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Audax’s ridden

Audax is a cycling sport in which participants attempt to cycle long distances within pre-defined time limits. Audax is a non-competitive sport: success in an event is measured by its completion and completion of the Brevet which is handed out at the start of the ride. You have to fill out answers to the various questions (eg Name of roads, signpost distances etc) Plus stop at various control points which can only be accessed between times specified on The Brevet card.

The minimum overall speeds (including rest, food & sleeping) are:

for events registered as 200 to 600 km – set by the organiser within the range 14.3 to 15 kph (8.9 to 9.4mph)
for events registered as 700 to 1200 km – 13.3 kph (8.3mph).
for events registered as 1300 to 1800 km – 12 kph (7.5mph)
for events registered as 1900 to 2400 km – 10 kph (6.3mph)
for events registered as 2500 km and over – 8.3 kph (5.2mph)

The maximum speed for the whole or any part of an event is set by the organiser at any speed acceptable to AUK up to 30kph (18.75mph)

My audax’s are below (note that you can sort by each column):

Audaxes ridden

Date yyyy/mm/ddNameDistanceStartFinishMilesMvg Avg (mph)Overall Avg (mph)Stopped Time (Mins)Elevation gain (ft)Strava Link
2016/05/02Tour de Stour100km09:0014:5267.813.311.06622160
2016/07/23100 miles of Suffolk Lanes160km08:4518:07106.113.411.23911928
2016/08/28Mildenhall Rally Brevet100km09:0015:0564.313.59.621141949
2017/01/14New Year QE2100km09:3014:5767.014.612.89361504
2017/05/21The Norfolk Special200km08:0018:24129.414.712.47942759
2017/07/09Diss Dander200km08:0018:20126.714.412.28914508
2017/09/09Breckland 5 Market Towns115km09:0018:40102.914.710.641603184
2017/09/17Beware of the Plague100km09:0015:3467.512.210.29616196
2017/12/17Santa Special200km08:0020:0512913.210.711363356
2018/01/30First DIY Event200km06:1518:09126.712.910.511351991
2018/02/10Murcia Villena Yecla200km08:1519:00125.9713.511.261114642
2018/03/26Cambridge Shipping Lane’s (Permanent)200km06:3718:46131.6413.410.851374390
2018/04/02The Georgian 200km Audax DNF200km08:0618:24 (dnf)89.312.08.681711439*
2018/04/15Cambridge Pork Pie (Permanent)200km07:0821:21142.6413.09.932025276
2018/05/13Buxton to Cambridge with loaded bike200km07:0019:10138.1413.311.391064724
2018/05/26Grand Tour de Stour200km08:0018:51130.2614.013.03943983
2018/06/06Cambridge East Anglian Tour 300 Perm300km05:0521:57202.0314.111.861624879
2018/08/154 counties 200K Audax perm.200km06:2218:08141.6814.112.041053967
2018/07/015 counties ride including 200km Audax200km06:4921:10152.8213.910.652011873
2018/09/01Chris Negus Memorial 200+ Audax200km08:0019:43142.9412.910.831275784
2018/08/25Mildenhall Festival 300300km05:0022:23196.4513.510.122944715
2018/09/22Welland Wonder 160160km08:0017:57100.6111.910.17875866
2018/11/06Diss'd Clare Permanent200km06:1518:18132.4512.910.991053914
2018/10/20Sourcy Suffolk100km09:3015:3466.9313.811.03732077
2018/10/06DIY Mallorca tour200km06:2018:09127.2013.810.761584951
2018/11/17Four Minute Mile Permanent 200km07:0521:42137.0212.29.372036381
2018/12/01The Stansted Airport Express100km09:3015:2067.4613.611.56521437
2018/12/29DIY Another 200km 200km07:0918:03126.6814.112.631172257
2019/01/17DIY Cyprus 200km200km06:5918:31135.3612.811.74596604
2019/03/09Horsepower 200200km07:3018:40127.8312.911.40804902
2019/02/16Shipping Lanes 200200km06:4420:16132.4512.69.661924409
2019/04/13Everyone rides to Skeggy 300300km05:4524:05187.5612.710.242175131
2019/05/05Diss'd Clare Permanent200km07:0119:10131.1213.410.871324042
2019/06/09Herts High5200km08:2920:17127.8913.010:841166703
2019/07/20Suffolk Lanes Extravaganza200km08:3020:30132.7714.211:091563576
2019/08/24Mildenhall Festival Randonnee 200km08:0019:20126.1214.411:131563097
2019/09/21Suffolk Coast & Back200km07:3018:37134.7814.411:261253468
2019/10/19The Cambridge Autumnals200km08:0019:36131.8413.411.301444383
2019/11/08Thailand, Bhumiol Dam 600Km 600km20:0009:00 +2384.1813.810.375564321
2019/11/16Nakhon Pathom 400km Audax400km07:0005:45255.8214.010.563532746
2019/11/23Chom Bueng Audax300km07:0023:40188.6312.810.9514910804
2019/12/21Diss'd Clare200km05:2117:47138.0913.111.061274596
List of all audaxes ridden by Geoff Jones
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