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Danube Bike Trail Day 6 – Tegernheim to Passau

Well that’s all 595km of Book 1 done and dusted!  that only leaves books 2 (320km), 3 (340km)  & 4  (1600km) to do or  2260km (1412miles)  left on The Danube. Interestingly I’ve already biked 2338km, so about half way from Cambridge to the Black Sea, the long way around , not the direct route.

IMG_4323Today was gorgeous! spinning along smooth bikeways with just odd bits of gravel track and no roads (of course Germany bans trucks on Sunday’s). I did the 90.6 miles in good time helped by a tail wind and flat roads. Was lovely to see all the dads with their young kids learning to do distance biking on the gorgeous paths, like me 60 years ago 🙂

I’m quite liking Passau, my room is enormous, the place has no name, I just saw a phone number in a window :-). The owner recommended the pizza place  behind the church where I met Werner a fellow 47er whose interest is doing up Ferrari’s and MGa’s etc. He confessed to having a push bike which he hasn’t ridden, although he looked pretty fit to me 🙂 Maybe we can get him biking in Cambridge…

IMG_4348It’s great to see the huge boats, carrying coal, vast numbers of new cars, containers and of course passengers  on The Danube now and the size of the river locks are humongous, English canals seem so twee in comparison. Keep thinking wicked thoughts about bribing a captain to take me & the bike back to the North Sea once I’ve finished 🙂

Tomorrow is Austria and apparently 3 have scrapped roaming charges there, although how you really know that, is going to be a challenge to work out! The forecast doesn’t look to good either, rain every day for a week 🙁

Here is the Strava and today’s average speed at 12.4 mph over the 90 miles is the best yet, ignoring the mega downhill from Les Gets to Evian 🙂


The photos are here 

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