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RCTC tour – Voronino to Borisoglebsky

I woke upto a thunderstorm and heavy rain on this our first days cycling on the RCTC Golden Ring tour After my breakfast of porridge and what they called an omelette but more like a slice of cake in appearance it was time to reassemble the bike.

There seemed to be a lack of urgency of opening the van as Vladimir was hoping for the rain to die down – which it duly did. I assembled the bike OK apart from having to slacken the rear brake blocks.

We managed to get away just before 10.30 after the obligatory group photo – with everyone clamouring to get the guy to take one with their camera 🙁  One great use for social media is to have the group pics uploaded to a central site.

initially the ride was a little tough quite hilly on wet sand/gravel with lots of unknown depth puddles. I was pleased to have my knobbly tyres on and on my ancient Schwinn.

We arrived on the very decrepit tarmac road – even worse than the UK before going down a gravel lane to see our first church of the day near Ishnya, unique in this area as it’s more of a Finnish design built of timber with no nails in the 1700’s. Also nearby is an Interesting well still in use with a capstan & bucket – delicious taste too.

Over the level crossing we soon reached Rostov and its stunning Kremlin with its highly decorated churches we listened to an amazing soprano & two male singers under the dome truly brilliant and moving. I will try & Post my crude recording here at some point.

We had an al fresco lunch in the neighbouring car park and my first taste of Kvass soft drink it’s yeasty odour immediately bringing back childhood memories of eating yeast.

Then a short bit along Lake Nero to yet another huge church this one in active use!

A dash of 20km or so on a busy road bought as to Borisoglebsky (quite apt as our Boris resigned today) a quick ride around another dilapidated church and we made it to Hôtel Kobyet.

loads of photos & rubbish internet means photos not here as yet 🙁

Strava says 30 miles at 11.1mph