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25084 to 25085 – Resting & Planning in Maun

Thurs 31 March and Friday 1st April

Maun bottom left, Kasane top right, Nata bottom right
Maun bottom left, Kasane top right, Nata bottom right

Sarah & Scott had cycled the route I intended doing, down The Elephant Road from Kasingula to Nata then across to Maun. A distance of about 382 miles on tarmac, they however had camped & carried food. In my youth I would have just done it but age is beginning to take its toll and so I started to look at alternatives 🙁

They had also mentioned Mack Air, So I popped around to their office in Maun, they said  a fixed wing flight from Maun to Kasane would be $275 but were very unsure as if a bike would fit into their small prop planes 🙁

Next stop was Helicopter Horizons but they wanted $665 for a 45 minute jaunt to the delta and back. Although it would drop to ‘only’ $228 each for three people 🙂 However the very kind lady, Maryke, said she would put the word out about my dilemma and see if anyone would drive me & bike through the 230 or so miles through the Chobe National Park to Kasane.

Maryke came up trumps and after some to and froing on the phone I eventually made contact with Naga Safaris and the delightful Lesley who immediately came up with a price  and said they could do it on Saturday. They would provide the Land Cruiser, driver and camping stuff. (The roads are so bad it is virtually impossible to do it in a day) all I would need is the food!  Lesley said she would pick me up the next morning and do the shopping with me and the driver would then pick me up Sat morning 🙂

Whilst in her office I also booked a b&b in Kasane for two nights and the Backpackers in Victoria Falls town for 4 nights  with a flight to Jo’burg on Saturday 9th April and then two nights in a hotel in Jo’burg. So all booked up 🙂

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