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‘Rest’ Days 11,12,13 & 14 on my bike tour

With the owner of Hôtel La Jetée Sud happy for me to leave my bike & to drop me off at the airport. I was wafted away on a busy Ryanair flight back to Stansted for a long weekend 🙂

Whilst on the plane it occurred to me that rather than buying up apartments around the world all I needed was to leave my bike overseas and then commute back home at regular intervals from different airports 🙂 thus pleasing Sally, Three & the various insurance companies who worry if I’m away too long 🙂

Eventually I managed to sync my old iPhone 6 to the new iPhone 7 taking the best part of 12 hours! due to the awful Virgin Broadband connection trying to sync 30+ GB of data 🙁 In the process losing all my passwords etc due to having to reset my keychain 🙁

Daily weight
Daily weight

Of course the biggest loss was having to lose the Fatwatch app which it’s owner has removed from the app store. So thus ending my almost 12 year run of daily weight measurements 🙁

In fact a by-product of the daily weighing schedule at home is I now know I’ve been home 2,718 days out of the possible 4.311 days. That is I’ve been away from home 47% of the time 🙂

The rest of the weekend was spent with Sally and following her demanding exercise schedule 🙂 comprising a 18 mile walk on Saturday plus a 72 mile high speed (for me) bike ride on Sunday. We managed to get to see the enjoyable Bridget Jones Baby at the ultra cheap Kings Lynn cinema as well. I loved to see Vodafone sponsoring the iPhone.

A very enjoyable break indeed, now to see if the iPhone 7 is really waterproof 🙂



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