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A Testing Day

Geoff Jones Biking Fitness Test
Biking Fitness Test

During Cambridge Science  Week Sally and I visited the stand of Anglia Ruskin University where they were promoting their Physiological testing, we had a quick go on their stationary bikes. Being the sort of guy I am I immediately booked in for a real physiological assessment.

So today I found myself in the Compass building on East Road undergoing a 45min bike fitness test!

My height has now dropped a couple of inches down to 1.75 metres and they couldn’t quite pinch an inch only 21mm around my midriff although my weight is now a shocking 84.05kg (13stones 3 lbs) definitely on my upper limit with body fat at just under 26%. My heart rate in the morning was 51bpm and pressure 150/80

Then it was onto the very posh bike complete with gas mask, strap heart rate sensor & someone to prick my finger every 3mins to do a lactate test. I set off at a cadence that I had to keep constant during the test I chose 75rpm and 100watts. Every 3 minutes the wattage is increased by 25watts whilst I tried to keep the 75rpm with the guy taking a blood sample at each setting.

Really weird not to experience any air movement when working out plus my mouth rapidly dried up inside the face mask making it uncomfortable I eventually reached 250 watts at which point I was feeling knackered.  The results showing my heart rate was now up to 157 bpm and the blood Lactate at 4.5 mmol Litre,

Geoff Jones Physiological Assessment Report
Physiological Assessment Report

After a shower, they went through the results with me saying I was deemed fit for an old man 🙂 but showing I really need a power meter to do workouts in the 200-watt range with a heart rate of 105 to 116 bpm.

An interesting and worthwhile experience with lots of pretty graphs below:


Sally reminded me that we first met the ARU guys at the Cambridge Half Marathon check-in on the 3rd March at ARU.

Richard reminded me the actual date of the test was on Monday 9th April


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  1. So what does the lactate level tell you? Have you really dropped 2 inches in height? that seems unbelievable! What is your BMI?

    1. BMI – 27.44

      blood lactate
      lactic acid that appears in the blood as a result of anaerobic metabolism when oxygen delivery to the tissues is insufficient to support normal metabolic demands. Running out of steam colloquially

      Height has reduced more stretching required 🙂

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