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My next bike ride (Africa) begins.

After 68 years Iā€™ve finally made it to South Africa and If first impressions count then I like it šŸ™‚

Since my last little biking trip to Cuba Iā€™ve enjoyed a week in January snowboarding, Ā Total luxury and perfect conditions, staying at the superlative Chalet Du CoinĀ atĀ the centre of Les Gets, boardingĀ with fellow residentsĀ Ā from Jersey & Colchester.

This was followed in February by two weeks in El Medano, Tenerife with Sally. We rented bikes for 6 of the days and managed 8,800 feet of climbing in one go by climbing Teide.Ā Ā During the stay IĀ became addicted to apple crumble from RosmarinoĀ which no doubt contributed to my 2kg weight gain whilst in Tenerife.

Now to my latest mini adventure which is 56 days in Southern Africa where Iā€™m hoping to bikeĀ The Garden Route to Cape Town and to visit Victoria Falls a total of 2,500 miles biking thisĀ is highly unlikely in the 56 days I have, So some hops by faster transport are called for šŸ™

The 10 hour overnight flight to Joā€™burg was a bit of a nightmare sandwiched between a rugby prop and a family with two crying babies šŸ™ Immigration was rapidly cleared (visa required line) I then was charmingly ripped of Ā£20 by two porters transferring the bike and checking me in for the flight to Port Elizabeth. Whilst waiting for the flight I bought a Vodacom SIM for about Ā Ā£10 per GB.

Nearly missed the flight after waiting at the airport for 7 hours šŸ™ I was successfully met at the airport by Angelika from GBā€™s Guesthouse, after a quick burger by the sea I finally collapsed in bed at 11pm only to be woken by a violent storm at 1.30am šŸ™

Bike waiting to start its Africa trip
Bike waiting to start its Africa trip

This room, accommodationĀ and the breakfast this morning areĀ outstanding, easily deserving its 9.2 reputation. I quickly assembled the bike, not damaged at all even though the wheel nuts hadĀ broken throughĀ the cardboard box. I did a little spin in the 30+mph winds around the town with the South African Army and Navy putting on a show of strength ready for The Presidentā€™s visit tomorrow, unfortunately he wonā€™t see me as Iā€™m of to the Addo game reserve šŸ™‚

Cape Recife Lighthouse, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Cape Recife Lighthouse

The afternoon was a gorgeous walk along a 2 mile boardwalk and sandy beaches to the lighthouse at Cape Recife after a coffee at the SAMREC cafe (who knew that penguins can catch avian malaria/) I returnedĀ in pouring rain šŸ™ šŸ™

Roast Veg Wellingtom
Roast Veg Wellington

Tonight was an awesome meal in the presence of all The Presidentā€™s Men (he apparently dined in his room). Amazing two courses and two pints forĀ Ā£10

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