My year on Fitbit (Part 2)

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I at to smile at this twitter from Fitbit:

Since I’ve already accomplished this and more by using the excellent Fitbit API and the  script written by John McLaughlin aka @loghound for Google docs. Ernesto Ramirez also made an  how to video on Vimeo which easily explained the process, so that even I could do it!

The results can be found in this google spreadsheet (It may take a while to download, it’s rather big.

In my case the answer is 8,867,720 steps or 7,161Km (4,449 miles) which took 1,226.982 Kcals of energy (more or less I did lose just over 1kg in weight through the year). My weight chart is here

Time wise I spent:-

  • 32% in bed, asleep for 30% + 2100 awakenings 🙁
  • 36% sedentary
  • 14% lightly active
  • 7% very active
  • Using google charts I produced this rather nifty chart of my daily steps.


So an interesting year for me.

9 Jan 2013 update. Here is the email:

Fitbit annual stats email


Cambridge Rambling Club – Waterbeach to Lode

Today’s Cambridge Rambling Clubs ‘A’ team walk was led by Rita. Nine of us set off from Waterbeach village green heading for Anglesey abbey via Lode. At last its warming up and the ground is drying out with a few buds beginning to form on the hedgerows.

Vast hordes of people had descended on Anglesey Abbey ostensibly to visit the snowdrops but seemingly to gorge themselves in the vast canteen whose smells reminded me of school lunches and form queues at the toilets. Its truly amazing how the National Trust has turned itself into a mini shopping mall, easy to imagine a Tesco Express arriving on the site sometime soon. Apparently in 2008 it had 191,549 visitors!

Here’s todays walk, flat as a pancake but a good day out.

Cambridge Rambling Club – Waterbeach to Lode walk

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Speed and altitude profile

Speed and altitude profile