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Licence for lolling around Murcia

Fri 9th Feb 2018

I’ve now had two very relaxing days in the sunshine here in Murcia preparing myself for the 200km Audax tomorrow if they let me do it without an ‘official license” whatever that might be.


St Mary's Cathedral Murcia
St Mary’s Cathedral Murcia

Murcia is a very pleasant University Town, 63 years younger than Cambridge but much larger with 38,000 students so it has a very young feel when roaming the streets, as I love doing and mercifully it seems to be off the main tourist circuit even though it has the fine St Mary Cathedral.


My hotel for 4 consecutive nights, almost a record for one of my solo trips, is Hotel El Churra Vistalegre  the room is OK but the WiFi is really annoying as it refuses me joining Flickr and a few other sites, it isn’t the  ISP as Reception on a hard-wired connection can access them. Also, the bed is a bit on the soft side but I still love living in a hotel especially at €40 per night 🙂

Anyone for a bull fight!

I had the bike gears fixed in the appropriately named shop The Bike! The guy also dismantled  & regreased the front hub of my nearly new noisy Racing Quattro LG Wheels. Whilst he was doing this I had a bit of a cold sweat as to what would happen if I broke a spoke or two, since it would appear to have to partially dismantle the wheel coupled with their profile would make it nigh on impossible to do on the roadside 🙁

A bit fishy -Sardina del Segura

The other purchase was a high viz jacket from con2pedales for night riding, not the all white one for obvious reasons and some less obvious ones, paradoxically I found them hard to see on other riders due to the sheer blanket brightness. So I bought the Nightrider in Orange with many hi-viz reflectors and space for the Proviz rear light.

So I’m ready for the Audax in the sunshine and 14 degrees tomorrow. License permitting…

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