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Taiping to Huang City on Geoff’s E Asia bike trip

Hotel Huang City
Hotel Huang City

Another very long & hot day. I was beginning to get worried at 70 miles that I would be able to find a hotel at all! However at 87 miles the Hotel Huang City in Hutan Melintang loomed into view, so I quickly paid my £12 and checked  in with the very giggly girl receptionists.

Lovely junk food
Lovely junk food

The main preoccupation of the day was trying to find air conditioned places & cold drinks, preferably together 🙂 7/11 stores are good but they have no seating inside so you have to eat/drink the goodies on the hot pavement. I did find one gorgeous garage that had a small table & chairs inside, in fact I could have stayed in there for hours…

The roads were infernally busy especially with old Chinese Tatra tankers & trucks  belching out black smoke.  Plus the motorcyclists weaving around. The scenery wasn’t to great, once again miles upon miles of palm oil plantations (I guess that is what was in the decrepit old tanker trucks) although at one point I skirted some mountains that looked jungly.

I’m beginning to wonder that maybe I should have stayed on the Eastern side of the country as that doesn’t seem to have any major highways, equally it probably doesn’t have A/C or Western style cold drinks, although that’s pure speculation.

The new saddle has done the trick and I no longer am getting a sore behind, so having a shiny saddle is good for your shorts to slip on, rather than the shorts sticking on the saddle & trying to slip on your bottom thus making  it sore. Probably the secret to the Brookes saddles 🙂

Strava now  reckons I’ve done 2,127 miles of pedalling & 47,643 vertical feet, which according to my reckoning only  leaves another 400 or so miles to do 🙂 in the next 11 days.

Here is todays Strava:

Taiping_to_Huang_City___Strava_RideThe pics of the day are here


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