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Aquadulce to Motril (El Varadero) – Lifeday 25,313

1-2016-11-15-09-27-30Another glorious day and a 600 foot hill climb to start with. However, today the North wind blew me along 🙂 still amazes me how much the wind helps against gravity.

I love Spanish roundabouts featuring sculptures and works of art. Todays had a very Moorish feel to them, the Moors were kicked out in 1492 apparently 🙂 The road quietened down after Adra and became a gorgeous coast road with lots of short climbs and swooping descents and a few tunnels. I couldn’t help thinking about the vast cost building it only to be redundant once the A-7 motorway was built. Anyway it makes a great cycle track 🙂 1-2016-11-15-12-36-15Also fascinating to see the sequence of bridges with the various road reconstructions, certainly pleased it’s all finished must have been hell during construction,

The other fascination for me was that there are no orange groves anymore, replaced with thousands of acres covered in mesh greenhouses growing tomatoes, peppers etc etc They have even terraced the hills with them. Exporting the Spanish sun in tomato paste 🙂

1-2016-11-15-15-28-57I arrived in Motril to find there is a ferry to Tangier here leaving at 4pm costing €24 for me and the bike. However, it arrives at 1am which is a strange hour to arrive in a new place. So I continued to my hotel.

I thought I was going to have a similar problem to last night 🙁 I think it’s my pronunciation of ‘reservation’ thats doing it. However, The Hotel Estrella Del Mar quickly sorted it out, for the price its good although I think what you pay for in more upmarket places are thicker walls & ceilings 🙂

Strava makes it 63.3 miles and 3,108 feet of ascent at 11.7mph

The Dropbox pics are here