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First 1000km biking in Cuba

I’ve today completed the South coast loop of Cuba traveling the full length of the South coast in an anti-clockwise direction starting and ending in Holguin. It’s taken 11 days of riding plus 1 rest day to do the very hilly nearly 1000km. I had overnight stays in:- Bayamo (From Haiguin), Manzanillo, Marea delPortillo, Uvero, Playa?, Guatanamo, Yacobe , Baracoa, Moa, Mayari, Holguin

Roughest road sections are a tie between Portillo and Uvero or Baracoa to Moa

Hilliest by far is Yacobe to Baracoa but every day has seen a good selection of hills 🙁

Worst aspect of Cuban biking is the belching trucks 🙂 but in between them the roads are deserted,

Plenty more to say anon but I’ve a lot to do as now I want to start on the header map 🙂

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