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RCTC ride Uglich to Pashkovo via Myshkin

The bed in the chalet proved comfortable after I corrected the first collapse 🙂 Svetlana & helpers prepared a good breakfast

We set of a good pace for the first 20km on the usual variety of road surfaces from smooth tarmac to completey rutted & potholes plus it was reasonably busy with trucks until the turn off.

In Myshkin we went on a conducted tour around the old mill apparently the symbol of the town is a mouse so the tour became a bit like Disneyland. After the mill it was the church busily being reconstructed after its communist owners forced it into disrepair. Then onto the towns speciality -.a felt museum with details of how to make felt shoes etc must confess I fell asleep once we moved downstairs to the flax museum 🙁

Afterwards I climbed the bell tower for incredible views of The Volga and great to see a gigantic bell at close quarters.

After a drink we took the ferry across the Volga and then a quick 10km ride to our chalets ride on the edge of the river, so after a swim in the river & sauna it was time for our pickled tomatoes, gherkins smoked monkfish and vodka shots before dinner, very pleasurable indeed 🙂

The weather in the evening was quite stunning with the sunset over The Volga! Now of cause everyone is watching England in the worldcup semi finals…

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  1. Steady riding for you at least you are seeing a few local sites. When will you get photos up? Is it poor WiFi or too many using it.

    1. Internet is a nightmare especially when 22 folks hit it in one go 🙁 also the auto uploader isn’t working 🙁 also I’ve only bought an android tablet so I’m struggling with that too plus it’s anti social not to stay in group 🙂

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