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Danube Bike Trail, Day 10 Riding – Vienna to Bratislava

Stunning bridgeI woke up to pouring rain, so luckily it wasn’t an early start. By the time i had to leave to collect my bike from the repairers the rain had eased off a little.

Excellent news on reaching Bike7, the bike was all fixed the shop owner, in jest (I think) offered for me to run the shop whilst he pedalled around Europe 🙂

It now looks as if the the Wahoo SC cadence/speed bluetooth device is kaputt, I replaced the battery but all to no avail, so that was a 5 minute wonder 🙁

Bit of a nightmare leaving Vienna through crowded pedestrian areas over slippery cobbles & tram tracks, imagining bent wheels. I eventually made it over the canal & river bridges and onto the cycleway, which was so smooth and so glorious I missed the turning and ended up at a dead end then having to cycle a couple of miles back and  go through the forest of petrol/JET fuel holders to reach the main path into the National Park helped by a glorious tail wind 🙂 & just a few heavy showers to contend with.

Derelict border postI eventually made it to the derelict border post, which is what our border posts would be like, if only the UK had signed up to the  Schengen  Agreement, it always seems to be that the UK opts out of anything that would make life simpler.

Then it was over the huge, but very shaky bridge into Bratislava. I totally forgot about lack of internet been so used to free roaming on 3 in Austria so didn’t use AroundMe. However, The Hotel Devin loomed in front of me, a real **** place, after a bit of negotiation I got a magnificent  room for €80 which in some places in the UK gets you a b&b. This place has a Spa Centre with affordable massages and the most incredible breakfast to date & to top it all free WiFi with 3MB upload rates 🙂

The weather looks good today so I will explore Bratislava with one of Emily’s au-pairs from 13 years ago.

In all the messing about with the cadence device I forgot to switch on Strava. But the etrex recorded this track.


adding another 52 miles to make a  total of 1,674 miles biked of which 649 miles is along The Danube.

The pictures are here



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