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Walking Vila do Bispo to Carrapateira on lifeday 25,431

After an excellent nights sleep and an OK breakfast which we ate  al fresco with a German couple who warned as about staying the night in a hotel with a name like the stuff that clogs your arteries we once again set off into the sun & wind!

Al Fresco breakfast

The going was much faster today mainly on good tracks some through pine & eucalyptus woods which gave us a break from the constant wind later we were sheltered by the hills we soon found ourselves having a drinks break in the lovely village of Pedralva.

Sally Kelly crossing a ford
Sally crossing a ford

After our break we started walking down a delightful river valley, stupidly we ignored the sign for the wet weather route which the Germans had taken yesterday, the first ford was OK by the sixth ford the water was getting quite deep  flooding over my trainers 🙁 fortunately only one big climb was left before we descended into Carrapateira and our Guest House named after the village. The room has the bed on a mezzanine with a fantastic shower, kitchen & sofa on the ground floor.

After a bite to eat across the road we then walked to the cliffs to see the sunset. Totally amazing walk along boardwalks and seeing the dunes and crashing Atlantic rollers at Praia da Bordeira a great end to a walking day.


I tried using the new Apple Watch Strava app but it came in missing 5 miles, although it displayed the full route 🙁 quite pathetic especially how it dims the display. The good old Etrex20 came up with the correct answer on Strava of 14.3 miles plus an extra 7km to the headland and back.

Excellent scenery and a very enjoyable walking day. Dropbox pictures are here

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  1. Dear Friend Geoff, I am happy because you live with nature. I can understand how much wonderful your life is ! Your face is your heart your heart is Nature. First time I show your girlfriend photo with you. both of you so good & nice. I wish you & bless you because we need like your man because of nature lover. will be better your next day my friend. God & triple gem bless both of you

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