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The final mega bike ride route

Here is the final route that I biked created from a screenshot of my daily GPS files added together by the incredible Adze.  My bike ride to Les Gets, Zurich and then the complete length of The Danube River a total of 3000 miles (4800km) or so.

Full bike ride each colour is a day.
Full bike ride each colour is a day.

Here are the stats as made by Adze from my gpx traces. Hopefully the above map will be clickable to show on Google Earth .


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  1. Its absolutely brilliant. I have huge admiration for this achievement. I’d consider that a major journey on a motorbike let alone a cycle. Looking forward to your homecoming.

  2. well done… if i can ever get as fit as you then all my hard work will be worth it… you deserve a massage or 2 when you return x

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