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Kovin to Moldova on The Danube Bike Trail

An excellent 74 mile bike ride all though a bit frustrating when you see the huge kink in it just to cross the Serbian/Romanian border at Kaluderovo & then to pedal back to The Danube.

1-IMG_6119Very pleased to stay on the left bank, as Romania is excellent, great smooth roads, smiling waving people (makes you feel like royalty), and the ride alongside The Danube is SUBERB totally unspoilt, although for how much longer I wonder….

Interesting to me that Serbia seems to be very prosperous, new farm machinery, factories & people walking purposefully even though it isn’t in the EU whereas Romania which is in the EU seems poor, gangs harvesting sweetcorn by hand, rusty small tractors, still using horses for real work etc 1-IMG_6154

The guy (apparently he was one of Tito’s bodyguards) selling Tim Sistem wood burning stoves for €150 assured me I would find a room in Moldova and he was right. So I’m now in the Kenic Pension & Pizza place.

Tomorrow should be really good as its the narrowest part of the Danube in the gorge  where it breaks through The Carpathians at The Iron gates. The lady here says it’s 105km to Orsova and my next bed…

Strava_Ride___Kovin_to_MoldovaHere is todays Strava and pictures are here.

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