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A fast day on the Danube bike trail – Calafat to Corabia

1-IMG_6500A great biking day especially with a gale force wind pushing me along, poor old boys coming the other day were walking their bikes. I did the 90 miles at an average speed of 15mph. Not bad for a loaded up touring bike ridden by a 66 year old 🙂

Today makes it that I have now cycled 2,622 miles since leaving Cambridge 77 days ago. I’ve now completed about 87% of The Danube having ridden 2,472km of it in 24 cycling days.

Today was on good roads with heavy traffic in only a few places, puzzlements today are:

  • Why when a big truck is passing me does it seem there is always another truck  coming in the opposite direction.
  • Why do Romainians cross the road diagonally without looking.
  • Why do kids think it is great to rush across the road to say hello and try and give me a high five. Making me swerve.
  • Why does the character of the horse follow it’s owner.
  • Why don’t shops (magazins) sell chocolate, nuts etc or small bakery items.
  • Why do they go just outside the village limit to dump all their detrious especially plastic bottles.

At least the dogs were fewer and friendlier today maybe that is due to the huge number of horse & carts today.

The weather gradually warmed up during the day but it sure is noticeably colder than a week ago.  No sign of The Danube at all today except at the start and when I turned into the Sucidava Hotel which is right on the waterfront in the port.  (By the way if 90 miles is too much for you there seemed to be a modern hotel at 60 miles in Bechet).

Here is the Strava and pictures are here.


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