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Lazy day in Tangermüde

1-IMG_0162The only biking today was pedalling around the corner to take it into the Gerike bike repair shop to get the front light re-fixed after my small accident, actually they put it on in a much better position,  and also to see if they could reset the rear derailleur as it has started to move two gears at a time etc. Tomorrow will tell if they have succeeded! Although I’ve now downloaded the bike repair app as recommended by DC Rainmaker 🙂

1-IMG_3732It was a glorious warm sunny day so it made sight seeing very pleasurable, combined with the vast numbers of bakeries, ice cream cafes & pubs which made it into a big weight gain day. No wonder there are so many tubby folks around.

I discovered all the little bits sticking out in the river that so fascinate my sister back home. My only theory is that they narrow the river thus making it flow faster and maybe deepening the navigable channel but really I have no idea. Here is a picture of what she means, any theories welcome in the comments!. [my good friend Christopher found the answer in this paper “The effect of groynes on rivers

In the evening I went for a massage at the Schloss hotel, bit pricey and I find it interesting that their order of doing the massage is the reverse of Sally’s whose I still very much prefer.

Tomorrow I continue down the Elbe – only about 400km to do now…

Some pictures of the day are here.


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  1. Are they for flood management? It may be a way of diverting water into dykes etc when water levels are high. I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere. The Danube flooded in 2002. I can’t remember how affected it was last May/June.

    1. Hi Richard, I don’t think so. Todays theory was maybe it is a way to ‘break’ the wash of the big boats moving along the river. Or maybe they are just natural artefacts…

  2. Glad you still prefer my massages a reason to keep coming home !! will have to take a look at this bike repair app though i dont suppose its clever enough to do it for you 🙂

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