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Siem Reap to Sisophon on Geoff’s SE Asia biking tour

I left the comfort & splendour of the Angkor Era  a bit later than I would have liked at just after 7. The lateness was, at breakfast,  I received an email alert from Wordfence saying some files in a blog I run had suspect files 🙁  so I just deleted all 8 of them 🙂

1-IMG_0700Outside it was a gorgeous morning about as hot as an English summer’s day 🙂  Traffic was heavy initially but manageable especially with the good road service. I hit upon the start of a cycling race 🙂 I tried keeping up but these kids were fast! at 21mph I gave up and conserved my energy for later.

Spot the driverI love the amount of stuff that these guys tow around on their mopeds from around 12 adults to amazing stacks of mattresses etc. A couple of young girls came up and chatted to me in good English as we cruised along at 10mph. However, the road suddenly became very bad so they shot off.

I found a dealer for all the two wheel tractor things that are ubiquitous around Cambodia & Vietnam. Apparently they cost about $3,000 and made by Tra Chang a subsidiary of Kubata in Japan and imported via Thailand. Engines are up to 140HP so considerably more powerful than an Ox! The farmers with less than 5 hectares all use them as real tractors are at least 5 times more expensive. Apparently they (maybe) are called Power Teller’s

1-IMG_8251As the morning drew on it got hotter & hotter and soon coconut/Sprite stops became more frequent 🙂 Culminating in a garage just before Sisophon which had electric & real fridges where I consumed 3 cans of Sprite leaving a puddle on the table from the sweat pouring down my arms. I reckon it was upwards of 35degrees ;-(

So after 68 miles I collapsed on the bed in my $15 room at Nasa Hotel in Sisophon, leaving 25 miles or so to the Thai border at Paoy Paet (Poipet)

Here is the Strava, nic & flat apart from one pimple.



and a few pictures here

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