Cycling Japan Ina to Chino

Total distance: 44054 m
Total climbing: 746 m
Total Time: 04:27:24

Strava is here

Pics are here

Hotel is Candeo Hotel Chino

Geoff Jones with bicycle in Okaya

Geoff OK in Okaye

An excellent lightweight day following the river upstream to Okaya then around the West side of Lake Suwa finishing in Chino at 1.30pm to rest and do domestic chores.

Beautiful blossom and snow on the tops of the mountains.

Now makes it 2,219km biked and 14km elevation gain since I left home 30 days ago.

Biking Nakatsugawa to Ina

Total distance: 111446 m
Total climbing: 3416 m
Total Time: 00:47:49

Strava is here

Pics here

Hotel: Ebisu Hotel, Ina

Really tough day following the Magomejuku Post Trail for most of the day then through the major tunnels more than one mile long each. Did usual trick of backtracking after stopping 🙁 but only a mile or two today.

Cycling Inuyama big loop then to Nakatsugawa

Total distance: 129144 m
Total climbing: 2580 m
Total Time: 02:20:16


Strava is here 

Today.s pics with lots of  flashbacks to yesterday 🙁

Hotel tonight is Plaza Hotel

Dispiriting day with massive short-term memory failure meaning after breakfast I followed the route I used yesterday to get here 🙁

Cycling Japan Hikone to Inuyama

Wednesday 19th April 2017

First apologies to those who are expecting the old full-length posts of old that take an hour or more to do.

Total distance: 95056 m
Total climbing: 1279 m
Total Time: 08:25:36

Todays Strava

Today’s Pics

Today’s weather: very blustery

Ride highlights: having coffee with a group of oldies in the delightful village of Kashibara

Accommodation: Inuyama Guesthouse

Jesse turned off at Sekigahara to head to the coast. I continue to the mountains