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The countdown begins!

The countdown begins!

-283Days -19Hours -50Minutes -20Seconds

It’s one week beforeToday I start my first Paris Brest Paris Audax something I always said I would never attempt 🙂 but I succumbed and now we are in Rambouillet


I’m rider O195 with a start time of 19:30 on Sunday 20th August with a finish time 90 hours later on Thursday 24 August at 13:30.

You can check my progress at this link. Honey’s progress can be checked at this link she starts 30 minutes before me at 19:00.

Our progress is automatically updated at the control towns:

The times are my official closing times at each control, I can exceed one or two but the overtime has to be corrected by the next one. So my sleep is going to suffer, according to Autosleep my Sleepbank currently has over 9 hours of credit 🙂