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Final day on the Camino Invierno

Final day on the Camino Invierno
Geoff Jones in Santiago
The End

Since Colin was so close to his home and has obviously visited Santiago many times, I decided to walk the final stretch from Bandeira to Santiago de Compostella on my own.

I took up their kind offer of dropping me off 10km closer at Pont Ulla since the full distance is 32km, a bit much for an oldie with a full rucksack, especially with no breakfast.

At Pont Ulla I was immediately confronted with a 250metre climb up the next 3km 🙁 The route I downloaded seems to be for a cyclist since I lost all arrows and markers once in the wood. However, on the descent, they started reappearing where I met an American lady who has lived in Hannover for 40 years she recommended the “Wise Pilgrim” app and it did seem pretty good.

Spanish Pilgrim routes from
More Pilgrim routes than motorways

I met many more pilgrims in the next few miles who were completing The Sanabres route all were amazed that you could walk for 7 days and only meet 1 pilgrim 🙂

After stopping for a drink at The Bar Rosende (still no food though) I didn’t see another pilgrim until Santiago and yes I was following a legit route with markers!

An excellent walk on traffic free lanes although I was getting pretty exhausted by the time I arrived at The NestStyle Hotel for my final night before returning home.

The Strava shows 21.6 km walked and an impressive 713m (2,339 feet) climbed

the day’s pics are here:
Invierno to Santiago

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  1. Sounds like the perfect walking holiday … sensible distance each day with plenty of recovery time but maybe only achieve-able because you had the kind German Geoff driving you and Colin about ….. so I doubt I will get to do it. I would still like to do the busy route as unlike you I like the sound of it and seeing all the other pilgrims.

  2. Except for the last day of course, when G donned his rucksack, donated his walking poles to me, took a selfie of us all, beat his chest, and strode rapidly off into the hilly distance with only an apple to eat all day . . .

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