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Cycling Chofu to Hofu on lifeday 25,457

Saturday 8th April 2017

Two new Japanese houses

Yet another miserable weather day with dense mist and very frequent showers. I’m beginning to think that this is typical Japan weather with it sandwiched between warm seas and high mountains, it’s easy to see why the Japanese love Scotland & golf so much with the mist and rain.

After my Japanese breakfast, virtually identical to dinner last night I left but after a few miles, I stopped for another more conventional western egg and toast affair (the kids would love it, they remove the crusts). The route itself was excellent only using Highway 2 for very brief periods, just as well as it’s extremely busy with trucks etc.

I love all the topiary in people’s gardens plus the many folks growing vegetables etc all very industrious. Also the different styles of building although most are in the typically old Japanese style. The graveyards are a lot more densely packed, maybe the folks were much shorter in the past 🙂

The Suoohashi Bridge was magnificent even with the dense mist obstructing the views although it wouldn’t be so good on a windy day.

It was a good job I stopped where I did last night as the next hotel was 25km away!
So after travelling 44 miles I called it a day by stopping at the Route Inn in Hof.

Tonight I went out and bought an Android phone for £10 so I can get my two-factor authorisations by text on my UK SIM card, unfortunately, I can’t find anyone selling a SIM adapter so a visit to Edion is called for.

Hoping that the bug I seem to have will disappear in the night 🙂

The Strava is here and photos here and I’ve now found out why 3 of my family don’t read the blog – they can only hack one pic at a time on Instagram  bit sad really  🙁

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  1. I also hope your bug goes away !! Sorry your weather is poo …it’s so nice here out in the sun with a gin and tonic just you missing x shame others are not reading your blog cannot see the point of instgram myself !

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