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Koh Tao to Donsak on Geoff’s SE Asia adventure

1-IMG_1186I left Koh Tao on the 9.45 Catamaran to Koh Samui with a brief stop , to disgorge hundreds of folk, at Koh Phangan. Last night was the full moon festival so i was treated to loud bangs from some humungous bangers in the street below. Fascinating how the kids like this island, a bit like bees around a honey pot & yet I  can travel hundreds of miles without seeing any Westerners. I’m fascinated by what makes a place popular and others not..

It started raining at the first stop which was unfortunate as I was sat with my bike on the back deck reading my latest John Grisham download The Racketeer (excellent btw). Interestingly I find it as easy to read on the iPhone5 s as on my Kindle paper white and a hell of a lot easier to hold! With my 10Ah battery I can have the screen & GPS on all day long 🙂 although the Lightening connector is once again on its last legs, this time through corrosion on the ‘gold’ contacts.

On arrival at Koh Samui I didn’t take to the place, it has no real island feel, just seems like the mainland , there was no hope of finding Howard from the Grasshoppers tour so, after the major cloudburst finished, I just cycled around the coast to Nathon where I could get the ferry back to the mainland at Donsak, a hell of a lot cheaper than the Lomprayah  Cats as well! just 200 Baht for me & the bike!

1-IMG_8434I stopped at the first motel place of the ferry, Donsak Resort and a snip at 500 Baht per night. The elderly lady cooked me some egg fried rice in her roadside diner with its smart outdoor bamboo shelters with table & seats.

Tomorrow it’s back on the road crossing over to the middle where at Wiang Sa I have to decide whether to go to the West coast at Krabi or the East coast at Ko Kham

Here is my little ride on Koh Samui

Ko_Samui__Surat_Thani__Thailand___Strava_Ride and the photos are here