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Day 25070 Biking Namibia – Rosh Pinah to Aus

Thurs 17 March

The hill ahead
The hill ahead

Today was always going to be hard as the 105 miles between Rosh Pinah & Aus there is precisely niet. A couple of business guys at the hotel said they would arrange a lift on one of their trucks but of course no call came. So after wasting way to much time on trying to get Picasa to work (You really have to question the brains of the Google leaders) I set of.

Every 10km a picnic shade
Every 10km a picnic shade

First stop was the garage to buy 4.5 litres of water and some energy bars (why are they always coated in chocolate that turns into a gooey mass?). Then it was straight into the lovely tarmaced obligatory hill. This was a monster a 2600 feet steady climb over the first 25 miles. 🙂 My wonder sachets of Amila certainly helped as they made the warm water drinkable and kept me going.

……so the seemingly endless kilometres passed on more or less straight roads, wind never deciding if it was going to help or hinder me. Overall I think it helped 🙂

30km sign
30km sign

As the day passed it was pretty clear I was going to run out of light, not stamina. At the  40km post I managed to get a signal so rang the hotel saying I was going to arrive late the owner kindly offered to pick me up! At the 30km marker I met him and we bombed back making it to The Bahnhof Hotel in Aus just before dusk.

The hotel is excellent, run with Teutonic efficiently I managed the first decent dinner in days!

Strava says I biked 86.7mi and rode up 4,358ft of hills. So a pretty good day which I could have biked the remaining 19 miles if I had left at 7am instead of after 9am

Uploading pictures in bulk is turning into a total nightmare! The Picasa uploader has now finished as obviously Google has disabled the ability to create new directories 🙁 Flickr drops out as it always did. Smugmug wants to upload the full file sizes which is impractical on such slow connections. All in all a mess. Google seems to be begging folks to use FaceBook…

The observant ones may wonder why day 25070 in the title. I rather liked the way Thomas Anderson used the number of days he has been away biking the world in his title. I thought I would use the number of days since I was born 🙂

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