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Biking the 4 Rivers Trail from Oxpomyeon to Namjiri on lifeday25,452

Biking the 4 Rivers Trail from Oxpomyeon to Namjiri on lifeday25,452

Monday 3rd April 2017

Blossom out now

Well, I was totally wrong about reaching the end of the trail today! It turns out the river twists and turns a lot more than I thought so it’s more like 200 km to Busan 🙂

I set off before 8 as it was such a beautiful morning. I stopped for a very inadequate breakfast at the 7-11 and rode on. thinking there would be plenty of places to stoke up en-route. I was wrong again 🙁 It was well over 4 hours before I found a workmen’s restaurant at Ssang-yonghausikbupe. I was starving.

The only restaurant

Another error was thinking it was going to be flat 🙁 Wrong again I had 4 peaks of over 400 feet to get up all of them with evil ascents in the 20% and above range.

Where else has a resuscitator at the bottom of a hill

But in the end, I made it to Namjiri pretty wrecked after biking nearly 63 miles and with 2,928 feet of ascent (more than the so-called hilly day). The Motel Adellia  is an aged version of last nights place but OK except for the internet which is rubbish.

The pictures are here and Strava here





What follows below is to help other English speaking riders on this difficult stage;-

Turn left to avoid hill with monastery on
Brains go left, Brawn go right!

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  1. I thought you were following a route previously done by a cyclist or did you abandon it. Must be difficult with road signs in their alphabet.

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