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North Sea Cycle tour – Fjaltring to Hanstholm

Sea groynes!
Sea groynes!

I found this day really hard with the relentless easterly wind slowing progress down and making the riding unpleasant.

Maybe it was the poor breakfast of 4 bread rolls and garlic cheese, I didn’t see the local shop until after I had started, plus there was a complete scarcity of open cafes until 35 miles into the day & then only a simple place in a craft museum.

The marked route had quite a few changes from the gpx trail downloaded onto the phone which at times was confusing as some of the changes involved huge loops 🙁 and also at one point me getting into soft sand 🙁

1-IMG_4116The worst part however are the long spits of land on either side of the ferry at Thyboran dead straight and flat with no protection from the gale blasting at me. It was amusing to see the smoke from the factory chimneys barely getting out before been blasted horizontal by the wind.

I then developed a poorly stomach leading to more wind problems, probably not helped by munching my way through a packet of Nellie Dellies salty liquorice (On the packet I now read, Enjoy in Moderation!!).

The end of the day was a struggle getting into Hanstholm, fortunately as the name implies the previously booked Harbour Inn was on the coast not up the hill in the village!

1-IMG_0255In the evening I managed to get a decent meal at the Montra hotel with some of the whitest and delicious fish I have ever seen  the dish was called Kogt Vesterhavstorsk.

Lets hope today brings better weather as the route now goes due east!

The Strava is here and pictures are here.

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  1. Sorry to hear you found this day a bit tougher .. but at least you found you hotel was next to the harbour and you got a good meal which looks delicious. The salty Liquorice should also only be eaten in moderation has it is not good for blood pressure. I love it.

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