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Sisophon to Wattananakorn on Geoff’s SE Asia tour

Today I made the early start, starting out just as the dawn broke. I had a quick eggy breakfast next door to the hotel and then set of for the border.

1-IMG_0725It was a struggle with a head wind, although I managed a few miles behind mopeds carrying enormous loads, no view but equally no wind 🙂 All the roadside places were selling petrol in old coke bottles and I couldn’t help but think they made perfect molotov cocktails 🙂 (Wow Mia didn’t realise it was a Finnish addition to the English language). I battled on wondering why the garages sold such small cans of drinks.

1-IMG_0728I made the 30 miles to the border in Poipet where everyone was exceedingly helpful and contrary to the article I read last night with no spivs about to rip me off. In fact there was no charge for the Thai entry visa and everyone, including the so called spivs were very helpful 🙂  In fact I think the best way across land borders is by bike 🙂

My word what a total and utter contrast is Thailand! The shops have doors and recognizable junk food! there are private cars  with no motorbikes trying to break the Guinness book of records for how much/many you can carry on a bike & yes they even have Tesco 🙂 and a mobile phone shops like in the UK, So I easily got a SIM, £17  unlimited internet for a month.  However, they use totally unrecognizable writing, so when it comes to finding a hotel what do you look for?

After my visit to Tesco where I did my trick of drinking one litre of juice in one gulp and leaving the empty container in the store 🙂 I just at to find somewhere to stay as my shorts had made a sore at the top of my leg/bottom area so cycling was very painful. Open Street Map showed a bed symbol so I was going slowly searching I found what looked like motel rooms so I pulled in, a lady on her bike took me to down and let me have  room 3 for 300 baht (£5.56). With WiFi if I sit outside. Finally discovered it’s called Banmai Motel

Here is my 50 mile  Strava showing a gentle incline all day coupled with the headwind & stupidly high temperature & its no wonder I feel wrecked:

Sisophon_to_Wattananakorn___Strava_RideA few pictures are here


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  1. Tesco all the way out there , get everywhere 🙁 ..Yes we must have just as many Mobile shops, they are popping up everywhere. Yes it is amazing the difference , between Thailand and the other country ,, unbelievable. I have a few friends that come from there , so know all about it , but not visited. Not sure what is the best season to travel to these places are especially on a bike,, yes no wonder you feel shattered.

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