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Danube Bike Trail Day 8 – Linz to Melk

Another really excellent 72 mile ride on a gorgeous day. Starting off on the left hand bank then cunningly in Grein using the small ferry to switch to the right hand bank and thus miss all the traffic & noise from the busy road in exchange for tranquility & bliss 🙂

Leaving Linz you pass an old ironworks and a blast furnace that looks like it is about to be demolished – just like the ironworks were I started work at Renishaw and is now an executive home housing estate!

Once again I was blessed with a few umleitungs & it was really funny seeing people take a multitude of ways before converging again. I ended up cycling across a grass field and up a rebuilt river defence.  The flood in the summer of 2002  added at least 15 feet to the river level. and damaged a huge area. Although seeing the mark on a house here in Melk it was a baby flood compared to 1501 which was at least twice as high..

I just love swooshing along these gorgeous paths all on my ownsome without a care in the world making snap decisions, going wrong, dragging the bike up banks and generally just enjoying myself. Although I think I need to stop eating so much ice cream..

Tomorrow its Vienna and tonight I got a deal with so I’ve booked a hotel for 3 nights 🙂 Since it’s only 340km to Budapest from Vienna.

Here’s the Strava and pictures