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A Grand Day Out

I had an excellent surprise yesterday, my nephew @planetjones had purchased a Switzerland day pass valid on ALL public transport anywhere in Switzerland. It was a promotion been run at the CooP.

So it was decided to visit the Queen of Mountains – Mount Riga. This meant bus travel to Zurich main station then rail to Lucerne. We crossed the lake on a boat built in 1901 still using it’s paddle wheels (schrecklich – it was a whole 8mins late) . Alighting at Vitznau it was straight onto the mountain railway that is even older than the boat, opened in 1871 and still in perfect working order!

At the top of Mount Riga we did the touristy thing taking photos and having lunch at Hotel Rigi Kul . After lunch it was a walk down the mountain, admiring the paragliders, with me shuddering at the thought of my last solo lesson where I nearly perched myself on the top of a conifer growing on a precipice 🙁

We caught the cable car down to Weggis and then the boat back to Lucerne for a wander along the historic (totally rebuilt after the disastrous fire 20 years ago) chapel bridge.

Then back to Zurich where one of our party immediately collapsed into bed with a migraine 🙁 🙁

So an amazing day clearly demonstrating the virtues of a fully integrated public transport system. Many thanks to Jonathan for organising it all so skilfully.

My photos are here

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