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Wattananakorn to Phanom City on Geoff’s SE Asia tour

I managed to be on the road at 6.30am after discovering the reason for my leg sore yesterday was because the saddle had twisted slightly to the left so well greased up with vaseline (not recommended according to Sally) I left Bamai Motel feeling comfortable and determined not to get dehydrated today.

cool idea to write name of shop in chocolate
cool idea to write name of shop in chocolate

I was helped by the conveniently spaced , western style coffee shops 🙂 so every hour or so I stopped for a jumbo Frappuccino and a 600ml bottle of water and cake 🙂 Yummy to if a bit expensive. It seems there is a clear two tier pricing system here. Local food is cheap ie meals for £1 to £2 and Western style  food like coffee & cake for £3 . This scheme worked well, I even at to stop for a pee at one point 🙂

Decent width cycleway :-)The road is quite busy and is in the process of been dualled although interestingly its the bridges that get left till the end, maybe they have a shortage of cement or steel?  The result for me was good, as I used the unfinished empty carriageway hopping onto the busy road to avoid the unfinished bits 🙂

After 67 miles at 1pm it started to get way to hot for me so I pulled into the rundown Phaon City Hotel 🙁

This evening I discovered a great little restaurant the other side of 12 lanes of traffic 🙁  It has a cool name of ครัวโสภณ the menu is in a similar style, luckily a young couple on the adjacent table spotted my bewilderment, the girl had lived in London so spoke good English, so within moments I had another great Thai meal. The young guy aspires to cycle like me 🙂 and if he is reading this please send a copy of the pic to me at

Here is today’s Strava:



Todays pics are here or if you want the complete set of pics and not have to use the dreaded Google+ thne go here

Tomorrow BANGKOK..

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  1. This seems to be a better cycle route, especially with all the places for you to stop and get a drink and something to eat. Great that there was someone to help with the Menu!! 🙂 ..Lots of cyclists use Vaseline although there is another cream ..chamois creme..they use too. They also use these in Formula 1 .when wearing firesuits during the races. It gets particularly hot in the suits as you can. Imagine, especially in the countries like Malaysia and Singapore and a few other counties.

  2. Glad you found the cause of your problem was your seat moving hopefully all will be well now…..i just read in the magazines that vaseline is too thin and greasy something called bodyglide is what they recommend ….. anything is worth a try when you suffer with blisters or sores

  3. BTW your photos are much better on that link than on google+ which as you know i hate ……. you must tell me how that works 🙂

    1. I’ve only just rediscovered the link I made years ago 🙂 will try & replicate one for your site 🙂

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