
Visiting Phi PhiToday I was in tourist mode again off out on a day long boat trip …2014/03/19Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-19 13:47:33
Geoff the swimmerMy son, Stephen, the swimming instructor sent me this article where I’m featured in this …2014/03/19Personal2014-03-19 13:04:27
Lazing on Lanta IslandIn fact to be more precise; a lazy day on and by the magnificent beach …2014/03/18Biking South East Asia, travel blog, Travel Blogging2014-03-18 15:19:46
A long day from Phrasaeng to Khlong Dao on Geoff’s SE Asia tourI thought today was going to be  a ton up day. However, it turned into …2014/03/17Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-17 14:57:09
Geoff’s SE Asia tour – Don Sak to PhrasaengWith a cock crowing away outside my door it was obviously time to be on …2014/03/16Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-16 14:11:56
Koh Tao to Donsak on Geoff’s SE Asia adventureI left Koh Tao on the 9.45 Catamaran to Koh Samui with a brief stop …2014/03/15Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-15 14:19:54
Chumpon Beach to KohTao IslandThe lovely folks at Grasshopper tours let me hitch a 40minute ride with my bike …2014/03/15Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-15 12:59:57
Baan Grood to Chumpon Beach on Geoff’s SE Asia tourI managed a really great early start today leaving as the dawn broke just after …2014/03/13Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-13 15:03:59
Biking from Kuiburi to Baan Grood on Geoff’s SE Asia tourI left the Kuiburi Hotel & Resort  in a bit of a huff & rage at their …2014/03/12Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-12 14:19:38
Geoff in SE Asia with a bike – Hua Hin to KuiburiAnother early start and the hotel had made me a egg sandwich for breakfast, once …2014/03/11Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-11 13:51:42
Samutsongkhram to Hua Hin on Geoff’s SE Asia bike rideI departed once again with the dawn, However, due to the absence of bridges I …2014/03/10Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-10 15:13:26
Geoff’s SE Asia bike tour – Bangkok to SamutsongkhramBack on the road at the crack of dawn, very pleasurable too, even the 12 …2014/03/09Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-03-09 13:42:30
Bangkok bootyAfter, for me, a record breaking 4 nights at the ultra deluxe Windsor Suites Hotel …2014/03/08Biking South East Asia, Products, travel blog2014-03-08 15:14:17
River Kwai one day trekking tourYesterday was another of my tourist days. Very tiring too, we covered 270 miles via …2014/03/07Biking South East Asia, travel blog, Travel Blogging2014-03-07 04:02:21
To Bangkok from Phanom City on Geoff’s SE Asia tourAn excellent mornings cycling. It  began and ended on busy dual carriageways initially with big …2014/03/05Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-03-05 14:23:39
Wattananakorn to Phanom City on Geoff’s SE Asia tourI managed to be on the road at 6.30am after discovering the reason for my …2014/03/04Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-03-04 13:05:06
Sisophon to Wattananakorn on Geoff’s SE Asia tourToday I made the early start, starting out just as the dawn broke. I had …2014/03/03Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-03-03 14:09:14
Siem Reap to Sisophon on Geoff’s SE Asia biking tourI left the comfort & splendour of the Angkor Era  a bit later than I would …2014/03/02Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-03-02 13:56:02
Lazy day in Siem ReapI downgraded to a Tuk Tuk today to check out the local gruesome killing fields …2014/03/01Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-03-01 14:04:00
Site statisticsI seem to be getting more popular! but just look at the folks who are …2014/03/01Personal, Products2014-03-01 02:10:10
Seeing the sights around Sien ReapToday was a day of luxury for me, no push bike but a hotel car …2014/02/28Biking South East Asia2014-02-28 16:58:11
Koh Ker to Siem Reap on Geoff’s bike tour of SE AsiaOnce again it was going to be an early start & once again thwarted by …2014/02/27Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-27 15:13:38
Krong Preah Vihear to Koh Ker on my SE Asia bike tourTodays wake up call at 5.30am were the neighbouring Buddhists chanting over their tannoy (how …2014/02/26Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-26 13:30:52
Asia bike tour – Sting Tring to Preah VihcarToday was an earlish start to get the first ferry across the Megong River which …2014/02/25Personal2014-02-25 14:49:10
Jetpack email subscriptionI would love to know the reason why of my 173 email subscribers only 1 …2014/02/24Companies2014-02-24 13:18:30
Rest day in Stung Treng & some trip statisticsI’ve now been away for 23 days in SE Asia. Cycling for 15 of them …2014/02/24Biking, Biking South East Asia, Personal2014-02-24 10:17:31
Biking SE Asia – Borkeo to Stung TrengI managed an early start leaving the hotel at 6.38 taking the bike next door …2014/02/23Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-23 15:51:37
SE Asia cycle tour – Pleiku SE Asia cycle tour – Pleiku to BorkeoAfter a hearty breakfast I left the luxury of the Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hotel …2014/02/22Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-22 14:07:10
SE Asia bike ride – Phu Phong to PleikuThis promised to be the toughest day of the tour and t didn’t disappoint!  With …2014/02/21Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-21 15:58:12
Geoff’s SE Asia bike trip – Tan Phong to Phu PhongWoke up for an early start to find out, after loading the bike up, that …2014/02/20Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-20 14:34:13
Cycling South East Asia – Dung Quat to Ta Phong via My LaiToday was wild & windy fortunately it was blowing me along. With cloud & wind …2014/02/19Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-19 11:36:21
Cycling South East Asia – Da Nang to Dung QuatPhew what a scorcher as the UK tabloids would say! I set of early at …2014/02/18Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-18 14:49:04
South East asia tour – Hue to Dar NangToday was a toughie with a 500 metre climb in the blazing afternoon sun & …2014/02/17Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-17 14:24:21
South East Asia bike ride – Cho Ngoi to HueNgoc Ha  gave me a fantastic breakfast, including a litre of water & biscuits for …2014/02/16Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-16 14:13:22
South East Asia bike ride Phong Na to ChoNgoiToday I was quite pleased to be leaving The Homestay, I found it a bit …2014/02/15Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-15 13:15:51
Paradise caving dayToday I gave the bike a rest after its 356 mile ride from Hanoi, although …2014/02/14Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-02-14 14:46:37
SE Asia cycle tour Day 6 – Ky Anh to Phong NaAs you can see from my Fitbit sleep data I had a rubbish nights sleep …2014/02/13Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-13 13:31:42
SE Asia bike tour Day 5 – Vinh to Ky AnhFirst thank you to the 68 folks who have signed up for my blatherings, yesterday …2014/02/12Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-12 13:07:27
South East Asia bike tour- Dien Chau to Vinh – Day4The route I worked out for today using was perfect on totally traffic free …2014/02/11Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-11 15:05:15
South East Asia bike ride day 3 – Thanh Hoa to Dien ChauWith a snore score of 18% and above mild intensity I think Sally’s idea of …2014/02/10Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-10 13:57:48
Hang Tram to Thanh Hoa – Day2 bikingWith a new low snoring record set for the night of only 11 minutes and …2014/02/09Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-09 15:33:56
Tweet Todays pics from my bike ride…Todays pics from my bike ride…2014/02/09Twitters2014-02-09 11:59:46
Tweet went for a 68.6 mile cross ride in Vietnam. http:/…went for a 68.6 mile cross ride in Vietnam.… #strava2014/02/09Twitters2014-02-09 09:48:41
Tweet Amazingly bumpy unmade road, mudguard stay loses f…Amazingly bumpy unmade road, mudguard stay loses fixing, 5mins later fixed for free 🙂 #lovevietnam2014/02/09Twitters2014-02-09 02:15:09
Tweet First Viet breakfast! Viet breakfast! 00:50:21
Tweet Obviously very hard beds are good for not snoring…Obviously very hard beds are good for not snoring 23:13:18
Tweet My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 2/08/2014: 4,435 steps…My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 2/08/2014: 4,435 steps and 2 miles traveled. 21:02:08
Hanoi to Hang Tram – Ride Day1Today with a lot of trepidation I set off at 9.15am  from the Hanoi Moment …2014/02/08Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-08 15:03:18
Tweet No vegetarian food he says , as I point to his sta…No vegetarian food he says , as I point to his stack of vegetables 🙂 …2014/02/08Twitters2014-02-08 12:04:09
Tweet Twitter not working on hotel wifiTwitter not working on hotel wifi2014/02/08Twitters2014-02-08 11:38:37
Tweet The S,s & s combo room :-)…The S,s & s combo room 🙂 10:33:36
Tweet The sign to look for in Vietnam!…The sign to look for in Vietnam! 10:09:02
Tweet Amazing chunks of karst rocks for sale! http://t.c…Amazing chunks of karst rocks for sale! 08:26:27
Tweet Some roadside food at last! roadside food at last! 07:33:15
Tweet Snake for lunch anyone? for lunch anyone? 05:38:16
Tweet With trepidation I start! trepidation I start! 02:13:29
Tweet Woke up to big brother over the tannpy with suitab…Woke up to big brother over the tannpy with suitable music and very low cloud …2014/02/08Twitters2014-02-08 00:09:59
Tweet My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 2/07/2014: 20,551 steps…My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 2/07/2014: 20,551 steps and 9.5 miles traveled. 18:01:10
Hanoi momentsToday Hanoi returned to what I imagine is its usual frenetic pace. The city just …2014/02/07Biking, Biking South East Asia2014-02-07 16:29:37
Halong Bay TourWhilst in Hanoi I decided to go on a package tour to Halong Bay after …2014/02/06Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-02-06 17:34:33
Arrival in Vietnam & first day in HanoiI arrived at the Hanoi Moment2 Hotel  just after midnight (5pm UK time) today after …2014/02/04Biking, Biking South East Asia, Travel Blogging2014-02-04 16:24:18
The next adventureTonight I’m at Heathrow awaiting my night flight to Guangzhou and then onto Hanoi a …2014/02/03Biking, Personal, travel blog, Travel Blogging2014-02-03 11:45:48
Tweet lovely Indian Head Massage from my personal masseu…lovely Indian Head Massage from my personal masseuse 🙂 if you want one back …2014/01/15Twitters2014-01-15 21:18:50
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Tweet Been here a week and this is my first time in!! (@…Been here a week and this is my first time in!! (@ Barbylone) [pic]: 17:13:32
Tweet Oh dear my @head_ski boots have split after 1 seas…Oh dear my @HEAD_SKI boots have split after 1 season 🙁 08:47:56
Tweet Check my @alpinereplay snowboarding stats (@ Les G…Check my @alpinereplay snowboarding stats (@ Les Gets resort, 15 runs, 39.6 mph max speed,… …2014/01/14Twitters2014-01-14 19:28:00
Tweet just to please @_nickjones & @obliquepanic ‘ve…just to please @_nickjones & @obliquepanic ‘ve purchased the Horizons app… unbelievably cool..2014/01/14Twitters2014-01-14 17:08:00
Tweet Gorgeous boarding day on fresh powder :-) http://t…Gorgeous boarding day on fresh powder 🙂 12:32:03
Tweet My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 1/13/2014: 8,793 steps…My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 1/13/2014: 8,793 steps and 4 miles traveled. 08:01:17
Tweet Looking more like a ski resort!…Looking more like a ski resort! 07:25:43
Tweet In Switzerland it was only in 1971 that women won…In Switzerland it was only in 1971 that women won the right to vote in …2014/01/13Twitters2014-01-13 20:18:11
Tweet Spot the difference! the difference! 19:35:11
Tweet Check my @alpinereplay snowboarding stats (@ Les G…Check my @alpinereplay snowboarding stats (@ Les Gets resort, 7 runs, 32.3 mph max speed, …2014/01/13Twitters2014-01-13 17:03:02
Tweet Check my @alpinereplay snowboarding stats (@ Les G…Check my @alpinereplay snowboarding stats (@ Les Gets resort, 7 runs, 32.3 mph max speed, …2014/01/13Twitters2014-01-13 16:30:58
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Tweet Vision in pink :-) in pink 🙂 08:46:14
Which do I believe?Today we went for a lovely walk from Dunwich to Southwold along the beach returning …2013/12/22Personal2013-12-22 18:33:36
Transylvania Green Way walking tour.Today (30th Oct 2013)I ventured out of Bucharest to go with Mihal on his two …2013/11/01travel blog, Travel Blogging, Walks2013-11-01 08:47:53
BucharestAfter all the biking I’m pleased to have settled in one hotel  for 5 nights. …2013/10/29travel blog, Travel Blogging2013-10-29 20:27:15
The final mega bike ride routeHere is the final route that I biked created from a screenshot of my daily …2013/10/27Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-27 09:04:07
Tweet My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 10/26/2013: 19,887 step…My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 10/26/2013: 19,887 steps and 9.1 miles traveled. 01:02:15
Tweet Bucharest where the girlies go out with their clot…Bucharest where the girlies go out with their clothes on! 18:10:24
Tweet And of cause a nice cream afterwards.. (@ Inni – G…And of cause a nice cream afterwards.. (@ Inni – Gelato Artigianale) [pic]: 18:05:59
Tweet Freddo for great food & music I just used #Sh…Freddo for great food & music I just used #Shazam to tag Till We Die …2013/10/26Twitters2013-10-26 17:37:00
Tweet Awesome music again with pasta tonight! (@ Freddo…Awesome music again with pasta tonight! (@ Freddo w/ 8 others) [pic]: 17:24:33
Tweet After a long flight relax in a restaurant :-) http…After a long flight relax in a restaurant 🙂 17:01:01
Tweet Back on the urSus black :-) (@ La Comedie) [pic]:…Back on the urSus black 🙂 (@ La Comedie) [pic]: 15:14:37
Tweet MaxRelax @sallyinnorfolk new car!…MaxRelax @sallyinnorfolk new car! 11:36:51
Tweet Beautiful day & really enjoying strolling arou…Beautiful day & really enjoying strolling around Bucharest. Def best city on my travels 🙂 …2013/10/26Twitters2013-10-26 10:54:37
Tweet Bonfire night special night special 09:36:18
Tweet Hotel Rembrandt in Bucharest, better speeds than a…Hotel Rembrandt in Bucharest, better speeds than at home!!… #speedtest2013/10/26Twitters2013-10-26 08:26:01
Tweet Back to amazingly good breakfasts! (@ Hotel Rembra…Back to amazingly good breakfasts! (@ Hotel Rembrandt) [pic]: 06:25:36
Tweet Don’t think its a good idea to have a bedroom abov…Don’t think its a good idea to have a bedroom above a bakery 🙁 the …2013/10/25Twitters2013-10-25 21:09:36
and so to returnWith Sulina been the end of the road waterway, it’s time to start my return …2013/10/25Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-10-25 17:42:09
Down the Danube from Tulcea to Sulina on a boatThe final 37km of the Danube Bike Trail has to be done by boat as …2013/10/25Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-25 07:03:13
Final day of cycling on The Danube Bike Trail – Constanta to TulceaThis was my 28th day of pedalling on The Danube Bike Trail.  With today’s 93.5 miles …2013/10/23Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog, Travel Blogging2013-10-23 19:25:21
Day off in ConstantaTuesday 22nd October After yesterdays tough ride from Silistra on the Bulgarian)Romanian border I decided to …2013/10/23Danube Bike Trail, travel blog, Travel Blogging2013-10-23 08:09:35
Day 27 on The Danube Bike Trail – Silistra to Constanza & The Black SeaWell I made it to the Black Sea at Constanza, 80 days after leaving Cambridge …2013/10/21Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-21 21:40:51
The roller coaster ride from Giurgiu to Silistra on The Danube-less bike trailAfter my Romanian regulation cheese omelette for breakfast  I departed leaving the smelly bathroom behind. …2013/10/20Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-20 20:06:11
Corabia to Giurgiu on The Danube Bike TrailAnother grand day out and I’m pleased to say someone gave the truckers a day …2013/10/19Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-19 19:52:05
A fast day on the Danube bike trail – Calafat to CorabiaA great biking day especially with a gale force wind pushing me along, poor old …2013/10/18Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-18 19:37:30
A long hard day on The Danube bike ride Severin to CalafatThe 23rd day of biking The Danube  started with a bit of a disaster when …2013/10/17Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-17 21:27:08
The difference a day makes – Day 22 – Mehedinti to SeverinAfter yesterdays superb cycling day, I woke up this morning to very low cloud & …2013/10/16Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-16 22:57:59
Danube bike trail day 21 Moldova to Mehedinti The Danube GorgeIf you are thinking of cycling The Danube then just do this section!! Basically today …2013/10/15Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-15 18:51:48
Kovin to Moldova on The Danube Bike TrailAn excellent 74 mile bike ride all though a bit frustrating when you see the …2013/10/14Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-14 19:19:13
Danube cycle ride Day 19 – Belgrade to KovinBack on the road again after my two week break exploring 5 star luxury in …2013/10/13Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-10-13 19:12:47
Tweet Mexican for a change :-) (@ Tacos Locos) http://t….Mexican for a change 🙂 (@ Tacos Locos) 19:32:34
Tweet Lovely & sunny in Budapest (@ Keleti pályaudva…Lovely & sunny in Budapest (@ Keleti pályaudvar w/ 24 others) 14:10:25
Tweet Cruising along at 20nph on Serbian RailCruising along at 20nph on Serbian Rail2013/09/27Twitters2013-09-27 08:57:52
Tweet Like turning back the clock! (@ Novi Sad) http://t…Like turning back the clock! (@ Novi Sad) 07:23:35
Tweet Oh dear a sudden stop on train as someone pulled t…Oh dear a sudden stop on train as someone pulled the cord! 05:49:24
Tweet 2013-09-26 Around Belgrade Around Belgrade…2013/09/26Twitters2013-09-26 22:05:13
Tweet A fishy menu tonight (@ Zlatno burence) [pic]: htt…A fishy menu tonight (@ Zlatno burence) [pic]: 18:35:03
Getting there but where?Here is my ride to date as compiled by the Garmin Etrex 20 & The …2013/09/26Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Quantified Self, travel blog2013-09-26 11:57:56
Novi Sad to Belgrade on The Danube Bike TrailThe first job on entering a country is to get the internet fixed on the …2013/09/26Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-09-26 11:16:08
Tweet Finally removed chrome as default browser on the A…Finally removed chrome as default browser on the Air 🙂2013/09/26Twitters2013-09-26 10:15:10
Tweet Nokia Elop Bonus Scandal: Elop refuses smaller bon…Nokia Elop Bonus Scandal: Elop refuses smaller bonus, cites divorce | BGR 09:37:53
Tweet These are so addictive :-( (@ Costa Coffee) [pic]:…These are so addictive 🙁 (@ Costa Coffee) [pic]: 09:34:08
Tweet Interesting that English is so widely spoken in Se…Interesting that English is so widely spoken in Serbia, even in the small villages, Hungary …2013/09/26Twitters2013-09-26 08:40:41
Danube Bike Ride from Vukovar the brave to Novi Sad the shellsuit.Today was a ride of contrasts from the dispiriting visit  to a city still in …2013/09/24Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal2013-09-24 22:23:55
Mohàcs to Vukovar on The Danube Bike TrailNo riding on dikes today the initial one was blocked off for resurfacing as in …2013/09/23Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-23 15:45:09
Dunapataj to Mohàcs on The Danube Bike TrailA much warmer day in fact a thermometer I saw was reading 26 degrees at …2013/09/21Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal2013-09-21 21:47:04
Budapest to Dunapataj on The Danube Bike TrailThe things I can recommend  The Hotel Rila for are it’s close proximity to the E6 …2013/09/20Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-20 22:33:14
Danube biking Day 13 – Sturovo to BudapestMuch better weather today with lots of sunshine. However, the temperature has markedly dropped. After …2013/09/19Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-19 12:05:14
The difference a day makes – Komatron to SturovoYesterday’s top notch cycling conditions were today replaced by heavy squally rain and temperatures down …2013/09/17Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-17 22:08:27
Bratislava to Komáron on The Danube BikewayAfter last nights cracking evening in the basement wellness centre at The Hotel Devín which …2013/09/16Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Travel Blogging2013-09-16 20:56:23
Danube Bike Trail, Day 10 Riding – Vienna to BratislavaI woke up to pouring rain, so luckily it wasn’t an early start. By the …2013/09/15Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-15 12:20:59
The ride from Cambridge to ViennaOn this very wet morning here in Vienna whilst waiting for my bike to have …2013/09/14Biking, travel blog2013-09-14 09:41:18
Danube Bike Trail Day 9 – Melk to ViennaThankfully the overnight rain had stopped although the temperature is really dropping now & I …2013/09/12Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-12 20:26:59
Danube Bike Trail Day 8 – Linz to MelkAnother really excellent 72 mile ride on a gorgeous day. Starting off on the left …2013/09/10Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-09-10 21:19:23
Danube Bike Trail Day 7 – Passau to LinzAnother excellent days biking and  64 miles on the clock, making it 719km cycled along …2013/09/09Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-09-09 21:10:19
Danube Bike Trail Day 6 – Tegernheim to PassauWell that’s all 595km of Book 1 done and dusted!  that only leaves books 2 …2013/09/08Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-09-08 21:05:31
Danube bike trail Day5 Ingolstadt to TegernheimAn excellent days cycling . Mainly on gravel paths along the bank of The Danube …2013/09/07Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-07 21:42:08
Danube bike trail Daay 4 – Schwenningen to IngolstadtWith great difficulty I left my bed at 8am to enjoy the breakfast. The Schloss Kaltneck …2013/09/06Biking, Danube Bike Trail, Personal, travel blog2013-09-06 21:58:36
Danube Bike Trail Day 3 Ulm to SchwenningenToday was a late starter after a late night on the computer and a totally …2013/09/05Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-09-05 22:08:45
Danube bike trail Day 2 – Gutenstein to UlmI slept incredibly well  & long at  the Landgasthof Bahnhof -with no WiFi to detract me …2013/09/04Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-09-04 23:25:58
Danube bike trail Day 1 – Donaueschingen to GutensteinA late start today as I was busy trying to break the German PAYG SIM …2013/09/03Biking, Danube Bike Trail, travel blog2013-09-03 18:55:49
Boy, what a whopper!Toughest hill of the trip today, especially after biking already 45 miles 🙁 Straight up …2013/09/02Biking, Personal, travel blog2013-09-02 22:22:28
Pumpkin art & swimming at Jucker’sYet another grand day organised by @planetjones & his partner. Maybe they should get into …2013/09/02Personal, travel blog2013-09-02 07:52:26
A Grand Day OutI had an excellent surprise yesterday, my nephew @planetjones had purchased a Switzerland day pass …2013/09/01Personal, travel blog2013-09-01 18:26:58
Aarau to ZurichFirst apologies for the whinge about lack of readers in my previous post. I totally …2013/09/01Biking, Personal, travel blog2013-09-01 10:41:42
Biel to AarauObviously my bike ride is loosing interest to my followers and in fact the readership …2013/08/29Biking, Personal, travel blog2013-08-29 21:50:31
Yverdon to BielFirstly, for those of a curious disposition I’ve now biked 894 miles with 86 hours in …2013/08/28Biking, Personal, travel blog2013-08-28 21:38:37
Biking from Les Gets to Yverdon les BainsA bright and earlyish start from Les Gets on my streamlined bike sans panniers so …2013/08/27Biking, Personal, travel blog2013-08-27 20:45:41
Starting the next stage of my mega bike rideTomorrow I’m reluctantly moving on from my lovely apartment in Les Gets towards Zurich so …2013/08/26Biking, Personal, Products2013-08-26 20:34:09
Instrument bar for an Altus bar bag.One of the annoyances on the ride down to Les Gets from Cambridge was that …2013/08/20Biking, Products2013-08-20 14:45:12
The centre pull generation,Today the excellent Thierry at Nevada Sports here in Les Gets gave my Dawes bike …2013/08/18Biking, Personal2013-08-18 21:29:53
Spot the difference?Spot the difference?           I thought it would be interesting to …2013/08/17Biking, Personal, travel blog2013-08-17 15:08:02
Cambridge to Les Gets 2013 routeUsing the Adze programme I stitched together all the GPS trails for my ride to …2013/08/16Biking, Personal, Quantified Self, travel blog2013-08-16 14:35:17
Day 13 – Final day into Les GetsI finally made it to my apartment in Les Gets 13 days after leaving Cambridge &  with …2013/08/16Biking, Personal, travel blog2013-08-16 12:54:52
Day 11 Marnay to Hotel des LacsI think I’m going to need a pilot’s checklist before setting out each morning! Today …2013/08/14Biking, travel blog2013-08-14 21:31:11
Day 10 Chaumont to MarnayAn excellent days riding with the weather now a lot colder in the morning.  Made …2013/08/13Biking, travel blog2013-08-13 20:33:11
Day 9 Vitry to ChaumontAfter a mega snore last night I packed and went along to breakfast. Great spread …2013/08/12Biking, travel blog2013-08-12 22:20:44
Tweet 2013-08-12 Vitry to Chaumont…2013-08-12 Vitry to Chaumont…2013/08/12Twitters2013-08-12 21:33:13
Tweet Went out and left AC on, now freezing hotel room #…Went out and left AC on, now freezing hotel room #FirstWorldProblems2013/08/12Twitters2013-08-12 19:50:38
Tweet And it’s tagliatelle again tonight! (@ Le Palmier)…And it’s tagliatelle again tonight! (@ Le Palmier) [pic]: 19:08:41
Tweet Tonight’s very tomatoey starter!…Tonight’s very tomatoey starter! 18:54:25
Tweet Gorgeous evening after the rain, which I missed fo…Gorgeous evening after the rain, which I missed fortunately (@ Le Parisien) 18:11:01
Tweet Strange baguette! baguette! 17:40:30
Tweet went for a 64.8 mile road ride.with a bit of uphil…went for a 64.8 mile road ride.with a bit of uphill… #strava2013/08/12Twitters2013-08-12 16:47:07
Tweet Calling it a day with 64 mikes biked in a southerl…Calling it a day with 64 mikes biked in a southerly direction 🙂 (@ Hôtel …2013/08/12Twitters2013-08-12 16:19:31
Tweet Le Viaduc 1857 600 metres long 50 arched http://t….Le Viaduc 1857 600 metres long 50 arched 15:19:17
Tweet My week on twitter: 2 retweets received, 8 mention…My week on twitter: 2 retweets received, 8 mentions. Via: 11:17:24
Tweet 25 mile stop for a coffee & rest (@ Cafe Pari…25 mile stop for a coffee & rest (@ Cafe Parisien) 10:51:50
Tweet Excellent breakfast after a heavy snoring night! (…Excellent breakfast after a heavy snoring night! (@ Hotel Tambourin Vitry-le-Francois) [pic]: 07:45:29
Day 8 – Mailly to Vitry le FrancoisAfter a restless nights nightmarish dreaming I awoke and very carefully made sure I didn’t …2013/08/11Biking, travel blog2013-08-11 21:43:34
Tweet Tonight’s starter!’s starter! 18:47:16
Tweet A drink before my supper, back to basics tonight!…A drink before my supper, back to basics tonight! (@ L Irish) 17:48:59
Day 7 Reims to just outside ReimsI woke up really late (for me anyway). Went for breakfast to be met by …2013/08/10Biking, Travel Blogging2013-08-10 22:32:11
Day 6 Le Cateau-Cambresi to ReimsToday was a 84 miler and done rather effortlessly, obviously a bottle of fine Brouilly …2013/08/09Personal2013-08-09 22:19:14
Day 5 Something has to go!Something has to go on this mega bike trip. It’s either or:- The Panniers The …2013/08/08Biking, travel blog2013-08-08 22:05:07
Day 5 Gonnehem to Fresnes Les MontaubanWith great reluctance I departed from  Le Clos du Fouan  into the grey & wet morning. I …2013/08/07Biking, travel blog2013-08-07 23:17:29
Day 4 Calais to GonnehemAfter a dreadful nights sleep, what with the squawking seagulls (please remind me never to …2013/08/06Biking, travel blog2013-08-06 22:10:45
Leaving the Country – Day 3 – Whitstable to CalaisAfter a most magnificent breakfast at the Oyster Guest House, unusually, in my experience, cooked by …2013/08/05Biking, travel blog2013-08-05 21:45:31
Mega bike ride – Day 2 Euston to WhitsableToday started with a very emotional Sally kissing me goodbye at Kings Cross, after our …2013/08/04Biking, Personal, Travel Blogging2013-08-04 22:33:13
Black Sea here I comeToday marks my first cycling day in this years marathon ride which, hopefully, will take …2013/08/03Biking, travel blog2013-08-03 20:57:33
Urine analysis with @uchekVery interesting email I received on one of my favourite topics. If you measure what …2013/05/30Personal, Products, Quantified Self2013-05-30 10:13:07
Southern Upland Way – Final statisticsHere is my little spreadsheet of my walk:-       Book 231.02 0.00 3.50 …2013/05/25Personal2013-05-25 16:13:49
Southern Upland Way – Portpatrick to Castle KennedyToday with George (who I first met 50 years ago whilst doing the Duke of …2013/05/15Personal, Southern Upland Way, Travel Blogging2013-05-15 22:40:27
Quantified GeoffToday I’m off to Amsterdam for the weekend to spend time & learn more about …2013/05/10Personal, Quantified Self2013-05-10 09:08:47
A sculpture dayYesterday I did an excellent walk with my Jesus Green Pool swimming friend Chris. I …2013/05/09Travel Blogging, Walks2013-05-09 18:22:31
Tweet Yesterdays excellent walk to the Moore / Rodin scu…Yesterdays excellent walk to the Moore / Rodin sculpture exhibition… via @everytrail2013/05/09Twitters2013-05-09 15:33:50
Tweet Few Showers tomorrow!Few Showers tomorrow!2013/05/09Twitters2013-05-09 12:53:21
Tweet My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 5/08/2013: 35,893 steps…My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 5/08/2013: 35,893 steps and 16.7 miles traveled. 09:03:24
Tweet 2013-05-08 Bishops Stortford circular walk https:/…2013-05-08 Bishops Stortford circular walk…2013/05/08Twitters2013-05-08 22:58:31
Tweet A pizza & porter after a days walk, swim &…A pizza & porter after a days walk, swim & bike (@ The Haymakers w/ …2013/05/08Twitters2013-05-08 19:48:34
Tweet Just completed a 0.21 mi walk – Test run http://t….Just completed a 0.21 mi walk – Test run #RunKeeper2013/05/08Twitters2013-05-08 19:45:55
Tweet Just completed a run in 0:07 with @RunKeeper. Che…Just completed a run in 0:07 with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper2013/05/08Twitters2013-05-08 19:25:27
Tweet Cup of tea to celebrate our beautiful little circu…Cup of tea to celebrate our beautiful little circular walk to see Rodin & Henry …2013/05/08Twitters2013-05-08 17:27:24
Tweet Bluebell wood wood 15:35:57
Tweet Unlocked the “Warhol” badge!…Unlocked the “Warhol” badge! 14:40:35
Tweet Impressive Rodin Burghers of Calais 1889 (@ Henry…Impressive Rodin Burghers of Calais 1889 (@ Henry Moore Foundation) [pic]: 14:40:13
Tweet First port of call.. (@ The Hoops) [pic]: http://t…First port of call.. (@ The Hoops) [pic]: 13:43:12
Tweet Of to Bishops Storyford for a walk to see Moore &a…Of to Bishops Storyford for a walk to see Moore & Rodin 🙂 (@ Cambridge …2013/05/08Twitters2013-05-08 10:23:23
Tweet 32 slow lengths swam .. (@ Parkside Pools) http://…32 slow lengths swam .. (@ Parkside Pools) 09:23:09
Tweet My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 5/07/2013: 17,210 steps…My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 5/07/2013: 17,210 steps and 8.5 miles traveled. 08:01:58
What happened to the daffodils on a Daffodil Dawdle?Yesterday was Sally‘s big day of walking the Daffodil Dawdle, a marathon size walk that …2013/03/25travel blog, Walks2013-03-25 11:04:30
Three Peaks & Three GadgetsLast saturday Sally and I did the Yorkshire Three Peaks walk. A great walk it …2013/03/22Personal, Products, Quantified Self, travel blog, Walks2013-03-22 16:29:02
Tweet A wonderfully relaxing home Indian Head Massage fr…A wonderfully relaxing home Indian Head Massage from Sally book yours on sallykelly.com2013/02/24Twitters2013-02-24 00:08:44
Tweet Dearest Hollywood, the irony is not lost on us, an…Dearest Hollywood, the irony is not lost on us, and know this: Hackers and indie …2013/02/23Twitters2013-02-23 20:43:26
Tweet “A lie can travel halfway around the world while t…“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on …2013/02/23Twitters2013-02-23 16:59:52
Tweet A coffee,,, (@ Hot Numbers) coffee,,, (@ Hot Numbers) 14:04:04
Tweet Only in Cambridge! in Cambridge! 13:51:49
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 2/22/2013: 22,869 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 2/22/2013: 22,869 steps and 10.7 miles traveled. 10:01:29
Tweet Here with Em, Anthony & sally for a meal, wres…Here with Em, Anthony & sally for a meal, wrestlers was totally packed (@ CB2) …2013/02/22Twitters2013-02-22 21:20:28
Tweet AM Rain/Snow tomorrow!AM Rain/Snow tomorrow!2013/02/22Twitters2013-02-22 10:53:15
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 2/21/2013: 23,196 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 2/21/2013: 23,196 steps and 11.5 miles traveled. 10:03:20
Tweet Wedding Party, The Mobile App That Lets Guests Con…Wedding Party, The Mobile App That Lets Guests Contribute Photos To Gorgeous, Shared Albums, 21:45:20
Tweet Here for the IET talk on the Raspberry Pi (@ Churc…Here for the IET talk on the Raspberry Pi (@ Churchill College) [pic]: 19:03:59
Tweet a coffee & date slice :-) (@ Hot Numbers) [pic…a coffee & date slice 🙂 (@ Hot Numbers) [pic]: 14:37:00
Tweet Oh dear the iMac switched itself off unexpectedly…Oh dear the iMac switched itself off unexpectedly 🙁 tried to start again but it …2013/02/21Twitters2013-02-21 12:49:11
Tweet cool idea – produce a header from street view http…cool idea – produce a header from street view 12:11:53
Tweet A good nights sleep @snorelab…A good nights sleep @SnoreLab 10:48:16
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 2/20/2013: 23,288 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 2/20/2013: 23,288 steps and 11.1 miles traveled. 10:02:23
Tweet At Emma for talks by Henry Morris (Founder, upReac…At Emma for talks by Henry Morris (Founder, upReach) and Catriona Maclay (Founder, Hackney Pirates) …2013/02/20Twitters2013-02-20 19:50:13
Tweet Trying to open a credit card account that won’t ro…Trying to open a credit card account that won’t rob me every time I use …2013/02/20Twitters2013-02-20 14:26:33
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 2/19/2013: 26,121 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 2/19/2013: 26,121 steps and 13.1 miles traveled. 02:01:48
Tweet Our Monday Chelsea bun (@ Hot Numbers) [pic]: http…Our Monday Chelsea bun (@ Hot Numbers) [pic]: 14:18:05
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 2/10/2013: 30,278 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 2/10/2013: 30,278 steps and 14 miles traveled. 11:01:23
Tweet Snow to Rain tomorrow!Snow to Rain tomorrow!2013/02/10Twitters2013-02-10 10:38:05
Tweet Now for a dinner after earning our Montessori prof…Now for a dinner after earning our Montessori professional development certificates! (@ Wildwood) [pic]: 18:36:19
Tweet I’m one of only 4 guys amidst a hundred ladies at…I’m one of only 4 guys amidst a hundred ladies at the Montessori annual seminar2013/02/09Twitters2013-02-09 11:20:20
Tweet Here for annual Montessori Society seminar (@ Blo…Here for annual Montessori Society seminar (@ Bloomsbury Baptist Church) [pic]: 10:54:36
Tweet Rain/Snow tomorrow!Rain/Snow tomorrow!2013/02/09Twitters2013-02-09 10:38:09
Tweet Here again for an early start to the Montessori t…Here again for an early start to the Montessori talks with @EmJo & @sallyinnorfolk 09:09:39
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 2/08/2013: 45,545 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 2/08/2013: 45,545 steps and 22.8 miles traveled. 08:01:10
Tweet My aorta at 1,92cm :-) aorta at 1,92cm 🙂 19:38:17
Tweet Little walk to Asda @moves made it 4863 steps / 3…Little walk to Asda @moves made it 4863 steps / 3.6km @fitbit made it 5397 …2013/02/08Twitters2013-02-08 11:26:29
Tweet Rain/Snow tomorrow!Rain/Snow tomorrow!2013/02/08Twitters2013-02-08 10:39:01
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 2/07/2013: 18,952 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 2/07/2013: 18,952 steps and 9.7 miles traveled. 02:01:17
Live gig @hotnumbers2013/02/02Meetings2013-02-02 17:02:00
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 1/31/2013: 25,472 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 1/31/2013: 25,472 steps and 12 miles traveled. 09:02:04
Tweet Roast veg for 3 (@ La Soulane 10) [pic]: http://t….Roast veg for 3 (@ La Soulane 10) [pic]: 18:41:03
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Tweet Oh dear poring down with rain now, soaked after re…Oh dear poring down with rain now, soaked after returning from pizza 🙁 (@ La …2013/01/30Twitters2013-01-30 19:42:02
Tweet George & Joanna scored 318 points with SNEEZE…George & Joanna scored 318 points with SNEEZE in #spelltower! – spelltower.com2013/01/30Twitters2013-01-30 18:00:27
Tweet I scored 260 points with CANOE in #spelltower! – h…I scored 260 points with CANOE in #spelltower! – spelltower.com2013/01/30Twitters2013-01-30 17:08:55
How to master your timePost by Oliver Emberton: How to master your time View Post on Quora2013/01/30Personal2013-01-30 14:15:06
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Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 1/29/2013: 11,699 steps an…My fitbit #fitstats for 1/29/2013: 11,699 steps and 5.7 miles traveled. 09:01:31
Tweet I scored 220 points with LITHE in #spelltower! – h…I scored 220 points with LITHE in #spelltower! – #zz2013/01/30Twitters2013-01-30 00:00:16
I scored 220 points with LITHE in #spelltower! – …I scored 220 points with LITHE in #spelltower! – #zz2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 23:00:00
Tweet Found Eric Schmidt’s Entire Cambridge Speech video…Found Eric Schmidt’s Entire Cambridge Speech video @quentinsf #zz2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 21:51:21
Tweet Here’s Eric Schmidt’s Entire Cambridge Speech vide…Here’s Eric Schmidt’s Entire Cambridge Speech video 21:06:24
Found Eric Schmidt’s Entire Cambridge Speech video…Found Eric Schmidt’s Entire Cambridge Speech video @quentinsf #zz2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 20:51:00
Tweet Oh dear – hammering it down with rain tonight&…Oh dear – hammering it down with rain tonight& I’ve only done 7000 steps 🙁 …2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 20:05:53
Oh dear – hammering it down with rain tonight& I’ve only done 7000…Oh dear – hammering it down with rain tonight& I’ve only done 7000 steps 🙁 …2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 19:05:00
Tweet calculate your new BMI : 1.3 x weight, divided by…calculate your new BMI : 1.3 x weight, divided by height to the power 2.5. …2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 17:36:55
Tweet Why does twittertools work on but…Why does twittertools work on but not on 🙁2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 15:57:53
Tweet you are either the person who tells the computer w…you are either the person who tells the computer what to do or the person …2013/01/29Twitters2013-01-29 15:40:06
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Tweet Motorbike bike trip app by the @skitracks folk htt…Motorbike bike trip app by the @SkiTracks folk notice the leaning angle indicator2013/01/28Twitters2013-01-28 18:56:22
Tweet Fantastic news The Haymakers Pub is to reopen as l…Fantastic news The Haymakers Pub is to reopen as local brewery real ale outlet (Like …2013/01/28Twitters2013-01-28 15:25:30
Tweet After the powder run :-) the powder run 🙂 13:28:55
Tweet My line down Mouflon line down Mouflon 13:28:29
Tweet Mouflon before I lined it :-) before I lined it 🙂 13:27:44
What are the salient differences between Montessori schools and other schools, i.e., pros/cons?Answer by Chris Combs: This video from Trevor Eissler, Author of "Montessori Madness" explains the …2013/01/23Personal2013-01-23 21:22:53
2253 days on TwitterToday Twitter allowed me to download all my 11,183 Tweets. I first started on the …2013/01/20Twitters2013-01-20 23:05:00
How do I get over my bad habit of procrastinating?Answer by Oliver Emberton: I'll answer your question, but first I need to explain all …2013/01/16Personal2013-01-16 13:42:13
My year on Fitbit (Part 2)I at to smile at this twitter from Fitbit: Have you ever wondered how far …2013/01/04Personal, Products, Quantified Self, Retailing2013-01-04 00:43:29
A year with a FitbitToday marks my first aniversary with a Fitbit, well two of them as one broke …2012/11/24Products2012-11-24 09:53:41
Tweet My fitbit #fitstats for 11/05/2012: 22,086 steps a…My fitbit #fitstats for 11/05/2012: 22,086 steps and 10.6 miles traveled. 10:01:58
First Great WalkTomorrow I try my first New Zealand Great Walk it’s the Tongariro Northern Circuit and goes …2012/10/22New Zealand, Personal, travel blog2012-10-22 09:34:32
Arrival in New ZealandI left Cambridge at 9am on Sunday the 14th October and arrived in Auckland at …2012/10/21New Zealand, travel blog, Travel Blogging2012-10-21 23:42:45
I arrive in Kuala Lumpur, well Gate C22For some reason the  flight from Dubai to Melbourne takes a break in Kuala Lumpur …2012/10/15Travel Blogging2012-10-15 08:28:48
Travelling to New ZealandCurrently flying 543mph at 35,000 feet en route on the 3602 miles to Dubai. This …2012/10/14Travel Blogging2012-10-14 21:58:28
PM Light Rain tomorrow!PM Light Rain tomorrow!2012/10/10Twitters2012-10-10 09:09:46
capture the world through Auto…capture the world through Autographer’s unique, eye view lens. wonder if it will record …2012/10/10Twitters2012-10-10 09:00:11
Another wet day in The Haute S…Another wet day in The Haute Savoie! 08:56:28
Many good nights out! http://t…Many good nights out! 23:27:08
Really worrying to go for a pe…Really worrying to go for a pee and see blood 🙁 it was ok it …2012/10/09Twitters2012-10-09 21:33:54
@Preoccupations sorry I’m a ve…@Preoccupations sorry I’m a veggie now! But he did emphasise how delicious it was !2012/10/09Twitters2012-10-09 21:20:09
@Preoccupations apparently lov…@Preoccupations apparently lovely cooked in clay – according to a gypsy I once met 🙂2012/10/09Twitters2012-10-09 21:11:18
Anthony and his homemade bange…Anthony and his homemade bangers 19:49:19
The finished kitchen :-) http:…The finished kitchen 🙂 16:37:11
My fitbit #fitstats for 10/08/…My fitbit #fitstats for 10/08/2012: 9,029 steps and 4.2 miles traveled. 00:04:36
Here’s hoping new top fits :-)…Here’s hoping new top fits 🙂 19:43:38
Amy Dearlove singing at The Rh…Amy Dearlove singing at The Rhodos in Morzine 17:10:33
Time for a drink with friends …Time for a drink with friends (@ The Rhodos Bar) 16:51:37
My fitbit #fitstats for 10/07/…My fitbit #fitstats for 10/07/2012: 10,772 steps and 5 miles traveled. 08:01:25
Very relaxing indian head mass…Very relaxing indian head massage from @sallyinnorfolk 🙂2012/10/07Twitters2012-10-07 21:53:46
Work in progress!…Work in progress! 18:33:21
Bar owner knows how drinks now…Bar owner knows how drinks now! Is that worrying 🙂 (@ Barbylone) 16:36:06
@athinkingman that’s correct I…@athinkingman that’s correct I think it is an abbreviation for push aNd connect 🙂2012/10/07Twitters2012-10-07 15:50:47
@athinkingman Think it means “…@athinkingman Think it means “Push ‘N’ Connect ” 🙂2012/10/07Twitters2012-10-07 14:23:02
My fitbit #fitstats for 10/06/…My fitbit #fitstats for 10/06/2012: 20,681 steps and 9.7 miles traveled. 10:01:23
PM Drizzle tomorrow!PM Drizzle tomorrow!2012/10/07Twitters2012-10-07 09:08:19
Sally using #MangaCamera @sall…Sally using #MangaCamera @sallyinnorfolk 22:25:55
A drink after our couple of wa…A drink after our couple of walks today and our IKEA trip to Lausanne (@ …2012/10/06Twitters2012-10-06 17:25:16
I get around!…I get around! 14:56:40
Today’s little 10.5 mile walk …Today’s little 10.5 mile walk in beautiful sunshine around the Plateau de Loëx walk 14:41:44
geoffjones @quentinsf Indeed …geoffjones @quentinsf Indeed but not open till the winter season starts at Xmas 🙁2012/10/05Twitters2012-10-05 09:22:35
geoffjones Why is Google latit…geoffjones Why is Google latitude so screwed up now 🙁 has me bouncing betwixt Cambridge …2012/10/05Twitters2012-10-05 09:22:34
Only in the UK Flowers was gra…Only in the UK Flowers was granted £1,000 , payment which did not cover Flowers’ …2012/10/04Twitters2012-10-04 21:18:46
Why has Nanny not issued a saf…Why has Nanny not issued a safety alert wrt the hazards from deckchairs, as experienced …2012/10/04Twitters2012-10-04 18:18:41
@andsewtoknit # alt 3@andsewtoknit # alt 32012/10/04Twitters2012-10-04 15:11:32
My fitbit #fitstats for 10/03/…My fitbit #fitstats for 10/03/2012: 30,783 steps and 14.6 miles traveled. 11:01:50
geoffjones Just giving @netbot…geoffjones Just giving @netbot a try after i noticed @preoccupations using it! Here is view …2012/10/04Twitters2012-10-04 09:59:47
AM Rain tomorrow!AM Rain tomorrow!2012/10/04Twitters2012-10-04 09:05:53
A drink after our little walk!…A drink after our little walk! (@ Barbylone) 18:07:14
I just ousted Delphine D. as t…I just ousted Delphine D. as the mayor of Barbylone on @foursquare! 18:07:11
First panorama from Mont Chery…First panorama from Mont Chery @lesgets 16:17:47
My fitbit #fitstats for 10/02/…My fitbit #fitstats for 10/02/2012: 16,475 steps and 7.6 miles traveled. 11:01:22
Good evening with Jon & Am…Good evening with Jon & Amanda (@ Barbylone) 22:12:59
Back in my lovely apartment in…Back in my lovely apartment in @lesgets (@ La Soulane 10) 19:38:00
Time for a sandwich & coff…Time for a sandwich & coffee although @sallyinnorfolk is holding out for her IKEA meat …2012/10/02Twitters2012-10-02 11:56:50
Less than two hours from Cambr…Less than two hours from Cambridge Rail and we are here (@ London Gatwick Airport …2012/10/02Twitters2012-10-02 11:19:03
Underground priority sear noti…Underground priority sear notice 🙂 10:39:31
Impressed that streaming music…Impressed that streaming music over 3 from Cambridge to London never broke up, even through …2012/10/02Twitters2012-10-02 10:09:26
Enjoying the Vocal Trance chan…Enjoying the Vocal Trance channel by Digitally Imported via my iPhone on 3, 40+ mins …2012/10/02Twitters2012-10-02 09:53:10
Playing catch up with @sallyin…Playing catch up with @sallyinnorfolk 09:48:07
Showers tomorrow!Showers tomorrow!2012/10/02Twitters2012-10-02 09:08:41
@LaurieJ Have Ridgeons deliver…@LaurieJ Have Ridgeons deliver a load of hardboard doors and carpenters trestles 🙂2012/10/02Twitters2012-10-02 08:58:44
Off to Les Gets we go with out…Off to Les Gets we go with out heavy bags! (@ Cambridge Railway Station (CBG)) …2012/10/02Twitters2012-10-02 08:43:33
My fitbit #fitstats for 10/01/…My fitbit #fitstats for 10/01/2012: 28,317 steps and 13.8 miles traveled. 01:02:05
@Preoccupations I wonder at wh…@Preoccupations I wonder at what point we will get paid for using 🙂2012/10/01Twitters2012-10-01 23:41:22
Russell “Maroon” Shoats has be…Russell “Maroon” Shoats has been kept in solitary confinement for 30 years surely not …2012/10/01Twitters2012-10-01 19:38:38
12 Years of my Smartphones ht…12 Years of my Smartphones 18:40:25
Getting very quiet on here! (@…Getting very quiet on here! (@ Hot Numbers) 14:50:02
The charred bamboo panties can…The charred bamboo panties can radiate far infrared ray to stimulate blood circulation 🙂 …2012/10/01Twitters2012-10-01 08:04:22
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/30/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/30/2012: 29,765 steps and 13.9 miles traveled. 01:01:16
Coffee to wake me up after all…Coffee to wake me up after all that climbing on The Malverns (@ Starbucks) 16:10:03
Time to turn back before the r…Time to turn back before the rain arrives (@ Malvern Hills, British Camp) 12:26:47
@Preoccupations yep memories! …@Preoccupations yep memories! Looking at Hanley Swan reminded me last time I shared a bed …2012/09/30Twitters2012-09-30 12:05:29
A day on the Malvern Hills, fi…A day on the Malvern Hills, first time in 50 years I think 🙂 (@ …2012/09/30Twitters2012-09-30 10:35:06
Showers tomorrow!Showers tomorrow!2012/09/30Twitters2012-09-30 09:08:34
@athinkingman maps are interes…@athinkingman maps are interesting YHA here spot on, better than google, whose maps have always …2012/09/29Twitters2012-09-29 20:13:45
Scamp & chips with Guinnes…Scamp & chips with Guinness after our 20 mile walk (@ The Talbot Hotel) 19:38:22
Back from our 18mile walk,quic…Back from our 18mile walk,quick scrub then hit the town 🙂 (@ Leominster Youth Hostel) …2012/09/29Twitters2012-09-29 18:53:33
I just became the mayor of Leo…I just became the mayor of Leominster Youth Hostel on @foursquare! 18:53:32
@athinkingman ok in Leominster…@athinkingman ok in Leominster 🙂 are you liking the 5?2012/09/29Twitters2012-09-29 18:52:12
Today’s Leominister to Ludlow …Today’s Leominister to Ludlow walk 18:12:18
Now for the train back to Leom…Now for the train back to Leominister (@ Ludlow Railway Station (LUD) w/ 2 others) …2012/09/29Twitters2012-09-29 17:47:45
Lovely 18 mile walk from Leomi…Lovely 18 mile walk from Leominster with @camramblingclub (@ Costa Coffee) 16:40:43
Coffee & cake stop with @c…Coffee & cake stop with @camramblingclub (@ Croft Castle) 11:41:46
Not a very good deterrent! htt…Not a very good deterrent! 08:36:45
The spirit of YhA & Overto…The spirit of YhA & Overton Hall 🙂 23:17:08
Gorgeous YHA very clean & …Gorgeous YHA very clean & spacious @camramblingclub weekend (@ Leominster Youth Hostel) 22:41:12
Lost your PIN number? just gue…Lost your PIN number? just guess it ! The most popular password is  1234 18:03:00
A coffee before going to Leomi…A coffee before going to Leominister! Better do some packing 🙂 (@ Hot Numbers) 16:42:55
Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock is dro…Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock is dropping! Currently $676.972012/09/28Twitters2012-09-28 14:48:29
@ThreeUKSupport after 1hr on y…@ThreeUKSupport after 1hr on your support line, I doubt it 🙁 However, if you can …2012/09/28Twitters2012-09-28 11:24:38
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/27/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/27/2012: 19,235 steps and 9.5 miles traveled. 01:01:33
@quentinsf oops…@quentinsf oops 00:34:34
@quentinsf These are the step …@quentinsf These are the step cutters I was talking about @cammakespace – expensive but worth …2012/09/28Twitters2012-09-28 00:34:00
New recruit to @cammakespace h…New recruit to @cammakespace 00:07:53
@sallyinnorfolk maybe perfect …@sallyinnorfolk maybe perfect for doing a roast spud in 🙂2012/09/27Twitters2012-09-27 23:59:50
Amazing @threeuk now saying in…Amazing @threeuk now saying internet won’t work for a week! due to ‘internal billing’ now …2012/09/27Twitters2012-09-27 14:36:00
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/26/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/26/2012: 18,390 steps and 9.2 miles traveled. 11:01:15
Fab nut roast @kingtonarms goo…Fab nut roast @kingtonarms good image from iPhone5 21:56:54
Great Nut roast @kingstonarms …Great Nut roast @kingstonarms with iPhone5 21:56:24
Finding your mushy peas with @…Finding your mushy peas with @camcreatives (@ Fountain Inn) 19:33:33
Drink & meal with @johnnie…Drink & meal with @johnniemoore before the mushy pea talk at camcreative (@ Kingston Arms …2012/09/26Twitters2012-09-26 18:10:18
First time here for years. 32 …First time here for years. 32 lengths done. (@ Parkside Pools) 09:25:06
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/25/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/25/2012: 13,607 steps and 6.2 miles traveled. 01:01:32
Easyjet want £70 to change fl…Easyjet want £70 to change flights or £54 for 2 new flights. Tough decision to …2012/09/25Twitters2012-09-25 23:14:19
iPhone 5 busy syncing the 241 …iPhone 5 busy syncing the 241 apps that I have 🙂 Then I guess it’s …2012/09/25Twitters2012-09-25 22:45:45
At the third attempt my iPhone…At the third attempt my iPhone 5 gets delivered and awaits my homecoming 🙂2012/09/25Twitters2012-09-25 15:10:43
First leg completed now for th…First leg completed now for the (@ St Erth Railway Station (SER)) 13:19:49
I just ousted @jerrycooke as t…I just ousted @jerrycooke as the mayor of St Erth Railway Station (SER) on @foursquare! …2012/09/25Twitters2012-09-25 13:19:49
We start our journey home. My …We start our journey home. My ticket was £12.55 to Cambridge 🙂 (@ St Ives …2012/09/25Twitters2012-09-25 13:08:07
@pandammonium two pics for the…@pandammonium two pics for the price of one 🙂2012/09/25Twitters2012-09-25 12:50:53
Final coffee & cake before…Final coffee & cake before train home (@ Pels Of St Ives) 11:13:59
I just ousted Cadazan as the m…I just ousted Cadazan as the mayor of Pels Of St Ives on @foursquare! 11:13:59
Flower Petals by Nicky Mills f…Flower Petals by Nicky Mills for @sallyinnorfolk 10:46:18
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/24/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/24/2012: 40,498 steps and 18.8 miles traveled. 01:03:18
Here with Mike from #baggagetr…Here with Mike from #baggagetransfers & @sallyinnorfolk (@ Porthminster Cafe) 18:53:58
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/23/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/23/2012: 7,849 steps and 3.6 miles traveled. 09:01:32
A drink after a good evening a…A drink after a good evening at The Minack the rain wasn’t to bad 🙂 …2012/09/23Twitters2012-09-23 22:30:54
Sally wrapped up at The Minack…Sally wrapped up at The Minack @sallyinnorfolk 19:48:50
Oh dear thick low cloud and dr…Oh dear thick low cloud and drizzle with periodic heavy rain – will the event …2012/09/23Twitters2012-09-23 18:41:50
Loved the Katz paintings amazi…Loved the Katz paintings amazing black hat women done when he was 83, enjoyed the …2012/09/23Twitters2012-09-23 12:59:48
A hot chocolate on this windy …A hot chocolate on this windy wet day. (@ Pels Of St Ives) 12:57:22
Amazing reflections at the Tat…Amazing reflections at the Tate St Ives 12:11:45
@sophiehannahCB1 Only if you a…@sophiehannahCB1 Only if you are losing the plot!2012/09/23Twitters2012-09-23 11:11:32
Totally foul day here today :-…Totally foul day here today 🙂 (@ Cornerways) 09:14:15
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/22/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/22/2012: 40,297 steps and 18.5 miles traveled. 01:02:12
Fantastic counterfeit stones c…Fantastic counterfeit stones concert 🙂 (@ St Ives Guildhall for St Ives Festival) 21:31:35
Stones (counterfeit) in concer…Stones (counterfeit) in concert in St Ives! 20:18:48
Back on the fish & chips :…Back on the fish & chips 🙂 (@ The Sloop Inn) 19:07:18
Stunning day on the #swcoastpa…Stunning day on the #swcoastpath 11:01:36
A great breakfast :-) (@ Corne…A great breakfast 🙂 (@ Cornerways) 09:00:58
I just ousted @rude64 as the m…I just ousted @rude64 as the mayor of Cornerways on @foursquare! 09:00:58
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/21/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/21/2012: 14,486 steps and 6.7 miles traveled. 01:01:28
Boy what an evening with Sally…Boy what an evening with Sally, Tim & Shelley, totally inebriated after an amazing meal …2012/09/22Twitters2012-09-22 00:05:25
A great meal :-) (@ The Loft r…A great meal 🙂 (@ The Loft restaurant) 22:20:07
My favourite B&b on the so…My favourite B&b on the south west coast path! (@ Cornerways) 17:50:43
A cup of tea in the sun overlo…A cup of tea in the sun overlooking the harbour. (@ Pels Of St Ives) …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 16:17:39
Bedroom view @cornerways http:…Bedroom view @cornerways 15:52:54
We’ve arrived in St Ives @sall…We’ve arrived in St Ives @sallyinnorfolk 15:39:29
Very smooth journey and the su…Very smooth journey and the sun is out to greet us on the final short …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 15:03:26
I just reached Level 10 of the…I just reached Level 10 of the “Trainspotter” badge on @foursquare. I’ve checked in at …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 15:03:25
@swcoastpath revisiting the pa…@swcoastpath revisiting the path at St Ives this weekend after completing it earlier this year. …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 14:42:07
@sookio what’s cool I’ve disco…@sookio what’s cool I’ve discovered you can report & move pin to correct errors! Gmaps …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 13:03:01
@sookio well gmaps aren’t that…@sookio well gmaps aren’t that good either! & certainly the apple map looks better! Test …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 12:42:10
@sookio you can still use goog…@sookio you can still use google maps! Apple maps are not that bad 🙂2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 12:33:11
Pretty impressive train journe…Pretty impressive train journey averaging a tad under 100mph since leaving Reading, now near Exeter …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 12:05:11
The croissant had seen better …The croissant had seen better days and coffee doesn’t begin to compare with @hotnumbers (@ …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 09:45:41
Checking out the coffee before…Checking out the coffee before our Penzance train at 10.06 (@ Paddington Railway Station (PAD) …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 09:42:30
@athinkingman yep our train le…@athinkingman yep our train leaves paddington at 10. Have a good day! Just met up …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 08:41:44
@athinkingman we are in full s…@athinkingman we are in full second coach on 8.15 about to go to St Ives …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 08:17:27
Wonder which train will be fir…Wonder which train will be first with iPhone 5 on it today 🙂 (@ Cambridge …2012/09/21Twitters2012-09-21 08:10:21
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/20/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/20/2012: 19,248 steps and 9.5 miles traveled. 01:01:40
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/19/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/19/2012: 18,289 steps and 8.7 miles traveled. 09:01:22
If you dont’t want your email …If you dont’t want your email going to Facebook from your friends using Apple then …2012/09/20Twitters2012-09-20 08:27:44
Here to see Cubicle 4 with @jo…Here to see Cubicle 4 with @johnniemoore (@ Corpus Playroom) 19:35:21
After 17minutes on phone final…After 17minutes on phone finally get my PAC code from Tmobile followed by a lengthy …2012/09/19Twitters2012-09-19 17:48:44
Nano sim due to arrive tomorro…Nano sim due to arrive tomorrow in t mobile although they want £10 to change …2012/09/19Twitters2012-09-19 17:18:19
Deck cleaning in progress @joh…Deck cleaning in progress @johnniemoore 12:44:45
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/18/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/18/2012: 23,418 steps and 11 miles traveled. 02:01:50
Interesting job opportunity :-…Interesting job opportunity 🙂 01:17:01
I just ousted @awdures as the …I just ousted @awdures as the mayor of King’s Lynn Railway Station (KLN) on @foursquare! …2012/09/18Twitters2012-09-18 21:22:51
On way back home after another…On way back home after another day of DIY with @sallyinnorfolk 🙂 (@ King’s Lynn …2012/09/18Twitters2012-09-18 21:22:50
Preparing for the next challen…Preparing for the next challenge of fixing a vertical blind 🙂 (@ Costa Coffee) 14:41:46
A late start for a day of DIY …A late start for a day of DIY in Kings Lynn @sallyinnorfolk (@ Cambridge Railway …2012/09/18Twitters2012-09-18 10:04:13
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/17/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/17/2012: 20,422 steps and 9.9 miles traveled. 01:02:08
Here for talk by Stuart Arnott…Here for talk by Stuart Arnott on Mindings UX for families. Biggest monitor screen ever!! …2012/09/17Twitters2012-09-17 18:29:26
All my decking scrubbed & …All my decking scrubbed & resealed with Ronseal decking protector. 14:20:18
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/16/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/16/2012: 41,593 steps and 19.4 miles traveled. 08:01:44
Fab head & shoulders massa…Fab head & shoulders massage from @sallyinnorfolk although I fell asleep for part of it …2012/09/16Twitters2012-09-16 21:41:26
Just ordered my fifth GPS unit…Just ordered my fifth GPS unit! previous 4 failed for various reasons the new one …2012/09/16Twitters2012-09-16 20:10:34
A lovely date slice today :-) …A lovely date slice today 🙂 (@ Hot Numbers) 17:18:43
Collected my nano SIM from 3 l…Collected my nano SIM from 3 looks like @TMobileUKhelp will be losing my custom, unless …2012/09/16Twitters2012-09-16 16:27:33
Lunch time stop with @camrambl…Lunch time stop with @camramblingclub (@ Tai Yuen Chinese Restaurant) 12:46:28
Sweet Pea field…Sweet Pea field 10:10:50
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/15/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/15/2012: 29,920 steps and 14 miles traveled. 08:01:19
@callumhaywood interesting, wh…@callumhaywood interesting, which operator is that?2012/09/15Twitters2012-09-15 18:44:28
@johnniemoore maybe a pool tab…@johnniemoore maybe a pool table?2012/09/15Twitters2012-09-15 18:39:12
Lovely scones with @sallyinnor…Lovely scones with @sallyinnorfolk and now the grand kids too 🙂 (@ The Orchard Tea …2012/09/15Twitters2012-09-15 11:59:27
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/14/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/14/2012: 24,597 steps and 11.8 miles traveled. 11:01:10
Following up @johnniemoore sug…Following up @johnniemoore suggestion have now booked New Zealand flight for a few weeks 🙂 …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 19:58:41
@TMobileUKhelp Will you be get…@TMobileUKhelp Will you be getting the nano SIMs in for next Friday? will the Cambridge …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 17:18:18
@webfaction I get error Warnin…@webfaction I get error Warning: pg_connect() []: Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: could not …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 16:19:55
@webfaction ive had a bad emai…@webfaction ive had a bad email from web307 09:46 to osw losimkus Email: Message: …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 16:16:03
@webfaction I’m having problem…@webfaction I’m having problems connecting to the control panel 🙁 are there issues at the …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 16:10:56
Blimey, awesome sound through …Blimey, awesome sound through new ear pods from #Apple totally amazing. I think the new …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 14:32:59
The new ear pods have just arr…The new ear pods have just arrived here 🙂 (@ Apple Store) 14:21:15
Oops I’m here not at Savino’s …Oops I’m here not at Savino’s 🙂 (@ Arts Picturehouse) 12:47:45
Now for a salad :-) relaxing m…Now for a salad 🙂 relaxing morning (@ Savino’s) 12:46:32
Enjoyable as always with @john…Enjoyable as always with @johnnymoore (@ Hot Numbers) 12:30:03
Only in Cambridge! Trousers fo…Only in Cambridge! Trousers found notice 10:50:33
@Preoccupations & watch ‘f…@Preoccupations & watch ‘fair use’ policy they didn’t like my radio streaming. btw Virgin use …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 09:36:55
@Preoccupations used T mo…@Preoccupations used T mobile for several years good coverage- biggest problem is it losing …2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 09:30:08
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/13/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/13/2012: 36,086 steps and 18 miles traveled. 09:02:13
Sad person that I am just orde…Sad person that I am just ordered iPhone5 🙂2012/09/14Twitters2012-09-14 08:21:36
@johnniemoore Crickey a DIY ex…@johnniemoore Crickey a DIY expert now 🙂2012/09/13Twitters2012-09-13 20:17:58
Now back to Cambridge to sort …Now back to Cambridge to sort out Jill’s WiFi 🙂 (@ London King’s Cross Railway …2012/09/13Twitters2012-09-13 19:44:05
Thanks to @timbrook now the ow…Thanks to @timbrook now the owner of a merino top 🙂 19:13:29
Lunch at La Bouchèe @emjo loc…Lunch at La Bouchèe @emjo local! 14:40:25
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/12/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/12/2012: 10,512 steps and 5 miles traveled. 10:01:35
Pre-orders start on Friday the…Pre-orders start on Friday the 14th. Shipping on September 21st int he US, Canada, UK, …2012/09/12Twitters2012-09-12 19:01:02
Got angry kids? Get yourself a…Got angry kids? Get yourself an iPhone! 18:33:03
We’re looking at photos now. “…We’re looking at photos now. “The ocean looks bluer in the iPhone 5. Kids look …2012/09/12Twitters2012-09-12 18:32:37
iPad is 91% of all tablet web …iPad is 91% of all tablet web traffic! Tim says “I don’t know what these …2012/09/12Twitters2012-09-12 18:09:37
They are artists of torture, T…They are artists of torture, They are artists of pain and fatigue, They are artists …2012/09/12Twitters2012-09-12 09:56:18
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/11/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/11/2012: 21,629 steps and 10.7 miles traveled. 01:01:09
@planet_jones The full documen…@planet_jones The full documentary about Rick is here 23:03:57
Apparently new specs are here …Apparently new specs are here today 🙂 (@ Specsavers Lion Yard) 13:42:34
I just became the mayor of Spe…I just became the mayor of Specsavers Lion Yard on @foursquare! 13:42:34
@CherryHintonBlu Wow – many th…@CherryHintonBlu Wow – many thanks! It’s from a picture of my dad doing his coupons …2012/09/11Twitters2012-09-11 11:12:46
Football enthuasists @cherryhi…Football enthuasists @cherryhintonblu – Any ideas which year was this taken? sorting out images2012/09/11Twitters2012-09-11 10:59:45
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/10/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/10/2012: 25,496 steps and 12.4 miles traveled. 00:01:20
First month with @Santander On…First month with @Santander Online Banking and £11 added to current account 🙂 21:33:04
Amazingly the cereal bowls in …Amazingly the cereal bowls in John Lewis that looked smaller than mine are in fact …2012/09/10Twitters2012-09-10 16:51:43
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/09/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/09/2012: 11,113 steps and 5.1 miles traveled. 10:01:28
Quiet drink with @sallyinnorfo…Quiet drink with @sallyinnorfolk after a day with my brother 3 kids & partners and …2012/09/09Twitters2012-09-09 21:39:21
Final day & 72nd visit for…Final day & 72nd visit for me this year swimming just under 40miles (69,845 yards) …2012/09/09Twitters2012-09-09 10:51:59
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/08/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/08/2012: 23,385 steps and 11.8 miles traveled. 09:01:34
Here with @sallyinnorfolk &amp…Here with @sallyinnorfolk & @johnniemoore 🙂 (@ CB2) 20:26:50
@tom_watson just cut all the s…@tom_watson just cut all the subsidies to those items!2012/09/08Twitters2012-09-08 17:27:46
@RTaylorUK thanks for RT appar…@RTaylorUK thanks for RT apparently @JesusGreenPool has made £12K over budget this year! Now queuing …2012/09/08Twitters2012-09-08 15:30:37
Totally heaving in here today!…Totally heaving in here today! Our inflexible council will close it tomorrow anyway :-(” 14:38:23
Now to take a punt with @_nick…Now to take a punt with @_nickjones and @sallyinnorfolk (@ Granta Boat Yard) 11:04:40
Yet another mango cooler :-) w…Yet another mango cooler 🙂 with @sallyinnorfolk today (@ Costa Coffee) 10:20:59
I just ousted Terry W. as the …I just ousted Terry W. as the mayor of Costa Coffee on @foursquare! 10:20:59
Another @sallyinnorfolk favour…Another @sallyinnorfolk favourite shop! Trying new 4sq app, still not easy posting pics 🙁 (@ …2012/09/08Twitters2012-09-08 10:07:04
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/07/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/07/2012: 36,634 steps and 18.3 miles traveled. 09:01:41
And now for an Indian with @sa…And now for an Indian with @sallyinnorfolk (@ Maharajah) 21:23:03
Vibrator invented in 1880 pred…Vibrator invented in 1880 predating the invention of the electric iron and the vacuum cleaner …2012/09/07Twitters2012-09-07 20:30:50
@samoneillTCTS are options che…@samoneillTCTS are options checked on open page eg Back up to computer , sync checked …2012/09/07Twitters2012-09-07 19:18:59
@samoneillTCTS are options che…@samoneillTCTS are options checked on open page eg Back up to computer , sync checked …2012/09/07Twitters2012-09-07 19:18:59
My tour of cafés continues :-…My tour of cafés continues 🙂 (@ Costa Coffee) 17:58:10
Successfully negotiated ice cr…Successfully negotiated ice cream seller from £1.80 to £1.50 that student will go far 🙂2012/09/07Twitters2012-09-07 15:39:55
@samoneillTCTS Oh dear :-( the…@samoneillTCTS Oh dear 🙁 the apple forums are pretty good – just try doing the …2012/09/07Twitters2012-09-07 14:49:16
Who wants £80K a year to stay…Who wants £80K a year to stay at home . Truly amazing the YHA a …2012/09/07Twitters2012-09-07 13:33:02
Here with @deinioljones1 :-) (…Here with @deinioljones1 🙂 (@ Hot Numbers) 11:25:55
Wow @deinioljones1 is already …Wow @deinioljones1 is already in! (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 09:31:26
My fitbit #fitstats for 9/06/2…My fitbit #fitstats for 9/06/2012: 28,537 steps and 14 miles traveled. 08:01:52
The Cambridge bike rack knitte…The Cambridge bike rack knitters blog 21:41:36
A Guinness before walking home…A Guinness before walking home on this stunning evening. A real day of exercise 🙂 …2012/09/06Twitters2012-09-06 20:06:05
Just completed a 27.47 mi bike…Just completed a 27.47 mi bike – Ok . #RunKeeper2012/09/06Twitters2012-09-06 18:24:42
13.7miles in 59mins on my love…13.7miles in 59mins on my lovely Dawes Galaxy, now for a mango cooler before the …2012/09/06Twitters2012-09-06 17:02:34
ladder bought! Gutters cleaned…ladder bought! Gutters cleaned and fixed in my sylvan paradise now for a bike ride …2012/09/06Twitters2012-09-06 15:34:37
Another lively sunny day (@ Je…Another lively sunny day (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 12:57:51
Gorgeous morning in Cambridge,…Gorgeous morning in Cambridge, perfect walking weather. Why am I here? (@ Hot Numbers) 11:11:52
More Push Ups, Fewer Sick Days…More Push Ups, Fewer Sick Days: HeiaHeia’s Social Exercise Platform Sees UK Launch 21:13:36
Oh dear walked a bit further t…Oh dear walked a bit further than I thought 12miles now slaking my thirst and …2012/09/05Twitters2012-09-05 19:20:34
Warm in the sun and busier tha…Warm in the sun and busier than I hoped (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) …2012/09/05Twitters2012-09-05 12:28:04
Thanks to @timbrook I just ba…Thanks to @timbrook I just backed MAGNETIC Bike Lights, Hopefully, ideal xmas presents 🙂 : …2012/09/05Twitters2012-09-05 11:08:03
Oh dear train delayed till 21:…Oh dear train delayed till 21:01 🙁 (@ Nottingham Railway Station (NOT) w/ 6 others) …2012/09/04Twitters2012-09-04 20:13:52
Nottingham sunset…Nottingham sunset 20:05:03
Oliver’s first birthday cake h…Oliver’s first birthday cake 15:53:44
Another Cath Kids fan :-) http…Another Cath Kids fan 🙂 14:56:25
Ollie’s new sandpit :-) http:/…Ollie’s new sandpit 🙂 11:49:46
Zig zagging across country (@ …Zig zagging across country (@ Grantham Railway Station (GRA)) 10:22:44
Brief visit to the lovely Pete…Brief visit to the lovely Peterborough station 🙂 (@ Peterborough Railway Station (PBO)) 09:54:53
And now to Nottingham to see O…And now to Nottingham to see Oliver who is One today 🙂 (@ Cambridge Railway …2012/09/04Twitters2012-09-04 08:52:57
An early 500 yards swam (@ Jes…An early 500 yards swam (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 08:02:43
Time for a drink with Tony :-)…Time for a drink with Tony 🙂 (@ CB2) 20:49:19
A bit of sunshine and the plac…A bit of sunshine and the place is busy! Although kids keeping out of water …2012/09/03Twitters2012-09-03 17:36:14
Jobs done! Now back to Cambrid…Jobs done! Now back to Cambridge for a swim 🙂 (@ King’s Lynn Railway Station …2012/09/03Twitters2012-09-03 15:41:35
Looks like @sallyinnorfolk cr…Looks like @sallyinnorfolk cross trainer is fixed! Adjusted magnet speed sensor & possible bad connection …2012/09/03Twitters2012-09-03 13:01:53
Just booked for the PostSecret…Just booked for the PostSecret event in London 🙂2012/09/02Twitters2012-09-02 23:16:26
Another deeply relaxing massag…Another deeply relaxing massage from @sallyinnorfolk except when she is working the knots in my …2012/09/02Twitters2012-09-02 20:51:21
Twice in one say :-) (@ Hot Nu…Twice in one say 🙂 (@ Hot Numbers) 17:34:44
Awaiting the return of blogger…Awaiting the return of blogger @sallyinnorfolk 🙂 (@ Cambridge Railway Station (CBG) w/ 2 others) …2012/09/02Twitters2012-09-02 17:08:57
@IanYorston & it’s applica…@IanYorston & it’s application to the tax year & how government didn’t want to lose …2012/09/02Twitters2012-09-02 16:50:32
@IanYorston oops that came lat…@IanYorston oops that came later 🙂2012/09/02Twitters2012-09-02 16:47:23
@IanYorston @mdebohun which ca…@IanYorston @mdebohun which calendar did you use to work that out?2012/09/02Twitters2012-09-02 16:44:28
@athinkingman go to ebay and b…@athinkingman go to ebay and buy a replacement from a scrappie about £22, if you …2012/09/02Twitters2012-09-02 16:42:50
A bit busier today with a few …A bit busier today with a few tadpoles (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 13:24:38
Busy as usual here (@ Hot Numb…Busy as usual here (@ Hot Numbers) 12:17:10
@DeiniolJones1 pool not open t…@DeiniolJones1 pool not open till noon, opens early on Friday 🙂2012/09/01Twitters2012-09-01 15:07:44
The countdown begins, only 7 m…The countdown begins, only 7 more swims after today 🙁 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming …2012/09/01Twitters2012-09-01 14:18:41
Saturday meet up underway (@ H…Saturday meet up underway (@ Hot Numbers) 11:33:53
iPhone failing to activate cel…iPhone failing to activate cell data network since visiting Google in Shoreditch 🙁 dark forces …2012/09/01Twitters2012-09-01 08:35:30
Dunwich day out for @jesusgree…Dunwich day out for @jesusgreenpool on the 14th October 14:38:53
@vivmcw Probably not as danger…@vivmcw Probably not as dangerous as crossing the road though 🙂2012/08/31Twitters2012-08-31 09:46:20
Crikey, temperature went down …Crikey, temperature went down to 8 deg last night in Cambridge, Autumn has arrived – …2012/08/31Twitters2012-08-31 09:44:40
Think I will move in here! 20m…Think I will move in here! 20meg up and down 🙂 16:44:04
Fabulous bookbinders :-) http:…Fabulous bookbinders 🙂 16:40:26
Kings Cross prayer wheels :-) …Kings Cross prayer wheels 🙂 16:38:29
A bit early but interesting pl…A bit early but interesting place. Around the corner from where RS Components (radiospares) was …2012/08/30Twitters2012-08-30 16:34:55
Will the train arrive before t…Will the train arrive before the rain? 14:44:42
On way to #quantifiedself talk…On way to #quantifiedself talk … (@ Cambridge Railway Station (CBG) w/ 3 others) 14:38:31
Lovely lunch with Cathy at the…Lovely lunch with Cathy at the very busy @legrosfranck (@ Le Gros Franck) 13:27:42
Oh dear a few tadpoles have re…Oh dear a few tadpoles have returned 🙁 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 11:01:44
Interesting talk in Cambridge …Interesting talk in Cambridge 🙂 @athinkingman 19:46:35
Here for #camcreative event :-…Here for #camcreative event 🙂 (@ Fountain Inn) 19:22:54
Wet through from biking, might…Wet through from biking, might as well have a swim in the rain 🙂 (@ …2012/08/29Twitters2012-08-29 16:07:50
Arrived soaked for annual eye …Arrived soaked for annual eye test (@ Specsavers Lion Yard) 14:41:27
Liam age 3 has amazing sense o…Liam age 3 has amazing sense of direction & good walker about 6km this pm …2012/08/28Twitters2012-08-28 16:03:40
Lovely morning & empty poo…Lovely morning & empty pool 🙂 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 11:11:58
@billt @europcar_uk Do you wan…@billt @europcar_uk Do you want me to pop around and check it out?2012/08/28Twitters2012-08-28 09:41:56
@DeiniolJones1 Excellent just …@DeiniolJones1 Excellent just had 4 days in Swaledale – Loved it 🙂2012/08/28Twitters2012-08-28 08:11:00
@DeiniolJones1 Will pencil it …@DeiniolJones1 Will pencil it in but may go to Les Gets for a few days2012/08/27Twitters2012-08-27 23:46:41
Copying Works: How Samsung’s…Copying Works: How Samsung’s Decision to Mimic Apple Paid Off in Spades 23:41:21
Here with @enjo tonight :-) (@…Here with @enjo tonight 🙂 (@ CB2) 20:06:08
@vectafrank looks as if your a…@vectafrank looks as if your account has been hacked, change password & tell Twitter 🙁2012/08/27Twitters2012-08-27 18:41:19
@vectafrank weird it was a DM …@vectafrank weird it was a DM too 🙁2012/08/27Twitters2012-08-27 18:29:14
@DeiniolJones1 closes 9th Sept…@DeiniolJones1 closes 9th September, @JesusGreenPool every day that I’m in town 🙂2012/08/27Twitters2012-08-27 18:22:00
Lovely empty pool :-) (@ Jesus…Lovely empty pool 🙂 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 17:30:39
@DeiniolJones1 now the kids ar…@DeiniolJones1 now the kids are about to return to school, maybe time for another walk?2012/08/27Twitters2012-08-27 16:26:29
Cross trainer installed, gate …Cross trainer installed, gate & door repaired now back to Cambridge to take @emjo to …2012/08/27Twitters2012-08-27 15:49:49
@vectafrank Did you send me a…@vectafrank Did you send me a link to a video on FB or was it …2012/08/27Twitters2012-08-27 08:32:06
@johnniemoore Great al fresco …@johnniemoore Great al fresco dinner for @sallyinnorfolk & I, many thanks for arranging the music …2012/08/26Twitters2012-08-26 21:54:15
Meal with @sallyinnorfolk &amp…Meal with @sallyinnorfolk & johnniemoore listening to the cellar sessions outside! (@ CB2) 21:04:18
@celiahart @camramblingclub Bu…@celiahart @camramblingclub But he’s not on Twitter 🙂 🙂2012/08/26Twitters2012-08-26 19:29:45
Excellent @camramblingclub Dal…Excellent @camramblingclub Dalham Circular Walk by @celiahart via @everytrail2012/08/26Twitters2012-08-26 19:02:44
Better weather today :-) altho…Better weather today 🙂 although after my 16m walk perhaps do fewer lengths! (@ Jesus …2012/08/26Twitters2012-08-26 17:55:16
Lunch time stop with @camrambl…Lunch time stop with @camramblingclub (@ The Fox) 13:41:03
Cine film of First Moon Landin…Cine film of First Moon Landing taken from TV coverage at the time : …2012/08/25Twitters2012-08-25 22:57:58
@celiahart hope @sallyinnorfol…@celiahart hope @sallyinnorfolk and I see you out walking tomorrow2012/08/25Twitters2012-08-25 21:21:49
32mm of rain in Cambridge toda…32mm of rain in Cambridge today. Will now need ladder to fix gutters 🙁2012/08/25Twitters2012-08-25 18:23:24
Todays rainfall…Todays rainfall 18:05:42
Cambridge rain so far today, 2…Cambridge rain so far today, 22mm with 17mm in less than 10min 17:33:26
@rapportive @nimble say they …@rapportive @nimble say they have a raplet , but it isn’t showing up in my …2012/08/25Twitters2012-08-25 15:26:53
They’ve seen lightening now, c…They’ve seen lightening now, closed for a full hour @JesusGreenPool 🙁2012/08/25Twitters2012-08-25 15:00:35
Waited 20mins @JesusGreenPool …Waited 20mins @JesusGreenPool only for another roll of thunder to arrive 🙁 now a cloudburst …2012/08/25Twitters2012-08-25 14:55:37
Blast! Just arrived to first t…Blast! Just arrived to first thunder 🙁 so closed for 20mins 🙁 (@ Jesus Green …2012/08/25Twitters2012-08-25 14:24:39
A visionary talks in 1983 – h…A visionary talks in 1983 – 13:27:24
Our Saturday coffee (@ Hot Num…Our Saturday coffee (@ Hot Numbers) 11:54:45
Surprise, surprise we are here…Surprise, surprise we are here again! (@ Rohan) 10:55:29
Arrived for our night out in W…Arrived for our night out in Witcham 🙂 (@ Ely Railway Station (ELY)) 18:17:33
Emily & Sarah’s Charity Ch…Emily & Sarah’s Charity Challenge 13:52:42
Gorgeous day + empty pool = bl…Gorgeous day + empty pool = bliss (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 11:52:18
How to Become an App Store Mil…How to Become an App Store Millionaire: Make a Hit App, and Don’t Make Anything …2012/08/24Twitters2012-08-24 10:53:03
@sallyinnorfolk alls well that…@sallyinnorfolk alls well that ends well 🙂2012/08/24Twitters2012-08-24 09:23:59
Linda’s hospital takeaway :-) …Linda’s hospital takeaway 🙂 18:20:16
Back to the olde worlde charm …Back to the olde worlde charm after my afternoon at the hospital complex (@ Jesus …2012/08/23Twitters2012-08-23 17:22:26
Marvelling at the signage &amp…Marvelling at the signage & PR office is dead centre ground floor plus nurses carrying …2012/08/23Twitters2012-08-23 15:27:58
Interesting genetic classifica…Interesting genetic classification 🙂 15:27:11
The beating heart of the hospi…The beating heart of the hospital! PR & Communications .. 15:24:52
Love that patients are parked …Love that patients are parked in bays 🙂 15:10:08
This the “Treatment Centre” wo…This the “Treatment Centre” wonder what the rest of the buildings are for 🙂 15:02:19
No longer a maternity hospital…No longer a maternity hospital, now a “Birth Centre” 14:54:56
@sophiehannahCB1 cool it’s abo…@sophiehannahCB1 cool it’s about 5mins of work & plugin is free 🙂 also get him …2012/08/23Twitters2012-08-23 13:56:15
@sophiehannahCB1 please ask yo…@sophiehannahCB1 please ask your webmaster. To instal a mobile friendly plugin, hard to read article …2012/08/23Twitters2012-08-23 13:52:04
Excellent post by @johnniemoor…Excellent post by @johnniemoore on creativity just happening when least expected 🙂 13:34:06
Is it an addiction if I can’t …Is it an addiction if I can’t cycle past without calling in! Maybe should try …2012/08/23Twitters2012-08-23 12:15:06
Late lunch early dinner with S…Late lunch early dinner with Steve 😉 (@ The Boathouse) 15:26:13
Lovely & deserted pool tod…Lovely & deserted pool today 🙂 and its sunny! (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) …2012/08/22Twitters2012-08-22 10:54:07
Oh dear should have taken @joh…Oh dear should have taken @johnniemoore to tonights @camgeeknights 🙁2012/08/21Twitters2012-08-21 21:06:09
@sallyinnorfolk of course :-)@sallyinnorfolk of course 🙂2012/08/21Twitters2012-08-21 20:40:18
Excellent Jalfrezi with @johnn…Excellent Jalfrezi with @johnnymoore (@ Golden Curry) 19:58:49
Not to many folks here today :…Not to many folks here today 🙂 apparently it was awful at the weekend! (@ …2012/08/21Twitters2012-08-21 11:53:56
@johnniemoore a friend in need…@johnniemoore a friend in need is a friend indeed 🙂2012/08/20Twitters2012-08-20 20:55:10
Time for a drink with @sallyin…Time for a drink with @sallyinnorfolk and Tony after becoming a hero of @johnniemoore 🙂 …2012/08/20Twitters2012-08-20 20:53:41
@johneve no duties any more! H…@johneve no duties any more! Health.& safety they have no ladders 🙁2012/08/20Twitters2012-08-20 15:59:02
Our weekend walks with @cameam…Our weekend walks with @cameamblingclub 13:38:52
Blocked guttering at YHA Grint…Blocked guttering at YHA Grinton @carolineyha 08:31:26
Raining (again) for our final …Raining (again) for our final morning walk before returning to the sunnier climes of Cambridge. …2012/08/20Twitters2012-08-20 08:06:57
Back for another meal! (@ The …Back for another meal! (@ The Bridge Inn) 19:26:19
I just ousted @petercritchley …I just ousted @petercritchley as the mayor of The Bridge Inn on @foursquare! 19:26:19
Who is at the end of the rainb…Who is at the end of the rainbow? 19:16:43
Looking forward to another gre…Looking forward to another great days walking (@ Grinton Lodge YHA Youth Hostel) 07:58:12
Turned into a lovely day cross…Turned into a lovely day crossing the moors (@ Grinton Lodge YHA Youth Hostel) 17:16:00
I just ousted Hannah R. as the…I just ousted Hannah R. as the mayor of Grinton Lodge YHA Youth Hostel on …2012/08/18Twitters2012-08-18 17:16:00
Crc lunch stop after wet walk …Crc lunch stop after wet walk over the moor (@ The Kings Head) 13:37:33
17 of us for dinner tonight (@…17 of us for dinner tonight (@ The Bridge Inn) 19:49:31
@Carolineyha enjoying the host…@Carolineyha enjoying the hostel, reminds me a bit of Overton Hall where my dad was …2012/08/17Twitters2012-08-17 16:44:06
A Guinness in the Yorkshire co…A Guinness in the Yorkshire countryside (@ The Bridge Inn) 18:21:14
Arrived at great YHA with swee…Arrived at great YHA with sweeping views (@ Grinton Lodge YHA Youth Hostel) 17:40:45
Simply amazing story – United …Simply amazing story – United Airlines Lost My Friend’s 10 Year Old Daughter And Didn’t …2012/08/15Twitters2012-08-15 17:37:06
@julianhuppert wondered where …@julianhuppert wondered where you were racing too down Gwydir St. on your bike, a truly …2012/08/15Twitters2012-08-15 16:32:41
Hiding the view @obliquepanic …Hiding the view @obliquepanic 16:02:59
The Chelsea bun was awesomely …The Chelsea bun was awesomely sticky today. No start up conversations today, unless they are …2012/08/15Twitters2012-08-15 15:38:21
The campaign to save Cambridge…The campaign to save Cambridge’s Flying Pig pub from the chop has won support from …2012/08/15Twitters2012-08-15 13:03:41
Bit busier today (@ Jesus Gree…Bit busier today (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 11:53:53
@sallyinnorfolk Don’t worry we…@sallyinnorfolk Don’t worry we will either raise the roof or cut a hole for your …2012/08/14Twitters2012-08-14 23:28:32
A pint by the river :-) (@ Gre…A pint by the river 🙂 (@ Green Dragon) 19:53:08
Must be time for a mango coole…Must be time for a mango cooler 🙂 (@ Costa Coffee) 16:27:16
Back to my favourite pool on t…Back to my favourite pool on this very muggy day (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming …2012/08/14Twitters2012-08-14 14:17:48
@sallyinnorfolk nip around to …@sallyinnorfolk nip around to your neighbours and big tv folks! I’m sure someone will know!2012/08/14Twitters2012-08-14 12:00:38
@sallyinnorfolk poor you where…@sallyinnorfolk poor you where was it ?2012/08/14Twitters2012-08-14 11:44:45
Is hot numbers the new start u…Is hot numbers the new start up central for Cambridge? Overheard startup conversations whilst drinking …2012/08/14Twitters2012-08-14 10:05:51
A lovely back massage after my…A lovely back massage after my clean up day with @sallyinnorfolk big question is will …2012/08/13Twitters2012-08-13 20:34:33
Back at the mother ship :-) (@…Back at the mother ship 🙂 (@ Tesco) 16:56:40
Cleaning up Sally’s rubbish ar…Cleaning up Sally’s rubbish area, total empty shed now for her fitness centre (@ Recycling …2012/08/13Twitters2012-08-13 15:05:33
Now a bunch of OAP’s playing p…Now a bunch of OAP’s playing post Olympics 🙂2012/08/13Twitters2012-08-13 00:06:44
@johnniemoore @sallyinnorfolk …@johnniemoore @sallyinnorfolk very pleasurable and welcome to Cambridge 🙂2012/08/12Twitters2012-08-12 23:28:38
@johnniemoore @sallyinnorfolk …@johnniemoore @sallyinnorfolk very pleasurable and welcome to Cambridge 🙂2012/08/12Twitters2012-08-12 23:28:38
@johnniemoore @sallyinnorfolk …@johnniemoore @sallyinnorfolk very pleasurable and welcome to Cambridge 🙂2012/08/12Twitters2012-08-12 23:28:38
& back to our old favourit…& back to our old favourite so @sallyinnorfolk can transfer everything to her new handbag …2012/08/11Twitters2012-08-11 17:59:01
Strange to come out of @JesusG…Strange to come out of @JesusGreenPool with no white fingers! Water must be at 22degrees …2012/08/11Twitters2012-08-11 15:47:35
Another gorgeous day although …Another gorgeous day although I think the pint of Guinness is not going to help …2012/08/11Twitters2012-08-11 15:05:28
@callumhaywood…@callumhaywood maybe get Simon to fold one up!2012/08/11Twitters2012-08-11 14:45:28
@callumhaywood…@callumhaywood bit pricey though.2012/08/11Twitters2012-08-11 14:28:23
I just became the mayor of Ecc…I just became the mayor of Ecco on @foursquare! 12:21:49
No @rohan today :-) (@ Ecco) h…No @rohan today 🙂 (@ Ecco) 12:21:49
A night out with @sallyinnorfo…A night out with @sallyinnorfolk … (@ Hidden Rooms) 20:55:48
So google latitude has decides…So google latitude has decides to remove all my friends 🙁 thinks I should reinvite …2012/08/10Twitters2012-08-10 20:19:24
Gorgeous hot morning and pool …Gorgeous hot morning and pool still very quiet 🙂 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) …2012/08/10Twitters2012-08-10 10:04:22
Also struggling is HMV , which…Also struggling is HMV , which has lost its chief executive and finance director recently. …2012/08/10Twitters2012-08-10 09:24:48
Well it’s not Hess Morgan but …Well it’s not Hess Morgan but Cherry Lee Mewis @hotnumbers2012/08/09Twitters2012-08-09 20:52:18
Hess Morgan singing @hotnumber…Hess Morgan singing @hotnumbers 20:36:46
Enjoying the outside space for…Enjoying the outside space for the first time! And it looks if the wifi gets …2012/08/09Twitters2012-08-09 16:37:32
@nxtab many thanks I can’t rem…@nxtab many thanks I can’t remember that bit 🙂2012/08/09Twitters2012-08-09 16:06:01
Lovely & sunny with Isla :…Lovely & sunny with Isla 🙂 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 13:20:11
@sallyinnorfolk better form fa…@sallyinnorfolk better form factor but screen very dim 🙁 #nexus72012/08/09Twitters2012-08-09 11:54:42
That was quick! #nexus7 ordere…That was quick! #nexus7 ordered from google last night just arrived! Nice that it synced …2012/08/09Twitters2012-08-09 11:02:44
First blackberries of 2012 htt…First blackberries of 2012 20:20:00
Try the new Starbucks! I see H…Try the new Starbucks! I see HMV are taking over the ‘grave shop’, all companies …2012/08/08Twitters2012-08-08 17:24:14
@rtayloruk collection box for …@rtayloruk collection box for Snowy – in reception 🙂 16:09:08
Warm but quiet day :-) (@ Jesu…Warm but quiet day 🙂 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 14:20:49
Fault reported, fixed today th…Fault reported, fixed today thanks to @fixmystreet 14:12:06
Monotonous regularity of junk …Monotonous regularity of junk phone calls! 20:09:41
A quick coffee. (@ Hot Numbers…A quick coffee. (@ Hot Numbers) 17:43:03
A bit of sunshine after the ra…A bit of sunshine after the rain.. (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 15:55:51
Not here very much lately! (@ …Not here very much lately! (@ CB2) 20:57:22
Here with two of the grand kid…Here with two of the grand kids today:-) (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 14:08:13
1000 yards @JesusGreenPool be…1000 yards @JesusGreenPool before the heavens opened & the great deluge 🙁 now stuck in …2012/08/05Twitters2012-08-05 18:12:54
Black cloud nearly overhead! L…Black cloud nearly overhead! Let’s see how many I can do (@ Jesus Green Lido …2012/08/05Twitters2012-08-05 17:30:38
Lunch stop with @camramblingcl…Lunch stop with @camramblingclub in the pouring rain 🙁 (@ Anglesey Abbey) 13:09:12
@DaveAdamson with a gold label…@DaveAdamson with a gold label beer? Happy Birthday 🙂2012/08/04Twitters2012-08-04 23:16:39
A wonderful Indian head massag…A wonderful Indian head massage from @sallyinnorfolk on this golden night 🙂2012/08/04Twitters2012-08-04 23:04:12
A quick walk & drink after…A quick walk & drink after listening to The Starch Man on YouTube (@ Kings …2012/08/04Twitters2012-08-04 19:44:39
Thunder gone away and the sun …Thunder gone away and the sun is out! (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 15:58:53
.@sallyinnorfolk has died and ….@sallyinnorfolk has died and gone to heaven in this new Dunelm store 🙂 (@ Dunelm) …2012/08/04Twitters2012-08-04 13:19:09
Our Saturday coffee (@ Hot Num…Our Saturday coffee (@ Hot Numbers) 12:35:22
@Preoccupations Excellent! Enj…@Preoccupations Excellent! Enjoy the walking & Banyuls aperitif -)2012/08/03Twitters2012-08-03 19:22:10
@Preoccupations Walking in The…@Preoccupations Walking in The Pyrenees?2012/08/03Twitters2012-08-03 19:05:55
Gorgeous morning here and not …Gorgeous morning here and not very busy 🙂 (@ Jesus Green Lido Swimming Pool) 11:48:37
Coffee with Michael :-) (@ Sav…Coffee with Michael 🙂 (@ Savino’s) 10:50:32
Staggering – The iPhone will l…Staggering – The iPhone will likely generate more than $30 billion of operating profit for …2012/08/02Twitters2012-08-02 22:35:45
@virginmedia Thnks tried those…@virginmedia Thnks tried those, in fact that is a bug in the router! all the …2012/08/02Twitters2012-08-02 21:34:25
Amazing “I am resolved to neve…Amazing “I am resolved to never write another line of code for rotten-to-the-core “platforms” like …2012/08/02Twitters2012-08-02 16:36:51

Mini tour to Laos


With the wretched CoVid restrictions slowly getting lifted especially with my 3 jabs and almost certainly a mild bout of it we thought it was time for touring, one of my original ideas for moving to Thailand 2 years ago.

My truck was booked into Ford Phetchaburi to get the smashed rear light and damaged front bumper fixed so we loaded the bikes complete with camping kit etc and started the ride to Laos from the garage.

Leaving Ford to start the ride to Laos

It was a relaxing afternoon after 1.5km we found a Sushi place followed a few km later by a stop at Merci Papa for a gorgeous fruit salad

In all we rode 43km in an elapsed time of 4.5 hours so less than 10kmh 🙂 so definitely not Audax speeds but very pleasurable. Graham & Frances take note 🙂

Tomorrow it’s just over 100km to meet the group near Don Mueang the camping starts Thursday!