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My year on Fitbit (Part 2)

Fitbit on Amazon

I at to smile at this twitter from Fitbit:

Since I’ve already accomplished this and more by using the excellent Fitbit API and the  script written by John McLaughlin aka @loghound for Google docs. Ernesto Ramirez also made an  how to video on Vimeo which easily explained the process, so that even I could do it!

The results can be found in this google spreadsheet (It may take a while to download, it’s rather big.

In my case the answer is 8,867,720 steps or 7,161Km (4,449 miles) which took 1,226.982 Kcals of energy (more or less I did lose just over 1kg in weight through the year). My weight chart is here

Time wise I spent:-

  • 32% in bed, asleep for 30% + 2100 awakenings 🙁
  • 36% sedentary
  • 14% lightly active
  • 7% very active
  • Using google charts I produced this rather nifty chart of my daily steps.


So an interesting year for me.

9 Jan 2013 update. Here is the email:

Fitbit annual stats email