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SE Asia tour continues – Georgetown to Butterworth on the mainland

I finally made it back to the Malay peninsula at Butterworth today. That means I missed about 300 miles of biking in mainland Thailand by using the ferries and visiting the Andaman Sea islands.

I woke up with a touch of the runs, first time since leaving home almost certainly some food from a dodgy street stall in Georgetown, fortunately I was staying local, with the only goal today of getting back on the mainland via the short ferry to Butterworth,

1-IMG_1423Georgetown is obviously backpackers paradise stuffed full of budget hostels etc not really my scene though, although The Camera Museum was well done, I liked the loo roll holders made to look like like old 35mm film canisters & the zoom lens coffee mugs. It’s interesting that the grandkids will have no idea about old film photography they are already perplexed why TV’s don’t have touch screens.

1-IMG_8646I managed to get a new saddle for the bike as the cover was ripped off in all the lugging about on boats plus I delivered a theory that the rubbing on my behind was caused because my shorts couldn’t slip against the saddle. Whereas on my Brookes one at home it can (Hot tip – Always take your saddle with you on your travels 🙂 ) Tomorrow will be the test for the saddle and me as the days are now really hot & humid.

Once i had negotiated my way around the dual carriageways I checked in at the Lodge 18 Hotel in Butterworth, then explored all the amazing electronic component shops etc in the neighbourhood, buying a temperature & humidity meter plus a 14mm spanner in case I have to adjust the saddle.


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  1. Today was first time I felt saddle sore on my bike … Hope its cus of miles covered in last few days …. Enjoy biking again 🙂

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