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Butterworth to Taiping on Geoff’s SE Asia bike tour

1-IMG_8655I left the hotel at 7.20 with the temperature at 27.5 deg C and humidity at 65%. I popped over to the 7/11 store and bought a 1.5litre of orange pulp liquid and some mystery cake for breakfast. The roads were all very busy and very wide, which is  OK in a straight line but a nightmare at junctions especially with the guys on motorbikes whizzing around. Interesting that here  it is all small motor bikes, no scooters or mopeds like in Vietnam,  also they seem in a much bigger hurry & in general obey the lights.

1-IMG_1457Near Simpang Lima  I saw an alternative route marked, the road didn’t appear on OSM but I thought I would try it. Oh dear, it added about 5 miles onto the day and took me through huge palm oil plantations, not the most interesting places. Although it also took me through Bagan Serai a fishing port with a big new bridge over the Sungai Kurau

Really struggling to find any decent cafes as they are all seem to consist of fly infested tables outside in the heat, and nothing I can recognize as veggie food 🙁  In fact it reminds me of Cambodia. Lets hope I have more luck tonight! last nights Indian was very good and my stomach is once again in good order.

With over 63 miles on the clock and the temperatures getting up to 34 degrees again I called it a day when I saw The Potato hotel, rubbish internet again! but at least the AC is good and my bikes in the room with me so I can adjust the saddle, which seems good btw

Here is the Strava:

Butterworth_to_Traiping___Strava_Rideand a few pics here including these ones that reminded me of Moores engine rebore, regrind place in Cambridge that was where Aldi is now!