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Day 11 Biking Africa Robertson to Villiersdorp

I managed a 7am breakfast and was on the road at 7.40 lovely and cool with a slight wind behind me the road traffic was so heavy for the first 20 miles on the R60 that I was getting pulled along in the draught 🙂 The road is quite wide with the yellow lines so didn’t feel to bad 🙂 although probably not so good if you are the nervous type. Apart from the stunning scenery the surprise was to see a huge baboon giving me a once over at the side of the road 🙁 fortunately it slouched off.

I took the short cut to the R43 thus missing out Worcester. At the junction I popped into the Aan de Doorns Cellar and discovered the delights of chilled fizzy grape juice, 750ml demolished in a few minutes even though I had drunk 1.5 litres of water already. Unfortunately no food, although the girlies wanted my picture for the companies Facebook page.

A couple of hours later found me at The Stettyn Cellar, far more enterprising! The lady rustled up a lovely lunch made from local produce even selling wine by the glass. But with my newly found penchant for fizzy grape juice another 750ml quickly disappeared. I was sat right next to the weigh bridge so as I was leaving she weighed me and the bike 🙂 Combined total 130kg.

After lunch it was another gruelling incline towards Villiersdorp quite why there is always a head wind in the afternoon heat is beyond me.

Villiersdorp tourist office did a fine job after I emailed them my plight this morning and booked me into De Villiers Country Lodge a pleasant place. The biggest drawback for me is no shower only a bath so difficult to administer my scrubbing regime.

The town itself is not so pretty and the Village Kitchen Restaurant won’t be getting any Michelin stars any time soon. Although they did let me buy some booze from the shop next door.

Tomorrow its Stellenbosch, over the Franschhoek Pass, to see Keith & Irma who Sally and I met walking The Lycian Way in Turkey.

The   55.0mi 2,216ft are on  Strava here and the pictures here

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