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Life’s mysteries with Fitbit and Weight Gain….

So in the past four days, with my trusty Fitbit,  I’ve walked from Kings Cross station to Milton Keynes which Strava works out at 13.6 + 19.1+ 17.3 + 22.1 = 72.1miles. Fitbit says I did it in 187,762 steps and burnt 22,168 cals based on my actual body weight. This excludes the fact I was lugging a 10kg backpack as well 🙁

Weight Gain after walking
Weight Gain after walking

So imagine my gloom when I stepped on the scales at home this morning to discover I’ve gained 1kg in weight  over the past four days 🙁

Fish & Chips with Guinness
Fish & Chips with Guinness

Now apparently my favourite food is “only” 861 cals per portion and the essential Guinness adds another 210 cals which means I could have eaten 10 lots of fish & chips and still been on target. So where did all that extra weight appear from?

Maybe I will have to be like son Nick and take up fell running 🙂 to get the burn rate up!



Reader Comments

  1. How odd! My weight always goes up spring to early autumn and yet I def eat a bit less and do more. But I think that is cos I feel the cold so in winter I am using a lot of calories just to try and keep warm? Could be. But you must be sleep-walking and raiding people’s fridge’s every night!!

  2. 1 kg is nothing. Considering you had a four day orgy of Guinness and chips you did well not to put on 10kgs

  3. If you weren’t generally so active I’d say that your muscles were holding onto water due to the shock of sudden exercise*.

    Four pounds over the course of four days would suggest an excess consumption across the period of over 12000 calories**. Surely you’d need to eat a portion of fish and chips for every meal to achieve that, with some chocolate bars in between – which again points to water weight. It’ll be interesting (kinda…) to see if it disappears again in a couple of days.

    (*disclaimer 1: I may be talking utter rubbish here. **disclaimer 2: I know that the 3000ish calories = 1lb weight is commonly accepted but did read a paper that put forward an argument that it was groundless)

    1. It’s all a mystery as when I’m walking I don’t carry any choc bars etc etc also I don’t drink that much water especially after my op as I seem to be peeing all the time 🙁 When I recommence next week I will monitor everything I eat 🙂

  4. Well my theory is because you eat irregular at home and never breakfast lunch and dinner when your away and eat properly your body thinks wow lets hang onto this aslong as possible before he starves us again !!

    1. There may be some truth in that but I don’t think I’ve eaten all that many cals whilst away 🙁

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