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Lazing on Lanta Island

1-IMG_8473In fact to be more precise; a lazy day on and by the magnificent beach of Klong Dao  near  Saladan Town. I took a  barefoot walk to the far end of the beach where I had a fresh coconut 🙂 then it was back to the Bee Garden for a two hour massage by the beach the first hour devoted to my feet the next hour to be massaged with coconut oil. I guess I will soon be a coconut.

I’ve now found there is a ferry from this island to Koh Lipe where I can stay the night then a ferry to Langkawi Island which is in Malaysia followed by a ferry to Penang which is connected to the Malay mainland. According to from there to Singapore is 760km so about 10 days at a relaxed pace.

Given the pressure is  now off ,since I still have  20 days before my flight I’ve booked myself in for a day of snorkeling around Phi Phi island tomorrow