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Samutsongkhram to Hua Hin on Geoff’s SE Asia bike ride

Samutsongkhram_to_Hua_Hin___Strava_RideI departed once again with the dawn, However, due to the absence of bridges I had to do 10 miles to cross the river a distance gained of less than 1 mile 🙁

UntitledToday I was finally travelling South again. however, that’s where the  hot wind was coming from too, making life doubly difficult for me 🙁  Also I met the worst stupidity of the Thai road system. When joining the main 35 road (akin to the M6, M1) there is no flyover to get you onto the other side. They expect you to cross the three lanes  of the ‘wrong’ carriageway and make a U turn in the designated place!  OK if you are a car but on a push bike the very definition of hell as when you have finally got to the meridian you are of cause in the ‘fast’ lane of the other carriageway!, now I know why so many folks travel the ‘wrong way” on their mopeds etc.  I guess there really is a steel & cement shortage here.

Getting closerI was stuck on the very busy 35 road most of the day, although I did find a few detours especially to the rather magnificent Gold Temple at Huai Rong

I made numerous stops for smoothies, water & nourishment but also to escape into an AC room to cool off 🙂 I managed to get the guys at the Tesco car cleaning place  to pump up my tyres up and oil the chain & pedals, although why this country hasn’t heard of small oil cans etc is a mystery to me, they used a 1 litre bottle & splashed it in the general direction of the said items 🙁  But it worked the pedals no longer creak & moan with the chain much smoother too.

I finally gave up after 77.5 miles for the inappropriately named White Sand Hotel, but a good location all the same, albeit very expensive at  £42 🙁

Here is the Strava:

Samutsongkhram_to_Hua_Hin___Strava_RideTodays pics are here