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Summary of 2016 on Day 25,390

Before I disappear on my next adventure I thought I would do a bit of an overview on last year, 2016.

Veloviewer chart of Geoff Jones cycling taken from Strava data
Veloviewer chart of my cycling taken from Strava data


Strava with the Veloviewer plugin produces this rather elegant chart (now if only Fitbit would get one instead of hoarding your data).

As you can see I did 7,055 miles on the bikes compared to the 3,750 in 2015 mainly due to my HoLep op lin May 2015. The two main trips in 2016 was a tour of Southern Africa about 2,000 miles and my wanderings from Cambridge to Morocco at about 2,200 miles. Which still leaves 2,800 miles riding in England, mainly with Sally 🙂

Interestingly the Moves App makes it a tad under 7,000 miles so a pretty good correlation there. Moves also says I walked over four million steps (4,196,851). Whereas Fitbit reckons I walked over six million steps (6,020,645). That’s because Fitbit still clocks up even when riding a bike which is one of the reasons I’m moving away from them. I now use the Pedometer App on my iwatch2 .

Weight wise I started the year at just over 81kg and finished it at just under 80kg so not much change given the millions of calories burnt and consumed, isn’t the body amazing.

Apple Photo says I took 20,600 pics in 2016, although there are probably certainly quite a few duplicates there.



Gorilla Guru Bike fit on my 25,344 day.

After biking for over 62 years I thought it was time to go and get measured up, for the first time, at Gorilla Bikes with a super duper Guru bike fit.

I was recommended to visit by Mike of Sally’s cycling group SWNC to try Gorilla Bikes as they use the Guru Fit System fully automated bike fitting system rather than relying on the rather hit & miss manual system where changing bits is so difficult. Plus I love electro mechanical stuff so much. In fact I kept thinking with its galaxy of stepper motor driven slides we could have made one in my Cortex Controller days 🙂

Measuring a bike
First stage of Guru BikeFit – measuring the bike

The first job was to measure up my Specalized Secteur & Dawes Galaxy bikes that I had lugged up to their shop in Oundle via a hire van.

The measurements were made a hell of a lot easier and more accurate by using a cheap laser crosswire generator, with the cross centred on the bottom bracket. This made it very easy to take the measurements required using a rule with the laser line easily showing on the rule. Wonderful, I need to get one at home for my crooked shelves 🙂 Of course, my mind immediately whizzed back to my Cortex days and thinking how all the measurements could be taken with a video or even iPhone camera and directly inputted into the Guru system 🙂

Once measured it was upstairs to face the Gorilla Guru machine leaving the bikes downstairs. All the measurements were inputted in for both bikes. I then at to stand barefoot so the Guru could measure me. Turns out I’m still 1,814mm (5′ 11′) tall with a shoulder width of 413mm (16.3″) and an inseam of 807mm.(32″)  🙂

Guru Bike
Guru BikeFit sans handlebars and seat

Once measured, onto The Guru I went with handlebars and saddle chosen to match the Specalized and away I pedalled. First thing was to inspect the cleats where it was immediately found I had them fitted too far back, Apparently the cleat has to be under the ball of your foot. So with new cleats fitted in the correct position, I was of again only to find after a short while my left knee was hurting. So the left cleats ‘float’ was changed slightly. Just small changes such big effects.

Then for the bike fit itself! the Guru saddle moves forward and up and down on electric slides as do the handlebars/ Totally amazing to feel the change as the saddle went up by nearly an inch and forward by nearly an inch. Incredible to watch the power meter zoom up for no increase in apparent effort 🙂 🙂 Jimmy decided to swap out the handlebars for a narrower pair and twist the hoods in a little, big increase in comfort levels plus bringing the bars in a bit helped. Not convinced about lowering them as I could detect an increase in back pain although that could be I’ve  been that I’m so used to my sit up and beg position after all these years.

Bike setup info from the Guru

A very worthwhile morning (3.5hrs) and for £200 pretty good value especially for a techie like me 🙂 Here is the pdf Geoff Jones GuruReport of all the measurements and angles etc etc. Absolutely no attempt to flog me a new bike 🙂 although I’ve commissioned them to set the Specalized up with new narrower handlebars / shorter stem / rotate the hoods and to obviously move the saddle to its new higher and forward position with collection tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how I perform on this Sunday’s SWNC Xmas ride.

The Dawes couldn’t, at this time, be adjusted as they don’t deal in antiques so they couldn’t help with a shorter quill stem although interestingly the Dawes already has a shorter crank which I found more comfortable when I tried the 170mm crank setting on  The Guru BikeFit

Update September 2017 After doing a couple of 200km Audaxes I’ve now raised the handlebars to alleviate shoulder pain. The BikeFit said 41mm drop it is now only 15mm drop. Other measurements stayed the same. However hands still tend to go numb 🙁


Life’s mysteries with Fitbit and Weight Gain….

So in the past four days, with my trusty Fitbit,  I’ve walked from Kings Cross station to Milton Keynes which Strava works out at 13.6 + 19.1+ 17.3 + 22.1 = 72.1miles. Fitbit says I did it in 187,762 steps and burnt 22,168 cals based on my actual body weight. This excludes the fact I was lugging a 10kg backpack as well 🙁

Weight Gain after walking
Weight Gain after walking

So imagine my gloom when I stepped on the scales at home this morning to discover I’ve gained 1kg in weight  over the past four days 🙁

Fish & Chips with Guinness
Fish & Chips with Guinness

Now apparently my favourite food is “only” 861 cals per portion and the essential Guinness adds another 210 cals which means I could have eaten 10 lots of fish & chips and still been on target. So where did all that extra weight appear from?

Maybe I will have to be like son Nick and take up fell running 🙂 to get the burn rate up!



Getting there but where?

Here is my ride to date Cambridge to Belgradeas compiled by the Garmin Etrex 20 & The Adze application:


I left home 55 days ago  and have bike for 40 days. As you can see it wasn’t a very direct route to the start of The Danube Bike Trail  which I’m now 65% completed in 18 days of biking plus a couple of rest days. Some statistics also from Adze. 89,846 GPS locations roughly 44 yards apart giving a distance biked of 2261 miles. I think the amount of climbing is a bit screwed up as it says I’ve climbed over 33 miles!

I’m now taking a couple of weeks break from the Danube, returning to Budapest & exploring Hungary with Sally.

After she goes home I think the next goal is getting to The Black Sea. Then I will have to work out the next phase.