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Lazy in Lipe

1-IMG_8549After staying on Sunset Beach at  Ko Lipe for four nights at the delightfully named Porn Resort (Porn is a very common Thai  female first name), tomorrow I’m moving onto Malaysia.

1-IMG_8591Lipe, especially Sunset beach , is very quiet & beautiful with turquoise waters & coral,  ideal for snorkelling in . The cabins or shacks are arranged in rows behind the beach, the A row (1000 baht a night) on the beach, B one row behind (900 baht)  and C (800 baht) behind them. All very basic but personally I find ideal, nothing to beat a simple bucket for flushing the loo! . Sunrise beach is a lot more developed with concrete apartments/houses and probably costing a tonne more. All the shopping is concentrated in Walking Street a misnomer as the taxi bikes plough up and down it 🙁

It’s all very laid back and really it’s quite a struggle to leave especially with ‘real’ massages at £6 a hour. Today I treated myself to a 3 hour session with one hour devoted to removing all the horrid skin from my feet, one hour on a traditional Thai foot massage and one hour on a very deep back, & shoulder massage – painful but maybe will free up my left shoulder after my bike tumble the other day.

Done a lot of reading especially The Master Switch which is the amazing history of media in the USA ie AM/FM radio, Hollywood, TV etc etc and also of course my beloved internet & will it survive or will it go the way of all past ‘new’ media, ie controlled by a couple of dominant players. Plus a very interesting article on Sergeyevich Termen who seems in the similar vein to Nicola Tesla.

Fascinating for me , and this applies to all my recent travels, is the vast amount of plastic bottles and other rubbish that we generate now and there seems no solution for (apart from Germany & it’s deposit scheme), wandered around the rubbish tip here dreaming of a big magnifying glass concentrating the sun and reducing the plastic to a few blobs rather than acres of bottles 🙂

So tomorrow another country…