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Pumpkin art & swimming at Jucker’s

Yet another grand day organised by @planetjones & his partner. Maybe they should get into the tourism business 🙂

Pumpkin Elvis
Pumpkin Elvis

Today was just a train journey from the local station to Seegrãben followed by a short but steep walk to Jucker Farmart and it’s fantastic models all created with straw & pumpkins it reminded me a bit of the Milton Maze at home. Their maze is however made with dwarf apple trees 🙂 After pumpkin soup (of cause) we wandered down to Pfãffikersee. Were to my astonishment local industry has sponsored a delightful bathing shed, toilets, diving board and a swim deck.  So a quick dip was called for, well I did have a handkerchief to dry on 🙂

Totally amazing no dire  health & safety warnings here & no vandalism, if only we  had all this on the Cam, like we did when I first moved to Cambridge. Now of course all destroyed by the local vandals otherwise known as Cambridge City Council.

Then a return to Zurich and an excellent bbq at the flat. A fitting end to an excellent weekend, probably the first  weekend with my brother since I left home in 1966 🙂 When he had just met his wife to be…

All the pictures of the day are here.

Robin Hood & his Sherwood Forest compatriots.
Robin Hood & his Sherwood Forest compatriots.


The workers return to work, the retirees go on their cruise and now I leave Zurich to find The Danube….

Reader Comments

  1. A lovely family weekend before your adventure continues 🙂 The pumpkin displays reminds me of the scarecrow weekend they have here at Wolferton…..

  2. I was amazed to read that it is your first weekend with your brother since 1966 , or have I read it wrong, I take you have seen him since then..:-) Where exactly are you heading ,, is it to the Black Sea?

    1. We are a close family in the Jones tradition 🙂 we meet for some weddings, most funerals and occasional drive byes when we are going ‘up North’ 🙂 I think in the 48 years I’ve been in Cambridge they have probably visited less than 10 times & probably never stayed the night…

  3. Hi Geoff, It’s Matthew, hope you are enjoying your travels, pumpkins look good and can’t get over how much you and your brother look alike in that photo!

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