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A long day from Phrasaeng to Khlong Dao on Geoff’s SE Asia tour

I thought today was going to be  a ton up day. However, it turned into an only 97 mile day 🙂 but given the heat & weight still a good day.

It’s still totally amazing to me the sharp contrast between tourist & non tourist areas both in pricing,  availability of stuff in shops & getting understood. It would be really interesting to see how the transition works & what is the catalyst that flips the switch.

1-IMG_1230The roads today were filled with huge trucks carting the fruit of palm trees to be rendered into palm oil, the road was strewn with the bunches that had fallen of the trucks, fortunately non hit me..

The hottest part of the day is awful and I just felt like giving up as it’s impossible to stay hydrated & motivated.  However, after 4pm I had managed to buy yet another, about the 4th I think,  smart new Lightning connector for the iPhone so I managed to talk to Sally on Facetime for close on half an hour (82MB of data) & then Nick for 7 minutes (22MB of data) both with unbroken connections whilst pedalling along at 15 mph. Truly amazing really to have live video conferencing  on a push bike essentially for free whilst mobile & with a 7 hour time difference. Very James Bond 🙂

I managed to make both the small ferries to get on Koh Lanta with no waiting, a great advantage of bike touring! You just bike past the big queue and jump on board 🙂

The Bee Garden, although it should be called The Beer Garden given all the German accents here, Had a room for me and a great view of the setting sun with a beer in my hand.

So i did the 97 miles between sunrise and sunset ! The Strava is here:

Helluva_a_day_-_Phrasaeng_to_Khlong_Dao___Strava_RideTodays pictures are here