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A year with a Fitbit

Fitbit with lanyard & carabiner
Fitbit with lanyard & carabiner

Today marks my first aniversary with a Fitbit, well two of them as one broke getting on the plane in Geneva. The replacement one, kindly supplied FOC by Fitbit eventually got caught up in a washing machine cycle 🙁 Fortunately, by then I had fixed the original one with superglu, the second one has now dried out and I think shows every sign of working. So I have been able to monitor my steps for the full year. In marked contrast to the Silva ones which could only hack a million steps before packing up.

The grand total for 201/12 is:

8,874,488 steps which they reckon is 4,498.23 miles walked.

Here is the steps per month:

Steps per month

The total floors climbed in the year is:

34,480 floors or about 344800 feet climbed about 65 miles! or about one Everest a month 🙂

Here is the monthly floors chart.

Of course I have to sleep as well:

For calories I get ¨This stat is unavailable while we tune a couple things. Don’t worry, your data is safe. Be back soon – Team Fitbit.¨ and the weight will have to wait till I return home.

I will add fun graphs etc to this page as I get them

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