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Which do I believe?

Today we went for a lovely walk from Dunwich to Southwold along the beach returning through the marshes, with many detours due to damage caused by the recent storms.

The Etrex GPS measured 15.3miles, my Fitbit says 31,958 steps which it says is 14.66 miles. The Moves app says 31,056 steps or 17.6miles. So all pretty consistent.

However for calories burnt it’s a different story! Moves says only 1557 calls burnt whereas Fitbit says 3202 cals TWICE THE AMOUNT

Now I’m about to go for a lovely dinner at The Ship so which do I believe?

23 Dec 2013
Problem solved by this tweet from Moves

So with my idle calories showing as 1,583 on Moves, Active burn cals  on Moves at 1,557 active. Gives a total  of  3,100cals which is virtually identical to Fitbit at 3,202cals 🙂

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