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Getting knifed in the garden.

The resident gardener decided we needed to plant a row of The King 9 miracle grass, otherwise known as Vetiver Grass along our new fence to help prevent soil erosion this is  where we have built the ground up higher than our neighbour. My task was to remove the mile a minute vine from the fence. I chose to use a sickle 🙁

The inevitable happened and I knifed myself with the sickle. While leaning over the fence cutting &  pulling the vine from the chainlink fence the curved blade went in near a knuckle and appeared on the other side between my index & ring fingers 🙁

We rushed to the local hospital who popped in 4 stitches at the entry point and one incredibly painful stitch where it came out. All for 810baht (£18)

The wounds are now healing well and when I returned I managed to finish the hacking, with a more conventional straight blade and all the grass was planted 🙂