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Cycling South East Asia – Dung Quat to Ta Phong via My Lai

Today was wild & windy fortunately it was blowing me along. With cloud & wind it was cooler too.  Due to the wind all the harbours were filled with fishing vessels which made an interesting sight.

Today, I wanted to visit the scene of the infamous massacre at My Lai or Son My, so I took the quiet back roads. I passed at least 3 military cemeteries  commemorating the deaths of over 2000 men, so a lot of fierce fighting took place in this small area of Vietnam.  I eventually arrived at the commemorative site which of cause is profoundly depressing similar to my experience in Vukovar. What makes this totally different is that the troops had an official photographer with them, which I found unbelievable, so the tragic events are documented.  Whereas in Vukovar the Serbs are still are in denial even to the extent of not knowing where a bus load of victims ended up.

One thing that is very noticeable in Vietnam is the huge number of school children, really makes me realise how geriatric we are in the West.

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