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Today I’m off to Amsterdam for the weekend to spend time & learn more about the Quantified Self. Something I have been very interested in since discovering John Walkers original Hackers diet & Eatwatch programme on my old Treo600. This, coupled with the fact I had an eye problem which necessitated many visits to Addenbrookes  Hospital to ascertain if it was genetic or glaucoma, made me realize how important good longitudinal studies are.

The apps and things I currently measure are:

Screenshot_09_05_2013_19_53-3Daily Body Weight

Using Fatwatch (iPhone rough equivalent of Eatwatch) and Withings scales. I now have 1950 readings from the past 8 years from the chart you can see a highly skewed distribution of weights.  One side affect of this is that I now know I have spent 1109 nights away from home in the past 8 and a bit years 🙂 Since I only weigh myself at home!


I tried Zeo & SleepCycle but didn’t get on with them. I now use the Fitbit and Snorelab. Fitbit has an API which enables me to draw nice charts from all the data it collects. The shows shows a normal distribution centred around  440 and 460 mins (about 7 1/2 hours) of sleep in the past 416 days.

IMG_4227Snorelab has no API 🙁 so hard to do nice graphs over many weeks, although I might enter all the data into a spreadsheet by hand. Obviously you can do screen shots like the example shown. All it has proved is that I snore a lot! mainly when I first go to sleep.


Screenshot_10_05_2013_08_51I am a keen walker as you can tell by reading this, and looking at my step counts on the chart.

I did a post on the different ways I measure steps etc here.


Other things I have measured are:

  • DNA through 23&me,
  • Moves,
  • Daily Mugshot,
  • Blood pressure using Withings,
  • Quicken for home finance.

and probably a few more after the weekend!



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  1. I love all these apps you find… especially moves and icardio which i downloaded and upgraded not realising that my heart rate monitor would not work with it and you need a special adapter 🙁 Looking forward to seeing what new apps you find out about on this weekend 🙂

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