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Today’s reading rabbit holes..

Today’s reading rabbit hole which I disappeared into was driven by these articles all appearing in my Feedly :

Cause of hardening of the arteries – and potential treatment – identified

A subject close to my heart 🙂 with my elevated blood pressure and after my carotid-femoral pulse measurements from the last Quantified Self conference I went too where they measured mine and found a stiff aorta 🙁 This sent me down the route of looking at other research papers eg here and here reminding me I’ve yet to find anyone in the UK who will measure it in a more controlled environment here in the UK rather than a conference hall in Copenhagen!

Interesting that they think that that the  “antibiotic minocycline was highly effective in preventing hardening of the arteries”


This article visualises the +5000 years it took barley to reach the UK 🙂

neolithic barley expansion
neolithic barley

All very interesting particularly using the web site Map Warper to warp two maps together.